Princess Leia Story
Princess Leia sat against Jabba’s huge sluglike body.  The
crime lord had just recently captured her, only earlier that morning,
but she was already furnished in a very revealing, no imagination
needed, gold outfit.  He had furnished a large chain to be kept
around her neck, effectively making her his pet.  It excited Jabba to
have the Princess at his mercy, and it excited him even more to see
her in action.	When the band had finished playing, Jabba pulled Leia
close and said to her. 
	“Now Princess, you are to have a break.  I want you to be
comfortable here.  I want you to know that you will be appreciated. 
I have a surprise for you in another room, I will have Bib Fortuna
escort you.”
	Bib took Leia by the chain and led her to a section of the
palace only frequented by Jabba’s close personnel, or himself, and
opened the door to a large room.  It had been furnished in the dark
greyish brown tone that the rest of his palace showed off, but the
floor, rather than left for bare, was covered in rugs of all types. 
There were two chairs, somewhat comfortable looking, that Leia could
see.  Her first thought was “At least I can recline against something
other than that worm now..”
	Bib Fortuna led her to one of the chairs and told her to sit
down.  When she had settled in, Bib kneeled down and removed her
brown boots, exposing her bare feet.  Bib’s eyes widened a little and
his jagged teeth shown a sadistic grin at the sight of the treasures.
 He licked his lips as he stood, cradling Leia’s boots to his chest. 
“You won’t be needing these, mistress Leia, you see.  Enjoy
yourself..”  He bowed slightly, after all, this was Jabba’s prize
girl, she was to be shown some respect, and left, closing the door
behind him.
	Leia waited for a few minutes, looking around the room.  She
had to admit, it had felt good to take off those boots.  They were
very constricting, she thought as she wiggled her toes.  The fresh
air felt cool against her pale feet, and for the first time, Leia
realized how often she’d worn shoes and took note that her feet
hadn’t seen the light of day since years before she left Alderaan. 
It simply wasn’t becoming of her to walk around barefoot with her
duties, and she took the time to stretch her feet out, her toes
arcing out as far as they could go.
	This was the sight that greeted the Twi’lek dancing girl Len
Dil’Nora.  Len was assigned the duty of leading in the first man for
Leia.  The man, one of Jabba’s captures, a low bounty smuggler named
Gesver, had lost Jabba a shipment of spice.  Unlike Han Solo,
however, Gesver had actually attempted to pay Jabba back for it.  But
after payment was made, Jabba noticed that a few credits had been
missing, and decided to put a price on his head for the insult,
intentional or not.  Gesver had been caught easy and held in a cell
for a year, completely forgotten about by Jabba, until now.
	Len had explained to Gesver his duty on the way.  Jabba had
decided that Leia deserved some royal treatment, and was bringing up
men to please her.  Gesver’s duty was giving her a first class foot
massage, and his life depended on it.
	As Gesver knelt there in front of Leia, he felt the first bit
of sweat begin to dot his forehead.  He knew that he’d never been
good with his hands, hell, he wasn’t even sure how to give a proper
foot massage, he just had to hope he did something right.  With Len
sitting in the chair opposite of Leia, Gesver began his assignment.
	Leia couldn’t really object.  In fact, it was a bit of what
she wanted.  Her feet had never had any attention, and she wasn’t
about to deny it right now.  Until Luke came, she may as well make
the best of her time here.  She lifted her burgundy painted toes up
to Gesver’s face level and smiled at him with just a hint of
	Gesver took her foot into his hands and lowered it, trying to
get comfortable with his position.  He rested her heel on his knee
and started squeezing her foot.  “Not so hard.” Leia said,  He nodded
quickly and began to lighten his grip, but he still kept squeezing
the same area.	
	Leia tried to give him a chance.  Maybe this was just part of
his warm up, she thought.  While Leia waited for something new to
come, she idly looked over to Len.  Len was just a few shades green
past medium.  She had on all black.  Her head tails had one length of
fabric tied to each, near where they extended from her head.  Her
shoulders were bare, the only thing covering her breasts was some
sort of top that was just tight enough to not fall off, no matter
what move she pulled.  She had a similar skirt on that Leia wore,
though she noticed that while Jabba had allotted her some dignity,
Len wore nothing underneath the skirt.	Trailing her eyes down Len’s
long and shapely legs, Leia took note of her fascination with black
that shown even in her toenail polish and strapped heels.  Leia
admired the Twi’lek’s feet, never having really noticed the feet of
any woman before now, and would have continued to if Gesver had not
suddenly pinched a nerve in her foot.
	“OW!” Leia screamed.  In a fit of anger unbecoming of her,
she kicked Gesver in the face, toppling the man over onto his back.
	“What did he do?” Len asked her.  “He pinched something, I
think.” Leia responded.  Len nodded and turned her head to Gesver. 
“You know what this means.  You’ve failed, and Jabba doesn’t
appreciate failure twice.”  
	Gesver, still on his back, began to try and get up as Len
pulled a gun from behind her.  She aimed at him point blank and shot.
 Gesver cried out as a lime green beam covered his body.  Seconds
later, expecting himself to be dead, he opened an eye and noticed he
was completely unharmed.  Had she somehow missed, he thought.  He
looked over to Len and saw a frightening sight.  Where Len’s whole
body should be was only her attractive green feet, but they were the
size of him!  Gesver looked up and saw Len and Leia, both in their
chairs, staring down at the shrunken man.  Leia bore a look of
astonishment, but Len looked pleased.  
	Len stood up and took two steps towards Gesver.  Talking down
to him, her voice echoed the horror of the words. “You, however, are
lucky Gesver.  You don’t spend a thousand years with a sarlacc, you
spend only a few seconds under my foot.”  Len raised her left foot
off the ground slightly and lowered it down over Gesver.  Gesver
screamed for help as the Twi’lek’s warm foot began to cover his
entire body.
	Len smiled with a sadistic satisfaction as she pressed her
foot down completely, feeling the little fleshy body squish under her
sole.  She twisted her foot a few times, making sure that he was well
ground, and then wiped her foot on a clean portion of the rug.	Len
turned to Leia and grinned.  “I’ll be right back with someone better.
 Hold on just a minute.”  With that, Len disappeared out the door,
leaving Leia in a bit of shock at the bloodstain left by Len’s foot.

	Minutes passed before Len returned, this time with two men,
both Corellians like Gesver.  She led them into the room and ordered
them to kneel before Leia’s feet.  Leia took note of them, one had
long brown hair, almost to his shoulders, while the other had shaggy
black hair that came close to hiding his eyes.	Len spoke.
	“Okay, which of you can give a decent foot massage?”
	The one with long brown hair raised his hand slowly, unsure. 
Len nodded at him.  “Okay Mavron, get to it, give the Princess a good
foot massage.  Telne, get over her, I have a job for you.”  
	While Mavron began to massage Leia’s feet, the shaggy haired
man shuffled over to Len, still kneeling.  Len extended her left foot
to the man who nervously took it in his hands.	He noticed there was
a bit of a dark red stain on the sole, but having been locked in
Jabba’s palace for so long, he couldn’t identify it with a smell. 
All he could identify was the smell of her foot wafting towards him.  
	Len smiled evilly as she spoke to Telne.  “My foot’s a bit
dirty.	You’ll be doing this for Leia too, but for now I need you to
clean it with your tongue.  Hurry up now, or Jabba will hear about
your inadequacies.”  
	Telne, not wanting to invoke Jabba’s wrath anymore than he
had, quickly set about cleaning her foot.  A bit wary at first, he
started at her arch, noting the sweet taste that apparently the grit
from Jabba’s palace hadn’t robbed her Twi’lek skin of.	He worked his
tongue up to the ball of her foot, then started again, repeating the
up motions, wondering what the strange red stuff was as he removed
it.  When he got to her toes, he was trying to lick around them when
the Twi’lek stopped him.  “No, suck them, don’t try and lick or
you’ll never get anything done.”  So Telne resigned himself to
sucking her toes, finding himself fearfully aroused that he was doing
something to this woman that bordered on sexual, from his
experiences.  He also noticed that once he started sucking her toes,
she began to let out small moans, occasionally stroking a hand
against her skirt.  Telne began to think there hadn’t been any need
of fear as he worked harder now.  Twi’lek’s were, after all, re!
garded as very exotic beauties, regularly featured as dancers and
strippers.  He’d never been with one, but if this was what they all
liked, Telne found himself looking forward to visiting some areas
that housed a good community of them once Jabba freed him.
	Leia had watched as Telne was forced to lick Len’s feet. 
Telne seemed to have no idea that the stain he was cleaning was the
blood of a former inmate of his.  With disgust, and a bit of
curiosity, she turned her head away and closed her eyes, letting
herself relax and enjoy the foot massage that Mavron was giving her. 
Mavron was actually very good, completely opposite of Gesver.  Mavron
had taken her right foot into his hand very carefully, and his thumbs
had kneaded their way up from her heel to her toes and back down. 
That had changed to his knuckles being pressed into her foot and
moved up and down, followed by his fingers pressing into her sole. 
His pattern repeated like that, never continuing for too long on one
thing, occasionally he would massage the sides of her foot, or her
ankle, but he mainly stayed where he had started.
	Leia was very relaxed by the time the Twi’lek’s moans began
to disturb her.  She at first opened one eye, watching Len strafe her
skirt with a hand.  But she was finally forced to focus on Len as the
Twi’lek’s moans turned loud and her hand moved the fabric of skirt
over one leg, exposing her perfectly smooth vagina.  Leia watched as
Len placed a finger inside of herself and removed it, glistening with
fluid.	Len’s index and ring finger then held the lips of her vagina
open as she manipulated her clitoris with her wet middle finger.
	Leia, just the tiniest bit disgusted by the sight of the
woman pleasing herself, found that she was too interested in watching
the scene to look away.  Telne looked extremely pleased with himself
as he raised Len’s right foot to his lips and sucked those toes too,
only furthering the pleasure that Len felt.  Mavron was staring at
the beautiful Twi’lek girl who had now removed her top and was
effectively exposing her green breasts.  Len’s left hand moved up,
manipulating the dark green nipples in the same fashion as her
clitoris, all the while her breathing getting heavier, her moans
turning to loud groans and some grunts of pleasure.
	Leia found herself strangely aroused as the Twi’lek’s back
arched and she bucked in her chair, riding through the waves of
pleasure that her orgasm sent through her body.  Telne had settled
down, watching her now. Sporting a small bruise on his cheek from
where one foot had kicked him in mid orgasm.  Len smiled at Telne as
she wiped his saliva from her toes on his shirt.  “That was great
honey.	Now why don’t you go over to our little Princess and do that
same job.  Mavron, I want a foot massage now.”
	The two Corellians switched places and Len sat back, enjoying
the foot massage as Leia found herself becoming slowly aroused at the
feeling of Telne sucking her toes.  Leia watched mystified as one
burgundy toe after another slipped in and exited Telne’s mouth,
always leaving her with another shiver that brought her closer to the
idea of throwing dignity to the wind and exposing herself as Len had.
	There was no time though, as her stomach suddenly growled
very loudly.  Len smiled, as though she’d been waiting for it like a
cue.  “Hungry are we, little Princess?”  Leia nodded, feeling the
heat creeping up her spine from Telne’s actions.  “Good,” Len said. 
“That orgasm made me pretty hungry too.  I’ve been waiting for you so
I could shrink these two.”  
	Both Corellians looked up confusedly as the were met with the
lime green beam that had shrunken Gesver.  Len leaned over and picked
up both men, looking to Leia.  “Which one do you want?”
	“What do you mean?  You don’t expect me to step on them, do
you?” Leia said, appalled.  
	“No, silly Princess.  We’re going to eat them.”  Len said
with a grin.  Her grip tightened as both men began to struggle in her
	“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Leia replied.
	“Not in the least.  Here, let me show you.”  Len removed both
of the men’s clothes and brought Telne up to her mouth and dropped
him onto her tongue.  She gently sucked on his body.  She delighted
at the little struggles she felt against her tongue, and then after
she swallowed, the struggles she felt travel all the way down her
throat into her stomach.
	Leia’s eyes were wide as Len handed Mavron’s shrunken, nude
body to her.  “Here, just put him in your mouth at least.  If you
don’t want to eat him, that’s fine, I will.  These men were set to
die anyway, that’s why they’re here.  They’re all supposed to do
their best to please you, even if it includes giving their lives,
which Jabba expressed as more or less a necessity.  If you don’t kill
them, I will.  Just try it, Leia.  You may like it.”
	Leia was unsure as she took Mavron’s body into her hand.  She
knew Jabba well enough to know that if he said they were going to
die, then they were going to die.  About half of her choice to put
Mavron in her mouth, though, was fueled by the still brooding arousal
that Telne had brought about.  Leia placed Mavron on her tongue and
closed her mouth, feeling the little man kick and try to get up on
the unstable surface.  Leia couldn’t help but giggle, it tickled. 
Leia decided, in that moment, what the hell, she was sure that one
person wouldn’t hurt.  How many storm troopers had she killed?	How
many men had died for her and all of the rebellion?  This man was
just a nobody who’d gotten tangled up with the wrong crime boss. 
Leia had a large smile on her face as she swallowed, sending Mavron
down into her stomach where her arousal kicked back in at the feeling
of him moving around inside of her.
	Len had a huge smile of satisfaction as she stood and walked
to the door, opening it, and without a shred of dignity, walked half
naked outside to retrieve the final prisoners.	Leia waited
impatiently, and not long after Mavron stopped moving, Len returned
with seven Corellians, all nude so as to save her the trouble, and
shrunk them before the door had finished closing.  Len leaned over
and picked up all five and smiled at Leia.  She walked forward and
sat on Leia’s lap, her knees at either side of Leia’s waist, breasts
just below chin level, and held one of the men over Leia’s mouth.
	“Still hungry, little Princess?”  Leia, missing the struggles
of Mavron, responded by opening her mouth and letting the Twi’lek
drop the kicking man into her mouth.  Leia swallowed eagerly and
opened her mouth again, which made Len laugh, but still dropped
another man into her mouth.  Len lowered one into her own mouth as
well, swallowing him contentedly as she got off Leia and asked her to
stand up.  Leia obeyed and slowly grinned as she watched Len place
one of the Corellians by Leia’s feet.  
	Leia brought her foot up and placed it on the man.  Her toes
completely covered his body and her foot arched as she pressed down
onto him, feeling him squish in between her pale toes.	Leia giggled
happily as she continued to wiggle her toes, loving the feeling of
the man’s body squishing between them.	Len dropped another man to
the ground, the man began to run as fast as he could.  Len kicked him
over and quickly stepped on him, but only succeeded in crushing her
legs.  When she’d brought her foot back to balance herself, Leia was
already finishing off the man’s life for her under her other foot.
	“I’m so turned on right now.  I can’t believe that this
would’ve been as arousing as it is.”  Leia said.  “Then we need to
take care of that, little Princess.” The Twi’lek said as she pushed
Leia back into her seat.  She knelt before Leia and pushed her skirt
over one leg.  Len dropped both men into her mouth, since she needed
both hands, and slowly removed the dark brown panties that Leia wore.  
	Len stared at the Princess’ moist vagina and placed two
fingers just past the lips, opening them to show off the glistening
inside of Leia.  Len lowered herself towards Leia’s vagina, smiling
at the heavy breathing Leia was doing, and began to plant kisses all
over the Princess’s sex.  When her mouth was in position, and very
wet from enjoying herself too much, Len pushed one of the Corellians
out of her mouth and inside of Leia’s vagina.  With a final, slow and
deliberate lick up Leia’s sex, Len released her hold on the lips and
let Leia’s vagina close in on the struggling man who was now
pleasuring Leia in a way she’d never heard of.	
	Leia gripped the armrests of the chair tightly as the man
struggled inside of her.  He was furiously pounding against the walls
of her vagina, and whenever he tried to stand, he’d immediately slip,
a quick motion that caused Leia to jump.  Whenever she managed to
open her eyes, she would see Len watching very intently while sucking
on the man who was still in her mouth.	
	Leia, unable to contain herself anymore, began to groan
loudly.  She felt her hips begin to buck, and through eyes nearly
squeezed tight, saw Len swallow her little man and dive down to her
crotch.  Leia was thrown off the edge as Len’s tongue was inserted
into her vagina.  Leia felt the orgasm hit her like a stampeding
bantha, her fluid’s pouring into Len’s greedy mouth, as well as the
nearly drowned Corellian.  After a second orgasm from Len’s
incredible, and obviously experienced, tongue, Leia slumped back into
the chair and felt the Twi’lek mount her. 
	Len passionately kissed Leia with a mouthful of her own
fluids and one tiny, stuggling man.  Leia felt her tastebuds rejoice
at the taste of her own fluid as she and Len passed the man back and
forth inside their mouths.  After a good five minutes, Leia finally
let herself get greedy and pulled away from the kiss.  With the
Corellian in her mouth, Leia swallowed, and sent the tiny man to her
	Len smiled and licked her lips.  She stood and helped Leia to
her feet.  “Now that we’re done, it’s time for you to go back to
Jabba.	I hope we’ll get to do this again real soon.”
	Leia grinned and readjusted her skirt and panties, following
Len back to the center hall of the palace.  Jabba and all those
around him were asleep, except for Bib Fortuna.  Bib took Leia to her
seat beside Jabba and placed the chain around her neck.  He wished
her a good night and moved away to his quarters.  
	Leia felt herself slowly drift off to sleep, wondering when
Luke would show up, and once he did, if she’d ever have a chance to
do this again.

The End.

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