A Beautiful Girl Took Me Home by shadowrust

Rated: X • 36 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

A boy named Mark was shrunk down in his class for unknown reasons. Fortunately, A friendly girl named Chealsea noticed him, and brought him home with her. The two hit it off... and one thing leads to another...

This story features multiple scenarios: Essentially alternate stories taking place with the same characters and settings.

Day to Day by Emma Gear

Rated: X • 18 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: Done as a commission!

This story basically chronicles the day to day of a giantess. As the Editor in Chief of a popular fashion magazine, what sort of people she has to deal with, and her relationship with her husband.

It's probably better than it sounds.


Rated: PG • 12 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: Submitted for your approval (with apologies to both Rod Serling and P. I. Tchaikovsky): a sequel to "All's Fair..." hopefully, just in time for the Holidays.

"Dirty Dozen 2" by SpongeBob

Rated: X • 6 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

After watching the movie "Dirty Dozen", Chuck Noriss decides to make his own Dirty Dozen, but their first unoffical mission goes wrong...

A funny story full of strange charectars and many twists

"Dirty Dozen 3" by SpongeBob

Rated: R • 2 Reviews
Summary: Do not read this story unless you have read my previous story, "Dirty Dozen 2", Once again, I've made another humorous story.

'Friends and Family' by Shywry

Rated: R • 4 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Kayla Fox was hiding her relationship with her girlfriend from her extremely religious family. Then, her boss turns her world upside-down. Now she must rely on the ones that love her to save her. The question on her mind is; who truly loves her?

'Friends and Family' by shywri, Shywry

Rated: R • 1 Reviews

Kayla Fox was hiding her relationship with her girlfriend from her extremely religious family. Then, her boss turns her world upside-down. Now she must rely on the ones that love her to save her. The question on her mind is; who truly loves her?

I wrote this story on my original account, Shywry, but I can't remember the password. So I made this account to continue with it.

'Stream of Consciousness' by Shywry

Rated: R • 4 Reviews starstarstarstar

John finds himself in a surprisingly sadistic situation, when two girls team up to torment him.

(English) Rétrécissement by italykeke, christiawi9

Rated: G • 23 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

A young successful man got the shrinking virus, a disease his father got before he did. How will he cope up with the fact he gets weaker ? And how will act his family and friends ?

(French) Destiné by italykeke

Rated: G • 22 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Alex vivait une vie normale, d'adolescent moyen jusqu'à ce qu'il rétrécisse . Cette histoire se concentre fondamentalement sur l'évolution des personnages et leurs interactions avec le protagoniste qui perd toute puissance. Pourquoi cela est ce arrivé ? Que va t'il devenir ? Et surtout Comment va réagir son entourage ?

*Rachael Sweetheart* (original story) crazyboy by crazyboy

Rated: X • 6 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: A boyfriend's adventure with his girlfriend's body and finds an interesting secret  she's hiding about her.

A 2012 Christmas Compilation by Emma Gear

Rated: R • 28 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: I did something like this 2 years ago (Would have done it last year too, but had a hilarious number of horrible problems so I couldn't) but here's the gist of this story and what I'm doing.

Every day, from now until Christmas Day, I'll be posting a new short story. For the sake of not flooding this site, I'll be posting them as an additional chapter to this story every day. A short summary to each of the individual stories will be in the chapter summary section.

Thanks and I hope someone enjoys!

Story Complete! Contains eleven short stories!

A Beginning by Jaime Hillborne

Rated: X • 12 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

A girl keeps a tiny city in her room and uses it to satisfy her own carnal desires.  She lets her friend in on her secret and worlds change...

A butt toy for my sister by Jamilton

Rated: X • 14 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Me and my sister are taken into a building for an experiment on us. Turns out the experiment is done to help my sister to stop me annoying her. This involves a little change and a new purpose in my life.

A Change in Outlook by Somewhereinthenight

Rated: X • 27 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Rick, a young and jaded NYC lawyer, becomes fed up with life. Things take an interesting twist though when he meets a woman with magical powers at a bar.



A Christmas Compilation by Emma Gear

Rated: R • 6 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

A day late here but this is a project I did for Christmas. It's got a very short sequel to 19 of the stories I've done in the past, with the catch being they're all related to the holiday.

 A collection of Christmas Specials, so to say. Each chapter is a different story and the chapter notes will have a link to the original if you haven't seen it (Spoilers: You probably haven't.)

NOTE: There was a ton of copy paste involved in getting this uploaded here as a single story. If any of the links to the original stories don't work, or if I accidentally repeated any chapters (too tired to check now) just leave a note and I'll fix it.

A Christmas Compilation 2013 by Emma Gear, Tinyone234

Rated: R • 24 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: This one's a bit unusual, but myself and Tinyone234 gathered requests from a handful of different sites and agreed to write 11 of them each and post them one per day.

So every chapter is a short story written by one of us! It's not a typical story, so feel free to check back every day cause every chapter is a completely different story!

A Cushion for mom by Crushed2Mush

Rated: R • 12 Reviews starstarstarstar
Summary: ?????

A Darker Time by Nomi

Rated: X • 1 Reviews starstarstar

A young man named Arrc is faced with hard times as he goes on to fight back against an evil presence responsible for the death and destruction that now faces the lands of Travinipol. He soon finds that the battle might be far more dangerous than he suspected since the enemies now practice a dark magic capable of changing a person's size.

A daycare story by christiawi9

Rated: R • 24 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

A young Alyssa Wilson works at a local daycare centre when she mysteriously shrinks to 3 inches. She is then heavily abused and mistreated by the children there in her fruitless quest to find help.

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