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Offering 10$/1K per paypal.  Status:Open

General plot is about a teenage boy that lives with his single mother and 2 sister. He usually treats them like servants being quite cocky, but after being a prick to his younger sister on her birthday she gets gifted a magic ring in strange box by mail that allows full control over things.

She can shrink, grow, MC and transform and alter anything about him at will as long as she wears the ring, and a lot is going to change. She confronts her brother as she states he’s too proud of himself and a jerk, in reality his position should be under women. She has a lot payback planned to reform him.

After a quick demonstration of her powers his new daily life starts, unknowingly to the rest of his family she transforms him into daily things they use: insole, razor, washcloth, ped egg, slippers and to return him to human form after use. But also other things like a bug or a carton that has to be crushed underfoot before being thrown in the garbage.  She can mind control him into weird embarrassing behavior around the girls in his life. Or something like a dog to let him lick the dirt of her feet or a pedicure fish at a local spa she has a part-time job. She can even alters his body along the way, for instance his body becomes unable to digest human food but only foot dirt and old socks.

His nightmare begins as she gets very creative and he struggles through his daily life.


So essentially a power/play humiliation theme going on, I was planning to have several chapters with each chapter being a single issue of a transformation/ event. The “plot” or rather events happening can be discussed with the writer to his/her preferences.  Things like a magic ring are not needed either if you have something else, I’m just making an easy way for him to be owned. If you have a similar story with a dominant mother or something I’d be game for that too  :3  Single chapter transformations are accepted!

You don’t need to be an experienced writer, but show me a paragraph from something you wrote just so I can see if it’s “sort of” understandable.  I’m new with the PM system of this site, so try to PM me or leave a response ;p.

Categories: Animal, Humiliation, Object, Unaware, Body Part, Incest Characters: None

I will try to keep this as vague as possible to see what people can really do with this as I havent found many storys covering this in the detail I hoped.

A mother shrinks her son for personal enjoyment to between 10 and 1 inch (can change at will)

loves deep anal/vaginal insertion

the rest is optional: other family members can be involved, giants also can use him with or without mom, condom (used or not), gangbangs, voilent or gentle or both, watersports, toys, if feet are involved please keep it minimal and prefer no death but not a deal breaker.

Categories: Mature (40-49), Giantess, Butt, Incest, Insertion, Watersports, Violent, Gentle, Giant, Young Adult 20-29 Characters: None

So, I am not sure exactly how I want this story to go. Here is what I know:

I love unaware and there isn't enough of it on this sight. I'm looking for a micro-ish type of story where the main character (M or F) is shrunk. I like stories where someone is supposed to be aware but isn't. Or stories where they are aware of a shrunken being, but do not know the shrunkie's whereabouts and also are not pursuing the shrunkie. I also like the idea of a couple that shrinks themselves on purpose to go explore someones house without them knowing, and the house could belong to friends or strangers. The tags below are what I wouldn't mind seeing incorporated. A little feet is alright, but not my favorite focal point. Characters can have whatever names flow with the story. It would be great if at least 90% of the story could be unaware. I say 90% because maybe someone finds the shrinkie(s) but quickly loses them, although a fully unaware story would be amazing.

One idea that I had was for a shrunken couple to be exploring a house where a normal couple lives. Everything goes smoothely for a while, until something goes wrong (i.e. they get separated) and then things go downhill. I wanted this story to end up with an ending where both survive, but not until after going through "the works" of giantess content. Eventually they make it out and get back to normal size, and don't regret any of it. Maybe a sequal could happen. Just an idea.

Sorry this is so long but I would love to see this challenge accepted!!

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