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A giantess in a wheel chair simple as that. I recently got into a reltionship with a woman who will never walk and was surprised to find that no story exists (That I can find) with a woman without the use of her legs.

Maybe some lesbian stuff, piss/poop, insertion, unaware, torture, etc... All the good stuff. The only thing I ask is the story is less character interaction and more action if you please and no slow size changing. The quck stuff is always better. I would write this myself but my grammer is bad. 


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Four friends on vacation save a girl freezing out in the snow, and out of gratitude she reveals herself as a sorceress! All of them agree to pretty simple terms- she grants them little wishes for the week they're here, and they let her eat and rest at their vacation cabin. Unfortunately, she's a little sick, and her magic has a tendency to go haywire and shrink people! Depending on how grand the wish was, the poor girl may wind up shrinking smaller, or for a longer period of time, than normal.

Basically, a fun bit where four girls on vacation wind up shrunken repeatedly over the course of a week. One or more of the girls, or the sorceress herself, being  a lesbian perv like me would be greatly appreciated, but not entirely necessary. 

While I really would appreciate any of the tags below in effect, you can add some or not take on certain others if you feel like it . . . only things I'm really vetoing here are dudes and scat. Otherwise, have fun.

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Shrunk by your girlfriend she uses you to test the physical and mental boundaries of what you can endure as a tiny. Trying to stay away from the feet game as that has been covered a fair amount already but a small amount is acceptable. I have a couple of ideas to follow or not.

She shrinks you anywhere between 1 and 10 inches. (cant change mid story)

When she shrinks you smaller (1-5") she keeps you inside her ass/pussy and lets all men go bareback so she is filled with their cum or piss. (the guys can be unaware or aware)

If she keeps you bigger (6-10") everyone knows about you and has different ideas on how to use you for her gain or theirs.

Maybe she will humiliate you completely and only allow you for their pleasure

This could be while she trys to "complete" tinder or attends a swinger party (gangbang)

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Poor Mia has been pushed around all her life, and has struggled to find her voice. This is made only worse by the unfortunate curses on her head: her size will vary with her self-confidence, and she has flawed immortality that lets her be killed, but she'll always pull herself together. The more browbeaten, the more viciously she's reminded of her low status in the world, the tinier she becomes . . .

Until Elena kidnaps her away from her life and family. Elena is aware of what this size curse is capable of, and, under the magnifying glass (or microscope if you let her get that small first), Mia is gorgeous . . . so, the lesbian sets out to increase Mia's confidence in herself, so that she can be the personal toy to a sexy, titanic Goddess . . . that's the plan, anyway. 

But yeah. Most (if not all- I'm not much a fan of male giants) of the story should be F/f- some setup with Mia dwindling away as she realizes how powerless she is, getting occasionally squished or swallowed, sometimes intentionally, sometimes entirely by accident, before Elena turns the story on its head, helping Mia get her confidence back so that the teensy lady can become a giantess that rewards the one who put her in power. However, whether Mia actually does what Elena wanted her to is your prerogative- she might have fallen too far in love to even dream about playing her role of cruel Goddess, she might still be so mad that she was kidnapped that she crushes poor Elena to bits. 

All you're really required to include is some violent/unaware in any parts pre-Elena's involvement, and Elena herself being relatively gentle (read : never intentionally hurting Mia) and gay for Mia, plus Mia's own size changing. I'd prefer no scat or dudes, as they're not my cup of tea. Beyond that, have fun. 

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Our protagonist has been prophesied to die should Charybdis, the Living Whirlpool, remain chained to the ocean floor. So, what is a human to do to release a monster that eats ships whole on a regular basis? Attract the attention of another monster, of course!

Ending to you, gender of our protagonist to you, but I ask that the following two monsters appear and meet:

Charybdis: The Living Whirlpool. A beautiful woman who spurned the advances of someone skilled in magic (although some tales say a god, and some say it was a jealous Circe). So, she was cursed to spend eternity at the bottom of the sea, a massive monster. The only way she could keep from starving was to constantly pull food into her mouth by drinking the ocean, and because she never learned she was massive, she is likely unaware that her primary sustenance has been entire sailing ships.

Dracena: Dragon by day, beautiful woman by night (in the original myth, she was seduced and slain by a hero in her vulnerable human form, but let's ignore that). During the day, she rampages, causing earthquakes with every footfall, eating villages in her path, and killing anything and everything that approaches. At night, she is the world's greatest sorceress, able to break any curse but her own. She isolates herself as much as she can before morning comes, so her dragon form causes as little damage as possible. 

I'm good with just about anything, short of scat and watersports.

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I want to read a story that is all about sex, humiliation(aware and unaware) and with every possible fetish or kinky stuff that may exist in your minds. No taboos, everything is allowed. You can also shit on the main character, fuck himher, change his size.l Just try to not kill the main character.

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So, I am not sure exactly how I want this story to go. Here is what I know:

I love unaware and there isn't enough of it on this sight. I'm looking for a micro-ish type of story where the main character (M or F) is shrunk. I like stories where someone is supposed to be aware but isn't. Or stories where they are aware of a shrunken being, but do not know the shrunkie's whereabouts and also are not pursuing the shrunkie. I also like the idea of a couple that shrinks themselves on purpose to go explore someones house without them knowing, and the house could belong to friends or strangers. The tags below are what I wouldn't mind seeing incorporated. A little feet is alright, but not my favorite focal point. Characters can have whatever names flow with the story. It would be great if at least 90% of the story could be unaware. I say 90% because maybe someone finds the shrinkie(s) but quickly loses them, although a fully unaware story would be amazing.

One idea that I had was for a shrunken couple to be exploring a house where a normal couple lives. Everything goes smoothely for a while, until something goes wrong (i.e. they get separated) and then things go downhill. I wanted this story to end up with an ending where both survive, but not until after going through "the works" of giantess content. Eventually they make it out and get back to normal size, and don't regret any of it. Maybe a sequal could happen. Just an idea.

Sorry this is so long but I would love to see this challenge accepted!!

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A female scientist clones herself, but shrinks and has to get help from...herself.


I was thinking that the clone would stay unaware of the original for at least most of the story, I also thought that the clone could look younger than the original, but these are all just ideas.

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