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Summary: There is a deadly virus effecting the worlds male population. Those effected will slowly shrink whenever they remain in a state of arousal. Whilst the shrinking effects are easily reversed. If the infected was to cum, they will then remain at their current size permenantly! This story follows an infected 19 year old unemployed foot fetishist, who lives alone with his mother (49). As weeks pass, his loving mother starts to grow curious as to why he always loses a few inches whenever her feet are exposed. After multiple near miss intentional foot teasing incidents, his mother (who secretly suspects his lust for feet) demands he gives her a seemingly ‘innocent’ foot massage as penance for keeping him safe. Despite his best efforts to avoid such a chore, he eventually gives in to try and prove his innocence. He takes a seat at the opposite end of the sofa. She swings her pillowy soft wrinkled soles up and onto his lap, as her magenta pedicured toes fan out and wiggle in anticipation. Her feet are warm and moist from baskin in front of the fireplaces heat. A single silver toe ring glistening in the light on her middle toe. A single drop of sweat rolls down his forehead as his mother hands him a bottle of foot lotion. A wicked smile curls on her face, “Go ahead son, my feet are all yours”. He tires to keep his cool, trying his best to weasel out of massaging her feet. Looking down to his lap at the magnificent mature soles of a goddess, a hint of devine foot sweat lingers as her restless toes wiggle. invetiably, he beguines to dwindle away before her mighty soft cocoa buttered soles. “What’s the matter son?” she sniggers as her gorgeous soles continue to hypnotise him in an erotic trance. “Are you getting turned on by mommies feet” she sniggers, lifting a stray sole up to his face, she cracks her toes inches from his nose. He rapidly shoots down a couple more inches. “I guess you’ve just answered my question” she giggles with a strange amount of satisfaction. He feels a great amount of shame as he continues to dwindle before her devine mature soles. “Well, why don’t we play a ‘little’ game” a cruel smile forms on her face. despite his growing anxiety he cannot help being curious as to what she might have in store for him. “all you have to do, is sit there with your hands on your head and keep your eyes on my feet!” her lips twist into a wicked smile “think you can do that for me, sweaty” her second foot swings up and wafts back and forth in front of his face as his eyes widen with shock! “If you can ‘keep your cool’ for a whole hour whilst my, soft, pungent tootsies are in your face, then you win” his jaw drops, he can’t believe the words coming out of her mouth. “But... if I win” he gulps. “If I win, you will become my little pet, forever!” He pauses in disbelief and excitement, clearly his brain isn’t doing the thinking. She snatches the lotion from his shaking hand and starts to drench her feet in slippery cocoa butter, raising her legs so her restless soles hover inches above his face. “let’s play!”. he quivers as drops of lotion roll down her mature wrinkly soles and drip onto his face. “Now hands on your head mister, and don’t you dare look away”. he stares up at her glistening wet mature soles as they beguine there endless assault of scrunching, wiggling, toe cracking and rubbing back and forth against each other. *flashforward* His mothers glistening soft feet have grown larger and larger before him as he dwindles down in size. “Your really bad at this you know, it’s as if you want to be my little pet” she taunts him. “I wonder what I should do with you WHEN your tiny” she ponders genteelly humming as her feet continue to tease her shaking son. “Ooo, just think, if you get any smaller I could use your head as a little toe separated”. her soft pudgy toes wiggle and spread as she laughs at his dwindling form. *flashforward* Despite his feeble attempts to denie his fetish he now stands a mere three inch tall. He knows his only chance to regain his height is to get away from his tormenting temptress. He scurries across the sofa jumping onto the hardwood coffee table in a feeble attempt to escape her. Although her magnificent feet have yet to make contact with his delicate little body, her constant foot teasing, taunting and teasing have driven him to a state of unimaginable arousal and he doesn’t know how much longer he can last. Watching his miniature form feebly scurry away, she knows she could quiet easily cause him to explode with a just the slightest brush from her puffy lotioned toes but she wants him to cum on his own terms, and she knows he’s close. “A, a, aaa” she taunts, “you don’t get to go anywhere until the game is over, and you still have 20 minutes left” she laughs deviously at his shaking tiny form. He stands there, frozen to the spot naked and rock hard on the exposed coffee table. With his hands still firmly on his head, he turns to looks back to his goddess as her soft moist soles begin to raise up from the floor, landing with a loud thud as her bare heels thumps down mere feet away from him. Her slippery toes continue to scrunch and wiggle as they tower over him, casting a dark shadow as the occasional drip of sweet smelling lotion rolls down her endless wrinkled sole and pools onto the table before him. “20 minutes left little man, I must say I’m impressed, but I doubt you’ll be able to last!” a devilish grin curls on her face. Frozen in place, he trembles as she stares down at him, adjusting her feet so her exposed soles flank her miniature son at either side with her titanic toes behind him, he’s surrounded by a 360 degree wall of moist mature foot flesh. He stands shaking between each of her gigantic slippery soles. overwhelmed by the intoxicating scent of foot sweat mixed with sweet smelling lotion, her moist soles squelch and drip as she flexes her cocoa buttered wrinkles and toes. Leaning forward so her billboard sized face dominants the skyline beyond her restless soles. Her eyes pierce down at him as she speaks. “time for the grand finale...” Her hot breath washes over him as she applies the remaining coco butter lotion onto her meaty sole. They shimmer and glisten in the light perfectly framing her marvellous wrinkled soles. “you know that my feet are going to make you cum sweaty, so do it now before you get any smaller! your going be no use to me as a speck!” he shivers and shakes as her harsh sultry words wash over his frail body. “your getting far too small now sweaty, you need to release, just think how good your little body is going to feel trapped between these”. she beckons his eyes towards her long moist lubricated toes as they aggressively interlock and squeeze, making loud cracks and squelching noises as the clear lotion squirts out with each clench of her toes. “that’s it! Now keep your eyes on my toes, until you cum” Hyperventilating with fear he tries to fight his body but knows what’s coming. “Please! Please mom I’m begging you! Stop this, I can’t take anymore”. She laughs, “looks likes it’s about to be game over for you pet!” Defeeted, he slumps to his knees, his member pulsating hard as his swollen balls ache between his legs. He stares up into the huge mounds of wrinkled foot flesh and long wriggling toes as he feels a terrifying stiring in his gut. “Ughhh” he can’t bring himself to look away for his mother’s erotic sole show. Then suddenly, “Oh god no!” helplessly he feels himself begun to erupt. His hands still fixed obediently on his head, he feels his body drain and all from the mere sight and smell of her of his own mothers feet. Her laughter bellows down at his cum stained body. “My, my, my, what a mess you’ve made”. Drained and humiliated he looks up at his grinning mother. “Now then, why don’t you finish my foot massage, my little pet”. He tries to run as her mammoth soles beguine to close in on him. “No, no, no please” he shouts as the walls of her wrinkled warm foot flesh dripping with lotion edge close and closer as he screams “nooooooooooo”. *********please feel free to use any of this to create a more detailed story*******
Categories: Giantess, Teenager (13-19), Mature (40-49), Feet, Incest, Maternal, Slave, Slow Size Change Characters: None
Summary: In a world where shrinking technology is widely used for waste management and storage, you play a selfish 24 year old man who still living at home with his mother. Today is her 50th birthday and you didn’t even bother to buy her a gift, excusing yourself saying you got something special planned, knowing full well you have nothing prepared. Later that day, your mother leaves for her party and won’t be back untill midnight. Sitting on the sofa like the slob you are, you eye up her new bubble jet foot spa, when a plan comes to mind. Grabbing a case of cold ones from the fridge you fill the foot spa with soothing oil and warm water and turn on the bubbles. Using the portsizer you shrink yourself and beers to enjoy a luxurious dip in your make shift jacuzzi. “This is the life” you say as you relax in the warm soothing waters. All is going well until your clumsy mother stumbles through the door earlier than expected and she’s spent all night drinking and dancing. You try to reach the portsizer to regain your size but something goes wrong. When your towering tipsy mother walks into the living room and finds you shrunken, naked and floating in her new foot spa she Immediately jumps to a bizarre conclusion. “awww sweaty, so this is my big surprise” you try to yell up to her but being 3 inches tall, she cannot hear you. “I’ve always thought you were a mean, selfish son, but here you are, all tiny, floating in my foot spa waiting for your dear old mommy to come home” you yell in protest but your inaudiable squeals are ignored. “You knew I’d be dancing in these uncomfy heels all night, so you planned a intimidate foot pampering session for me”. Her eyes gleam at you with an effectuate state “but honey, you didn’t have to shrink yourself soooo small” she giggles with a seductive wink. “I mean a simple foot massage would have been lovely, but at this size your going to have to work sooo hard to satisfy my big feet” he looks up to her monsterous heel clad feet, as she crosses her legs, her long toes wiggle and scrunch back and forth. Her toes are adorned in a jet black pedicure coupled with a single silver toe ring on her second toe and anklet dangling on her opposing foot. “Let me get a drink and then you can get close to mommies tired smelly feet” she laughs as her toes continue to wiggle in her strappy heels. “Ooooooo, my boys going to pamper my big tired tootsies, this is the greatest birthday ever”. She gives him another predatory wink as your spine shudders with disgust. As you float there naked and alone, you stare in up in awe as your gigantic mother begins to unclasp the straps off her gargantuan black party heels. “Ahh that feels so much better, My feet are sooooo sore” Her puffy flushed soles are released form their sweaty confines as they tower over you. You can make out the odd speck of glitter and dust stuck to her soft mature soles. “I just can’t believe my own son would shrink himself just to pamper my feet” she coo’s. as her long predatorial toes beguin to slowly dip and wiggle downward in your direction, like hungry vultures circling their prey. “this is the most thoughtful thing you have ever done for me”. He can’t help but feel a degree of guilt as her mammoth meaty size 10 yachts decend into the waters in front of him creating splashes and waves that knock you backward. “Mmmm, that feels so good, so relaxing” you hear a loud pop from above as she open a bottle of Prosecco. “Well I’m all ready for you sweaty, it’s time to pamper me, pamper your goddess” she giggles, looking down at you with a uncomfortably flirtatious gaze, as she slurps down more alcohol. You look around the foot bath, pondering an escape, but the walls are too high! there’s no way to escape. Her long sleek toes beguine to wiggle and fan out beneath you, sweeping the water like a shark stalking its prey. “We’re are you sweaty?” You can’t help but think this is karmas way of punishing you for all your years of being a shitty son. With a begrudging acceptance you accept your predicament. You can not believe it, but you actually start to think of just how your suppose to pamper these bus sized mature feet. “I can’t believe I’m actually going to do this” you chunter as you swim towards your mothers tired aching feet. ***the rest of the story will see our doomed son worshipping his mothers mighty feet as she becomes more and more demanding and dominant in continually escalating degrees of foot worship. He doesn’t have a fetish for feet or giantesses, he is merely paying for all the years he neglected and mistreated his loving mother***
Categories: Giantess, Young Adult 20-29, Middle Age (50+), Feet, Incest, Slave, Watersports Characters: None
Summary: In a world where a virus causes those to infected to shrink when ever they become overly aroused. This story sees a 55 year old mother, return home from a long day at the office, only to find her son 23, an inch tall infront of a the computer displaying foot fetish porn. “Well well well, looks like somebody been having fun” She laughs at her tiny son, mocking his fetish. “Mom! your home early, I can explain” frantically shutting down the computer as he slowly starts to regrow to 6 inches tall. “Hmmmmm” she has a playful idea. “I wonder...” she says placing a finger to her chin in thought. “do you find ‘all’ feet sexy?” glances down to her son, he can tell by her devious grin that she’s plotting something and he doesn’t like where she’s going. “Noooo, mom you’ve got the wrong idea, I don’t find feet sexy at all”. Laughing down to him “you don’t? the computer and your little body says otherwise” pointing at his little body. “haha, no I admit I was watching porn but I must have clicked on that feet stuff by accident, I hate feet”. Taking a seat in the computer chair she raises her eyebrow whilst shuffling her legs “really? well, how embarecing for you” she giggles before leaning in close to his 6 inch body. “I’ve had such a long day, do you mind if I make myself more comfortable?” her warm breath washes over his naked frame like a tropical breeze of humid heat. “errr sure thing mom”. hearing a loud shuffling below the desk he stares uncomfortably up at her billboard size face as she reclines back into the chair. “Good, I’ve been in these heels all day, I can’t wait to let my feet breath” he stares, frozen in awkwardness as she removes her black leather closed toe heels. “fhewww, I can see why you ‘hate feet’ honey, mine are soooo sweaty, yuk!” with that last word she proceeds to lift her musky wide mature soles onto the desk just inches away from his diminutive form. “Ahhh, this feels sooo much much better, I hope you don’t mind” She says as she continues to scrunch her gigantic mature soles. He shudder from the intense heat and odor radiating from her ginormous feet, there currently nearly double his size. Despite his foot fetish, he’s never really found his mother’s feet attractive before, there so rough and wrinkly, though he did always admire her choose of pedicures and toe rings. As he sits beneath her towering soles he feels a something twinge between his legs. “Uh oh”, all of a sudden in complete horror he starts to feel his member rise, he’s never experienced a woman’s feet this close before and it’s beguine to show. She is shocked to discover that her pungent feet are having quiet the profound effect on her son. “Jee sweaty, for someone who hates feet your looking awfully short” laughing and teasing him she clenches her toes back and forth over his head as desperately tries to hide his erection. “My, my, if anything you seem to be getting smaller dear” she laughs as continues to playfully torment him with her huge mature feet glistening with a gleam of moist sweat. “I can’t believe your actually getting turned on by these big old things” she can’t help but feel a strange sense of empowerment and self gratification that her own son is shrinking down because of how sexy he finds her feet. The now one inch tiny son yells up to his tormenting goddess “ok mom, you’ve proven your point. now let me grow back, just put your feet away”. tiny and humiliated he pleads on his knees at her rough hard working soles. She pause, then laughs down at him. ”all in good time sweaty, but I think going to have a little more fun with you first” a devilish smile curls on her wicked face. Her long pincer like toes wiggle as they decend toward his body, her pink french tipped pedicured monsters pinch at his little body, as he flails between her big and second toe he screams. “Mooooom”.
Categories: Young Adult 20-29, Middle Age (50+), Feet, Gentle, Humiliation, Incest Characters: None
Summary: In a world where downsizing provides new opportunities for people to get on the property ladder and become. The shrunken individuals live in luxury hidden communities that are built secret locations within the vast countryside. To keep dowsizers safe, only other downsized individuals can know your location. Our story follows a selfish 23 year old man, tired of living with his mother (53) decides it finally time to get his own place so he looks into downsizing. He explains his plan to his mother who hates the of losing her only son idea, after a heated argument he tells her the only way she can see him again is to downsize herself. “okay son, but if you do decide to go through with this, you must let me know” she snaps, before he storms off. When the man finally does downsize he rings his mother to let her know. He is stunned by her response “that’s great news sweaty, I have too, isn’t it perfect”. He feels a great relief and joy, “wow mom that’s great, I can’t wait to see you” she laughs down the phone, “me too son, I can’t wait to show you my new size” this slightly puzzles him, but he doesn’t dwell. “So how about I come over right now, I’m sooo hungry and I haven’t eaten all day” she moans, “sure mom, I’ll text you my coordinates and make you some on dinner” he sends over his exact location and beguine to prepare a banquet for his mother. “Ooo, sound yummy, I’ll bring some wine to wash it down with” he has an odd sense of uneasiness, but he doesn’t know why. “right, setting off now, mommies got quiet the appetite today, I hope your prepared to satisfy it” she giggles down the phone. “Just you wait and see mom, I’m going to prepare a feast for you” he says with a self confident cocky swagger. She laughs, “oh don’t you worry son, I have a feeling you’ll have just what I’m craving” she cackles before swiftly hanging up. After preparing the feast for his mother, he stands at window looking out to the hill for his mother’s arrival. suddenly he see’s her tiny form approaching from the horizon smiling and laughing at him... but wait... somethings not right. The ground beneath him begins to tremble as she seemingly grows larger and larger with every step. “what the..” an unerring sense of fear starts to grow in is stomach. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM.... He watches in terror as his curvaceous mother grows and grows until her colossal mature form casts a great shadow over his minuscule home. he stares up through the clear glass ceeling at his titanic mature goddess, her humongous sandle clad feet block his front door as her bright red pedicured toes scrunch back and forth guarding his only exit. “SURPRISE” she cackles, licking her plump pink lips. ***this story will see the mother, becoming increasingly drunk as she teases her son whist consuming all of his minuscule food. Inevitably her ravenous appetite is not satisfied. As the bitterness from being abandoned by her only son grows mixed with 3 bottles of wine, all rational is lost as she slowly turns her hungry gaze onto her son. At first she toys with him, commenting on how he is bite sized and what she could do to him if she really wanted to. terrified and vulnerable, he can only watch on in horror as his own mother talks her self into devouring him***
Categories: Feet, Incest, Instant Size Change, Mouth Play, Vore Characters: None

So the story basically follows Miss Nakamura and 5 students.

Miss Nakamura is a Japanese MILF high school science teacher who is packing up after a long day of work, and ready to make her way home. Meanwhile she's totally oblivious that 5 of her students have accidentally shrunk themselves while being teleported into her handbag.

Later back at her house, the 5 kids come out of her hangbag and try to get their teachers attention by trying to climb her body.

-Two of them somehow fall into her meal, and later get sent into her mouth and swallowed whole. Endo scene would be good.

-One gets trapped inside her slipper, and later crushed

-One somehow ends up in her panties, and maybe interted into her vagina/ass

-The last one happends to fall off of her hair and into her bedtime banana, honey, and syrup smoothie, only to get sent down her gullet, and into her stomach. Endo scene would be good.


This story follows the POV of both the 5 students, and Miss Nakamura. 

Categories: Crush, Giantess, Young Adult 20-29, Mature (40-49), Body Exploration, Butt, Feet, Insertion, Unaware, Vore Characters: None
Summary: Write something without vote, death, or torture. Just do some unaware. Bonus points if the giantess is a teacher/mom. Extra bonus if under ass, unaware, sweat, or/and bigg ass wiggling constantly
Categories: Giantess Characters: None

I would love a story where Female in her mid twenties is worker of a daycare for 1-3 yearolds who ends up being shrunken mysteriously to the height of 3 inches and then shrunken even smaller as the story goes on. and has to survive being the toy of the 1-3 yearolds. It should involve diapers, butt crushing, butts in general, piss/poop/diarreha, pull-ups, genitals etc. I like little boys more then girls but both are fine. I think it would be better with mean childrens over nice, and I would love if the childrens play with the shrunken person and then stuff her in their diaper and lets nature almost kill them, or sucking on them in their mouth, siting on them and in general playing with them.

Categories: Body Exploration, Butt, Crush, Entrapment, Giant, Humiliation, Scat Characters: None

A giantess in a wheel chair simple as that. I recently got into a reltionship with a woman who will never walk and was surprised to find that no story exists (That I can find) with a woman without the use of her legs.

Maybe some lesbian stuff, piss/poop, insertion, unaware, torture, etc... All the good stuff. The only thing I ask is the story is less character interaction and more action if you please and no slow size changing. The quck stuff is always better. I would write this myself but my grammer is bad. 


Categories: Giantess, Breasts, Body Exploration, Butt, Couples, Crush, Entrapment, Humiliation, Insertion, Lesbians, Mouth Play, Nose, Scat, Slave, Violent, Vore, Watersports Characters: None

Basically, I would like a story involving a giantess adopting a child. Now, compared to the giantess, the child is somewhere between 2 and 5 inches tall. Gender of the child is up to you. Oh, and the giantess can not be cruel to the child. Good luck. Also, try and make it a little lengthy. I do like a good story.

Categories: Fantasy, Giantess Characters: None

Four friends on vacation save a girl freezing out in the snow, and out of gratitude she reveals herself as a sorceress! All of them agree to pretty simple terms- she grants them little wishes for the week they're here, and they let her eat and rest at their vacation cabin. Unfortunately, she's a little sick, and her magic has a tendency to go haywire and shrink people! Depending on how grand the wish was, the poor girl may wind up shrinking smaller, or for a longer period of time, than normal.

Basically, a fun bit where four girls on vacation wind up shrunken repeatedly over the course of a week. One or more of the girls, or the sorceress herself, being  a lesbian perv like me would be greatly appreciated, but not entirely necessary. 

While I really would appreciate any of the tags below in effect, you can add some or not take on certain others if you feel like it . . . only things I'm really vetoing here are dudes and scat. Otherwise, have fun.

Categories: Object, Breasts, Body Exploration, Butt, Fantasy, Entrapment, Feet, Gentle, Growing/Shrinking Out of Clothes, Humiliation, Insertion, Lesbians, Instant Size Change, Mouth Play Characters: None

One facet of vore/mouthplay that I feel is usually ignored is the smell.  Make a story where the girl's bad breath is a/the primary focus!  Maybe you are stuck in the drool of a girl sleeping off a hangover.  Maybe you are tortured by a date that you slighted.  Maybe you are a piercing in the mouth of your tomboy sister who skipped brushing.  Go nuts!  

Categories: Giantess, Object, Humiliation, Mouth Play, Odor, Unaware, Vore Characters: None

How would it be if there give a love story based on the movie Shallow Hal, only with the difference that the overweight fat woman is a giant.

Categories: Mouth Play, Giantess, Young Adult 20-29, Gentle, Maternal, BBW, Body Exploration, Butt, Insertion, Adventure, Breasts Characters: None

i would like a story about a 20 years old brother that teases his younger sister because she still wet the bed and has to wear diapers.. but then she buy a special potion to shrink him down to 3 inch and then she takes her revenge by torturing and crush him with his giant messy diaper. i want pure diaper domination, the tiny must get killed at the end but first it has to get humiliated and tortured by the diaper giantess. 

Categories: Scat, Crush, Violent, Teenager (13-19), Humiliation Characters: None

I'd like to make a challange to someone to have an rp with a giantess child say 8,9 or 10 years old (if you don't like underage ignore) who wants to be the only child people love so she crushes cities and people who don't love her barefoot crushes will be the main thing but you can have footwear crushes to and don't tone down the violence gorey crushes will be a big thing.

Categories: Violent, Teenager (13-19), Crush, Destruction, Feet Characters: None

This Challenge is for Furry Fans. If you are not a furry fan then leave. Anyway, The Giantess Furry can be your choice, Dog, Cat, Mouse, Vixen, etc.

What I do not want is a Shrunken Human because I like regular Giantesses better.

Categories: Teenager (13-19), Giantess, Couples, Destruction, Furry, Growing/Shrinking Out of Clothes, Young Adult 20-29 Characters: None

The Zootopia characters are your choice of, Gazelle or Judy, and they need to be in the real world. Not Zootopia.

Categories: Furry, Giantess, Destruction, Growing Woman Characters: None

Shrunk by your girlfriend she uses you to test the physical and mental boundaries of what you can endure as a tiny. Trying to stay away from the feet game as that has been covered a fair amount already but a small amount is acceptable. I have a couple of ideas to follow or not.

She shrinks you anywhere between 1 and 10 inches. (cant change mid story)

When she shrinks you smaller (1-5") she keeps you inside her ass/pussy and lets all men go bareback so she is filled with their cum or piss. (the guys can be unaware or aware)

If she keeps you bigger (6-10") everyone knows about you and has different ideas on how to use you for her gain or theirs.

Maybe she will humiliate you completely and only allow you for their pleasure

This could be while she trys to "complete" tinder or attends a swinger party (gangbang)

Categories: Violent, Butt, Giantess, Couples, Gentle, Giant, Humiliation, Insertion, Lesbians, Watersports Characters: None
Summary: Make your character invincible, and with enough pressure he gets flatten onto someones skin. He still can feel pain, but the story has to stay mostly unaware. No death, no toilet, and no vore. The story can be any thing as long as it is giantess, and all people are under 50. I dare you
Categories: Giantess Characters: None

Offering 10$/1K per paypal.  Status:Open

General plot is about a teenage boy that lives with his single mother and 2 sister. He usually treats them like servants being quite cocky, but after being a prick to his younger sister on her birthday she gets gifted a magic ring in strange box by mail that allows full control over things.

She can shrink, grow, MC and transform and alter anything about him at will as long as she wears the ring, and a lot is going to change. She confronts her brother as she states he’s too proud of himself and a jerk, in reality his position should be under women. She has a lot payback planned to reform him.

After a quick demonstration of her powers his new daily life starts, unknowingly to the rest of his family she transforms him into daily things they use: insole, razor, washcloth, ped egg, slippers and to return him to human form after use. But also other things like a bug or a carton that has to be crushed underfoot before being thrown in the garbage.  She can mind control him into weird embarrassing behavior around the girls in his life. Or something like a dog to let him lick the dirt of her feet or a pedicure fish at a local spa she has a part-time job. She can even alters his body along the way, for instance his body becomes unable to digest human food but only foot dirt and old socks.

His nightmare begins as she gets very creative and he struggles through his daily life.


So essentially a power/play humiliation theme going on, I was planning to have several chapters with each chapter being a single issue of a transformation/ event. The “plot” or rather events happening can be discussed with the writer to his/her preferences.  Things like a magic ring are not needed either if you have something else, I’m just making an easy way for him to be owned. If you have a similar story with a dominant mother or something I’d be game for that too  :3  Single chapter transformations are accepted!

You don’t need to be an experienced writer, but show me a paragraph from something you wrote just so I can see if it’s “sort of” understandable.  I’m new with the PM system of this site, so try to PM me or leave a response ;p.

Categories: Animal, Humiliation, Object, Unaware, Body Part, Incest Characters: None

A professor, fed up with her life, goes back in time to save herself from being so miserable in the future. She lands on the correct place and time (back when she was ~20 years old) However, she has shrunk in the process of time travelling.


Some ideas: Maybe she was bullied in the past and the the bully finds (the future) her in shrunken state.

Or maybe,she finds herself in shrunken state.. 

Thanks in advance. 

Categories: Feet, Giantess Characters: None