by Squash

   Sort of tingly all over is how I was feeling, just as I hit the
download button in response to a message from Cathy. I wasn’t quite
sure , but I think I’m being sucked into the computer. It was only an
instant but I soon found myself coming out from another computer only
I’m just three inches tall. Talk about your digital fowl up.. what’s
happening and why is this giant lady smiling at me?   I soon realized
that this pretty giantess looking down on me was Cathy.  Smiling so
sweetly she reached out to pick me up causing me to fall down
backwards in a state of panic .  I’m not sure why I was so afraid,
beings that this is suppose to be my biggest desire. I guess the
reality of being so small and Cathy being so big and strong, (God,
she could rip me apart with such little effort). Lucky for me that’s
not her way. She was so gentle and loving that I felt very safe.
Nothing was going to ever hurt me, not as long as I was being nestled
up to her gigantic breasts.
  “ How you doing my little Dan? I see that your all in one peace, a
little piece, but still you look ok”....She asked while lifting me up
closer to her face and causing me to hold on for dear life while I
viewed my new world some  200 ft below .
   “ Why am I so small and how did I get here” was the only question
I could manage to ask. 
   “ Your asking me as if I would know anything.” was Cathy's
response. “I think it has something to do with the way my computer
has been acting up or something. But why don’t you just chill out,
hell , I’m not going to eat you or anything.”  And with that brought
me up to her lips an gave me a big wet body kiss.

    In all my years I've never been handled like such a toy, to be so
helpless and weak, with out any say so what so ever and with total
disregard for my likes and dislikes , God, how I loved every second
of it.

    Soon she had us laying on her bed, well Cathy on the bed and me
laying on her giant mound. With just my moving around, while trying
to maintain my sense of balance, Cathy started to breath a bit more
heavy. At first I thought she was just relaxing but then I realized
she was getting turned on by my messaging her tit. In fact she was
getting very excited and began to rub herself. As her breathing
increased my soften ground began to shake and I became disbert to
hold on. Thinking I was about to be flung away I screamed out “Cathy,
please your going to hurt me..please hold on to me?”

   With that she snatched me up and started moving me south, down
towards her hot and hungry pussy, “Cathy.... what are you...Cathy?”
But in one quick movement I was inserted feet first into her
   “Now my little one........... you’ll be safe here,...... I
promises” she said as her breath expelled in such a whispering soft

   The warm, moist ,gentle clamping brought me instantly  to a new
sexual awareness as well as one of the best stiffs that I can
remember in resent years. Burrowed nearly to my neck I was in sheer
ecstasy with her firm and gentle pulsation. With each of my exiting
lunges her womanliness would suck me back.... Cathy was getting more
and more excited as each short cycle became faster and faster until
there was a firm grip on me and a loud scream that would have
awakened Rip Van Winkle. Just as the grip on my body had become
almost unbearable , I was expelled out like so much waste. 

    As I lay down by her thigh, exhausted and spent a gentle hand
picked me up carrying me to her face where a most soft warm kiss
caress my body. Cathy smiled at me and said “that was wonderful my
little man, you sure know how to treat a lady right, guess it really
is quality and not quantity”and then gave me a low giggle.

   ‘So now that you’ve gotten to be just three inches tall am I
suppose to squash you to make you happy or what? I mean ,God,I don’t
want to do anything like that to you. Your my little man, I’m here to
take care of you not squish ya.” was what Cathy spook to me while
finishing her after sex smoke. “ I mean we could play around with it
, but I’ll never do any thing to harm you. ok?”

    “Well maybe we could do something else to give me my aultament
fantasy, I mean sure I get excited about what you could do to me
but... I want more than just a few seconds before... SPLAT! Maybe we
could get another man for you to step on? Maybe someone else could be
squashed under you ?  What do you think about that?” asking with all
the hope this little man could muster, but thinking that she

   “And where should I get this other guy, run an add ? or maybe pick
him up in a bar?” God Dan, and what makes you think I want to crush
him for real?  I’m  not sure I could do that” she said with a most
negative voice. 

  “ How about  good ‘ol AOL chat board, there’s a good place to find
a real jerk and you could download him like you did me? Tell me that
you’ve never thought about crushing some of those guys before.....   
Well, here’s your chance !” I responded

“Hmmm....... I think you may have a point, I’d be doing the world a
service and giving you your best fantasy too !	Ok,  but just one and
I get to pick” “ Sure Sweetie, it’s a deal. ”	                   
    I spent most the evening starring at Cathys good looking butt
while she probed her screen until finally she said... “I think I
found our new sacrifice... Let me send him this message and see if he
downloads he does.... yelp, we're in business” she said and
then let out a “YA-WHO” as he materialized out from the screen .

   He seemed very confused looking up at   Cathys stern face which
now had none of the softer caring qualities that were extended
towards me. She seemed more like a woman who was looking at a small
recreational toy.. a toy designed for squashing and seemed more than
ready to try it out.

    Swooping her hand down , she scooped him up much like a night
hawk grabbing a field mouse.She was holding him more like an object
than a person and squeezed him so tightly he couldn’t even scream out
from the pain of having her thumb in his chest.

   “Well my little man we’re going to have some fun, hope your a good
runner HA- HA- HA, because you’ll need to be, in fact both of you
will need to be !” as she reached for and snatched me up  like a
child's marble's. 

   The look of surprise must have beamed from my frightened face for
I didn’t think she was going to to anything to me...... “Cathy, what
are you.......ahh..... doing.. Cathy  please your...squ......” 

   “Please nothing, which ever one of you makes it to the wall
first.....LIVES ! the other I’m going to squash under get

   Placing the two of us on the floor, well dropping us the last five
feet or so, our giantess was standing her full height while looming
over us like a bird of pray.
   Acting out of fear I emeedyitly started making tracks towards the
wall but was cut short by my  never was new found friend who shoved
me down and kicked me. With a dull thud I hit the floor while making
a last ditch effort to grab his heels. Sadly I feal short of them and
my journey of salvation. Rolling over I looked up for Cathy’s face
hoping to see some signs of being her favorite but instead the view
was of her foot coming down on top of me

    “CATHY....CATHY....NOooooooooo please” I shouted while holding my
arms up to try and hold her off me. Her decent to me was slow and
very frightening but fast enough that I couldn’t excape. “Cathy......
noooooooo!!!!!” but was instantly pushed flat to the floor and
pressed almost to the point of being squashed.

   Then she surprised me and removed her foot, took a step back,
knelt down , lifted me up to her breast and said very softly “Well my
little man, did you really think I was going to squash you? Silly
little man. I told you that I wouldn’t ever harm you. I just wanted
to give your your fantasy, I hope you enjoyed it...... You must of
thought you were a goner.” And gave me a little kiss on my head. “I
hope I didn’t hurt you to bad..are you alright?”

 “Wow... what a woman, yes you scared the hell out of me and yes I
did enjoy it.” And then nestled myself right in between her oh so
soft and huge boobs.

   “ Well I’m glade you liked that” Cathy said,  “and now for the
rest of your fantasy.... this one is just for you for just this one
time” As I looked away from her tits and saw that she had the other
guy dangling  in front of her face. His screams of terror were
muffled when Cathy ask me “Should I?” And tilted her head back with
open mouth. 

I’m sure I must have shock my head one way or the other but Cathy
really wasn’t waiting for my opinion as the wiggling scamming man was
dropped into her mouth. His fight went all the way to the last when,
as if to bring it all to a sudden stop, Cathy’s jaw crunched shut and
the little morsel instantly seised his struggle. Cathy made a few
more chews which reminded me of celery crunching and then with a big
gulp her snack was just a memory, well except for the little trickle
of blood in the corner of her mouth.

   I couldn’t help it..yes, I climaxed from viewing the whole thing.
God, what a woman I have, or should I say has me ! This is just the
start of what will become a most brazier and passionate relationship
with many more adventures to come............... (end)