*A List of Giantess-Focused Manga* by lord_ne

Rated: R • 5 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

A list of Giantess-focused manga that I have read, for anyone who wants suggestions. Feel free to leave a review with any series that I missed.

Elizabeth and Diane Mistaken Human Dildo - Seven Deadly Sins by WheresWalden

Rated: X • 1 Reviews

Diane becomes jealous and frustrated over Elizabeth's relationship with Meliodas. The giant woman wants her captain to take a sexual interest in herself but he is too focused on Elizabeth's boobs. Diane decides to take her human-sized doll out into the forest for some personal alone time. However, Elizabeth follows her and then accidentally gets mistaken for the doll when Diane begins pleasuring herself. She then continues to use her friend as a dildo completely unaware of the girl's struggles. 

A Boy and His Growing Tiny Girl by A Goddesses BFF

Rated: G • 2 Reviews starstarhalf-star

What happens when Isa finds not just a girl while on a day out, but also a tiny girl?! Will the two of them be able to work things out together, or will their meeting end as soon as it begins? Probably not since this has multiple chapters XD

(I'm not sure why it has JustForTribute as an author. They did NOT write any part of this story. I typed this all on Google Doc and then moved it all here. Do NOT credit them for any of this. Also, I did not add any series to this while uploading this story. It is NOT part of any of the listed series below, so please disregard them as I was unable to remove them...)


A Giantess For James by The_Necromanswer

Rated: X • 108 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: A young man named James struggles through life as the size of a baby. His many female friends and easily achieved arousal cause him to gget caught in lots of sticky situations.

A Goddess' Wrath by Franchise Writer

Rated: X • 2 Reviews

Waking up from her slumber after centuries of sleep, Holo is soon greeted by the world we know of today. Though things have changed, she doesn't quite expect them to be as drastic as they are. And certain revelations, soon provoke her wrath.

Anime - Spice & Wolf

Story written for Masough.

A Hint of Sugar by pseudoclever

Rated: X • 5 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

It's date night, and he's already shrinking before she arrives.

A Letter of Thanks - Harry Potter fanfiction by gogo199432

Rated: R • 1 Reviews starstarstarstar

One day Harry Potter receives a cryptic letter from Tonks to meet with her. Whatever could she want? [Tags inside]

A Life Full of Amazons by Will_Smiff

Rated: X • 32 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

A young highschooler wakes one morning to find everything normal, until the floor starts to shake. He must live his new life dominated by colossal women, adapt to his new state of affairs, and try his best not to be squished.

A Little Blackmail 5: Shrinking Pains by Jacksmith

Rated: R • 160 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

A brother, haunted by the years of shrunken captivity he spent beneath his younger sister’s foot, struggles to confront his demons and, ultimately, the demented girl who stole his humanity.

A new master to serve by Harleen

Rated: X • 0 Reviews

Erik meets a strange woman at work which leads to them having a bit of an odd relationship. How do they tell people about it. If it comes down to it, how does he explain this woman to anyone? and does anyone really know who she is? Or is she just a figment of his own doing?


This story is not intended for younger viewer. It is ment for adult audiences. Please be advised. I want to make it clear that it is rated M for Mature.

A Remote Possibility by Breaker

Rated: R • 15 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


This is an experiment by me to see if I'm any good at this kind of writting. 


Tom finds a strange remote that can control seemingly every aspect of reality, the question is not will he use it, but rather will he be able to live with the changes? 

A Shrinking Game: The Duel by tinygirl

Rated: X • 2 Reviews

Two lovers played a shrinking game and had a bad experience. They go to complain, but find the woman at the sex shop isn't so happy with their attitude. A sequel to The Gift.



A Snek Worth Pampering by NRawkGTS

Rated: R • 2 Reviews

Like any good Master, Fujimaru Ritsuka takes care of his Servants and tries to do what's best for them, even if some of the actions he takes in that pursuit can be... ill-advised.

A Tale Cut Short by Rythmear

Rated: R • 1 Reviews



What follows, chapter by chapter, is all of the 'unfinished stories' that I'm not currently planning to finish. However, not wanting to let them all go to waste, enjoy what actually did come of them here and now. 

A Teenage Giantess In Hialeah by Gille

Rated: R • 0 Reviews

A young woman begins to grow

Ace is for Apocalypse by One Society

Rated: R • 3 Reviews
Summary: There is a strange man who has lived to see the world die in his own vision, which is by the rampage of a world with giant woman. His arousing fantasy along with his psychotic desire for anarchy and destruction is imminent. What happens when his dream world becomes a reality world?

Through the eyes of others this world is no dream, but total and utter terror. Can the world hope to stop this mad man?

Alexa Shrugged by Galactor

Rated: R • 0 Reviews

Alexa tries to test different buildings in a town she has mostly destroyed to see if anything can survive the Atlas test.

Spoilers: they can't.

A tease I did for Emmagear.


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Alien Queen Maxine by Microkink_Labs

Rated: X • 1 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

AUDIO LINK INCLUDED. This is a finished commission, posted with permission of the customer. 

Welcome to an alternate reality wherein Maxine is a seven foot tall alien from another planet. She's just arrived on Earth to marry her internet boyfriend, and to take over his planet!

Her growth abilities rely on devouring Earth materials; food, structures, people included! Listen as she recounts her rise to become Queen of Planet Earth.


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