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In this story, it might be a sort of "what if .." I guess at the end of the movie 7th voyage of sinbad, Parisa decides she does not want to go back to its normal size, being so tiny (is  3 inch tall) she likes a lot, and is very excited to see his beloved Sinbad, like a giant protector. Let's say that in this story, one imagines their wedding night.;-)

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In this story, Hank Pym (Giant-Man), after a duel, he can not return to its normal size (is 400 feet tall). And in a strange twist of fate, he discovers that the only way to return to normal size, and then let him have a great orgasm ... unfortunately hank, will be forced to seek help from her friends super-heroines;-) RULES : OK is an erotic story, but it is also a story is so gentle ... I like to see Hank "play" with her r03;r03;friends The story takes place in a remote area outside the town Giant-Man interacts only with women Hank pym will have to lie down, to facilitate the "work" with her friends for hank pym, will not be easy to get them to have an orgasm, something unexpected always happens.  Sample. maybe a female journalist, seeing helicopter (of course when it is not yet stripped) decides to give him an interview, regarding its big business Hank, not stripped ... just his penis will be "exposed" In this story hank wearing this costume :




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Summary: Like the title says. A good x rated where a couple, man and woman, find a shrunken person and decide to have a little sexual fun. No vore, feet, or killing but violent and cruel is perfered. The person could simply not be able to die. Use your imagination. It does not have to be just the couple though the tiny can be passed around per say.
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I want a story where the worker of a daycare ends up shrunk and have to survive being the toy of the toddlers. I accept anythyng from 1 to 7 years, specially if it involves diapers, butt crushing, butt in general, piss/poop,pull-ups etc. I prefer little boys before little girls but both are just fine. Keep the adult interaction to a minimum and it would be ok. I prefer mean childrens over gentle, and I woill love if the childrens play with the shrunken person stuffing him/her on they diapers, sucking, siting on her and in general playing.

Categories: Toilet, Butt, Entrapment, Giant, Insertion, Violent Characters: None

A month after being shrunk, Ashlyn begs to go back to school. An odd thing to wish for but she longs to return to her normal life. But mostly to see her favorite gym teacher, mr. A.

I'd like a nice PG rated story of a girl's secret crush on her gym teacher. Mostly about how her love is forbidden and unrequited. An admirer from afar. But returning in an odd situation attracts the teachers attention and they become friends; only to increas her love for him ten fold. I prefer the girl to shrink to about 2-3 inches, emphasize the GENTLE/KIND. Also, I'd like a lot of voyeurism (NOT TO BE MISTAKEN WITH VORE! Also NO FEET!

Categories: Unaware, Giantess, Body Exploration, Entrapment, Gentle, Giant Characters: None

The title says it all. Make a story about A Giantess taking a bath with a tiny. Size doesn't matter, you can even make it unaware. Couples are also optional. Feel free to get down and dirty too, as long as you keep it about bathing, its a-ok. :)

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Summary: I want a giant male story please. I would like it if the man that gets shrunk is a teen and he is found by a boy( pre teen or 10). When the boy finds the shrunken man he wants to keep him as a pet. When the boy gets home he makes the tiny man be his slave. Tips and ideas: 1: The boy is into action figures and he now has a real one 2: The boy needs to hide the man to get him home so maybe he can put the man in his underwear,shoes, or anywhere you can stuff a 3 inch man 3: Make the shrunken man work for his life by worshiping the boy Also the man is 3 inchs tall and he can be shrunk by his ex girlfriend or he shrinks by a different cause. Be creative of what the boy does to his slave PLEASE RESPOND TO CHALLENGE!!!!!!:)
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Summary: This is a challenge for anyone who wants to write a story involving my characters, Matt and Katie. I'd also like in the story for there to be Riley and her sister, Cynthia. Their information can be found in my story: Interactive Story: Matt and Katie. -I would like to see both male and female growth, but if it is necessary, it is okay for just female growth. -No breast expansion on guys or penis growth on girls. -No gay stuff, no scat or vore. -Sex is allowed if you must, but don't make the story revolve around it. -Please keep the story centered on Matt and Katie, but you can add new characters. -Please keep their personalities the same. Also, Matt and Katie are deeply in love, so they won't do something like cheat on the other. - I'd like to see clothes ripping off the growing girls and/or guy. If you need some ideas on what to write the story about, here are some: -They find a growth ray -They receive prescription drugs that rapidly accelerate their natural growth rate -They find some high tech stuff like portals or teleporters that malfunctions, causing them to grow. -One of them receives the power to change reality, and uses it to cause growth I'd like as many people as possible to do this challenge, so if someone has already done it, don't be afraid to do it yourself! If you decide to do it, email me at
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Imagine an establishment where you see Tinies or Giantesses in them. They work hard and ensure that the customers are satisfied and they'll do just about anything to get tips or a promotion. The Boss (or Bosses) could be tiny, your size or Giant compared to your character(s). Feel free to make the boss a bitch or a pervert (or both lol) too. Death and Violence is permitted. Your main character is working hard to put food on the table so it's preferable if he or she remains alive. Let your imagination run wild!

Categories: Feet, Body Exploration, Butt, Couples , Entrapment, Giant, Humiliation, Furry, Insertion, Unaware Characters: None

I have been looking all over this website yet have not found a story (In detail) where a girl/boy shrinks and is used as a toy by their little brother.  So I am issuing this challenge.

In this story I would like the little brother to play with his sibling with his Penis, Butt, Mouth, Balls. I would like to see Cock insertion and anal insertion. Crush entrapment and being stuffed in pants. ALL IN GREAT DETAIL!


Note: must be at least 10 chapters

Categories: Slave, Butt, Body Exploration, Crush, Feet, Giant, Insertion, Incest, Mouth Play Characters: None

I would like to see someone make a story involving some of my characters, mainly, Matt, Katie, and Riley; their information is below. Basically, the plot would be that Katie finds a remote that can change size in four areas: height, muscle, cock, and breasts. The remote can't shrink people smaller than their original size, and girls can't grow penises and boys can't grow breasts. Once Katie finds the remote, she starts using it on herself and her friends (mainly Matt and Riley). I'd like to see growth at the swimming pool (with bikinis snapping off the enlarged girls), growth at the gym, and growth at home and school. If you really must, sex can be included, but they must grow during it. Also, I'd like both male and female growth, but female growth can, if you want to, be more prevalent then male growth. Also, please no vore, scat, or killing. Their personalities won't change because they grow. Here are their stats: Matt Anderson: 15 years old, 5'11", 130 lbs., skinny, and very well endowed for someone his age (close to 7 inches). He is very smart, being one of the smartest people in his class, but is also very shy and kind. He has dirty blonde hair, and is Katie's boyfriend. Has a mean older sister, Melissa. Katie Nolwind: 15 years old, 5'8", 135 lbs., fairly fit. B-Cup breasts. Even though her breasts are kind of small, Matt thinks Katie is the most beautiful girl in school. Katie is kind and caring, and has a somewhat playful personality, sometimes harmlessly teasing Matt about his shyness. She has dirty blonde hair that goes down to her hips, and has blue eyes. She has an older sister, Julie, and an older brother, Tyler. Riley Daymon: 14 years old, 5'4", 125 lbs., fairly fit, large C-Cup breasts. Riley has a kind personality, but likes to receive attention and feel sexy. Has black hair that goes to her hips. She has a younger sister, Cindy, who views her as her idol. You can add other characters, but I'd like the focus to be on these three. Please let me know if you'd like to do this.

If someone has already responded to this challenge, its okay for multiple people to respond to this. I'd like to see different storylines based around this.
Categories: Teenager (13-19), Breast Enlargement, Couples , Gentle, Giant, Growing/Shrinking out of clothes, Muscle Characters: None

In the comic book universe Wonder Woman fighting Giganta while, but is now exhausted, Diana is likely to get killed Giganat really bad, but just as he is about to step on Giganta (to eliminate it once and for all) is saved by Hank Pym (Giant-Man) , which addresses and wins against Giganta. Then, Diana & Hank get to know ... to be very good as a pair of superheroes is also loving .... Hank & Diana will live many adventures together :-) :-))) RULES : )


Giganta wearing this costume




Hank Pym is the only male giant in this story !!

hank pym can grow up to a maximum of 500 feet !!

Categories: Giantess, Entrapment, Gentle, Giant Characters: None

I thought of writing a cross-over between my two stories "The Life of a Giant" and the more recent "The Final Frontier", but then I saw that you could issue challenges on this site, and I immediately thought how interesting it would be to see someone else's take on the event.


So, the challenge is, incorporate a story that involves all the main characters from the Final Frontier and "The Life of a Giant". I won't make it a requirement, but I'd prefer if Arell (the antagonist in The Final Frontier) was not evil this time around. I WILL, however, require that the stories don't get too fetishy. The Life of a Giant was not a 'fetish' story, even though it had giants in it.  So no 'insertion', unnecessary nudity, or stuff like that.


In the Life of a Giant, the giants are 150ft. In the Final Frontier, Arell, and the rest of the Avakonians, are 535ft. For the sake of simplicity, in this story, all giants will be 200ft tall.


Sort of a weird challenge, I know, but I'd be interested to see if anyone is willing to give it a whirl.







Jennifer Stark

Valerie Bradson

Lorraine Pruess

Trent Berlinger


Normal Size People:


Raymond Bradson

Charles Anders

Bradley Peterson

Todd McFinnley

Sarah LaFluer

Randy Fredrickson

Colonel Edgar Stark (I just realized that he and Jennifer share the same last name)

Kevin Ward

Alfred Bowell

Mayor Terry Trayor

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