Neverending Story

Chapter One
(by Kristen)

As Kylie pulled into the school parking lot, she let out a yawn. "I can't believe we're at school so early," she said to Brenda, who was sitting in the passenger seat behind her. Brenda yawned in response. "Well, I guess it was too good of a day to not be at the beach! We'll finish this make-up lab quickly," continued Kylie as she pulled into the parking space. "I sure hope so" replied Brenda, half-awake.

There were very few people at the school, just a handful of teachers, but the girls knew that their chemistry teacher would be expecting them to complete their lab assignment this morning, otherwise they would receive an F. The girls proceeded to their lockers, where they loaded their backpacks with chemistry books and notes and proceeded to the lab.

Kylie and Brenda were high school juniors, and while they were far from outstanding students, they were consistent "B" students. They had been friends since elementary school, and although they were good friends, their personalities were as different as night and day. Kylie was an energetic, optimistic redhead, one of the tallest girls in school at 5'11", and always conscious of what she was wearing, which today was a white t-shirt, jean shorts, and Adidas sandals. Brenda had a darker personality, with a definite bent for revenge. No one crossed the 5'8" Brenda, who had dark hair, dark eyes, and an impressively muscled body. Brenda always wore clothes that emphasized her well-toned body, and today was no exception.

Once they got to the lab, Kylie headed immediately for the workstation and dutifully unpacked her books from her bag. Brenda sat down and propped her feet up on a neighboring desk watching Kylie ready the experiment, slowly closing her eyes in order to catch up on some last-minute sleep.

Finishing the setup of the experiment apparatus, Kylie turned her attention to Brenda, noticing she had fallen asleep. Kylie rolled her eyes and began tapping her long, silver-colored nails on Brenda's desk. Brenda startled into consciousness and got up to help with the experiment. The girls poured a blue solution into a flask and placed it over the Bunsen burner. Before not too long, a gray smoke emerged from the flask and filled the immediate area, causing both girls to cough and scramble to shut off the gas. Waving the smoke away, they looked at the experiment directions. "It says we should have mixed this in before we heated it up," said Kylie. Brenda nodded, "Let's start over again."

The girls completed the experiment just before their first period Math class. They quickly dashed to the other side of the school, books in hand, and took their seats. Brenda fiddled with her bra as if it were causing her discomfort. Kylie pulled her sore, red feet from her sandals, flexing her toes as if to relieve pressure. Meanwhile, "Octavian" and "Trainboy" who sat behind Kylie and Brenda, respectively for some reason could only see the blackboard if they went out of their way to look around their classmates.

Chapter Two
(by Rotwang)

Octavian mumbled just loud enough to his cohort "Huh huh huh...check it out...She-Ra meets Marilyn Manson."

Trainboy sneered a little louder "Nice boots, Morticia.", and giggles arose around the classroom.

Brenda seethed, flexing her deceptively delicate hands. "I'd like to see you die under them, asshole", she whispered to herself. Kylie shot a venomous glance back at the smart-alec pair.

"Oh, don't pay those jerks any mind. I think your boots are sexy...they look comfortable, too. My sandles have been killing me since I got 'em. Mom won't spring for another pair unless they get worn out or something. I wish I would suddenly just outgrow them."

"I outgrew this sports bra when I bought it. I wish I wore my leather one instead...its so comfortable."

" are so nasty!", giggled Kylie, "Uh...wait...that -is- your leather bra. It was just that spandex thing a second ago..."

They looked at each other in shock a split second before the ripping sounds began. With a pop, Kylie outgrew her sandals, the straps giving way before the onslaught of growing feet. With a protracted tearing noise, she outgrew her wardrobe, her shirt and bra stretching and binding her form before splitting asunder, her shorts separated along the seams noisily. With the screech of bent metal, she outgrew her desk in a matter of seconds.

Kylie sat on the floor of her classroom, tatters of clothes hanging off her body, her head almost touching the ceiling. Her mouth was agape in absolute shock, and the class began to erupt into confusion. "Hey...I wished this, didn't I?", she said with wonder, surveying her now tiny classmates.

Brenda smiled an evil little smile, "I know what -I'm- going to wish for next!"

Her words were drowned out by screams from the classroom, but she stood to reveal a very different outfit than what she had worn to school that morning. Leahter bra and scant leather panties, thigh-high boots and arm length gloves, the skin-tight leather showing off her rippling muscles.

She spoke again, a wicked look upun her face,"I wish to grow." Before their eyes, the paniced class saw another one of their classmates begin to expand before their eyes, the dominatrix laughing as she raised her now massive gloved hands to push through the ceiling.

"Kylie! Come on! This is going to be soooo much fun!", she shouted.

Chapter Three
(by Goddess Susan)

As the rest of the class went looking for whatever cover they could find, Kylie turned to look at Brenda. "You know Brenda, you're right! This could be fun! Let's have a contest. First one to grow thru the roof is the winner, okay?"


As the girls grew, so did the competition. Kylie, angry because Brenda won, decided to extend the contest. Looking around, she pointed to a 10-story high building. "Okay, first one to outgrow that building over there wins."

As the girls grew, they complained about different things around them.

"Ow! I stubbed my toe on that car!"

"Geez! They should put those signs up higher!"

In the end, Kylie won, but Brenda was mad because of it. She looked around for something else to make as a challenge.

"Here, let's try outgrowing that building over there."

"Nah. Maybe later," said Kylie, becoming a little bored. "I'm going to look at all the little people down here. I'll do it later, though. I promise."

Squatting down, Kylie looked at all the little people running away from her. She leaned down and picked one up. Staring at it, she couldn't believe how small he looked.

"Hmm. You'll be bettter off up here," said Kylie as she set the man on top of a building. "Now you just stay there, ok?"

Meanwhile, Brenda decided that she didn't have to wait for Kylie to grow bigger for her to. Thoughts were bouncing around in her head. This is your big chance! But what if you squash Kylie? Then that'll just leave more of the universe for you to rule!

Brenda made up her mind. Her goal: To become the largest giantess ever created!

Chapter Four
(by Rotwang)

Kylie had actually shrunk herself down to around thirty feet...large enough awe bystanders, but small enough to interact with them. She also wished up a new outfit...tight jeans, cut-off t-shirt and a pair of sneakers. She held one of the Football Team with both hands, and he squirmed furiously to free himself from the giantess.

"Lemme go!", he shouted.

"Not until you give me a kiss.", Kylie giggled. She pressed her lips to his face, their softness enveloping and suffocating him for a moment. She then hugged him tight to her, he could feel her breasts push against him. "You make a great Teddy-bear! Gee, weren't you the tallest kid in school? Not anymore! I guess I would have to qualify for that title now..."

A shadow loomed over her as she toyed with the diminutive jock.

"Think again, Kylie." rumbled from the skies. Kylie looked up in shock, as she saw the boot of a three-hundred foot Brenda descend upon her.

Kylie laughed as she tossed away Hank.

"Oh, no you don't!"

Brenda's stomp missed, but Kylie did not know her peril. She thought it was simply a game. She began to grow to match Brenda, her t-shirt began tightening and stretching across her body, until the thin fabric gave way with a long rip. Her jeans became more and more and more snug, until the seams began to give way with a popping rip, the buttons popping off the front. Her toes tore their way through the front of her sneakers, and soon she was wearing nothing but tatters.

"Oops! I've got to remember to wish for clothes that grow with me!"

She grew to around sixty feet when the voice of Brenda rumbled again. "I wish you would stop growing.", and Kylie stopped growing.

"Hey! What's the big idea!", shouted Kylie.

"I wish you would obey my every command." continued Brenda with a dark tone of voice.

"I wish you would drop dead!" shouted Kylie.

"Sorry, I already wished for immortality. Wasted wish, Kylie. Do not wish for anything unless I command you to.", said Brenda with smug amusement.

"You are such a bitch!", snarled Kylie.

"You will only address me from now on as Goddess Brenda, slave!", shouted Goddess Brenda.

"Yes, Goddess Brenda", said Kylie.

"Now, pick up your little toy", ordered Goddess Brenda.

Kylie stooped over, and snatched up Hank with one hand, and he wriggled in her grip to get free.

"Now...tear him apart!", ordered Goddess Brenda.

"Please...don't make me kill him!", sobbed Kylie.

"The little shit thought it was funny to slap my ass in the hallways. I think its funny to see him die screaming. Do it.", snarled Goddess Brenda.

Kylie wept as she held him by the ankles. He shouted and bucked, trying to free himself, as she began to pull his legs apart. He began screaming as tendons began to tear, Kylie had pulled him into a complete split, and his body wasn't built for such a position. Still she pulled, her mighty strength ripping muscle and breaking bone, his legs popped from their sockets, and with a sickening tearing noise, one of his legs came free of his body. Weeping, her hands covered in blood, Kylie began to pull on one of his arms. Hank's shouts stopped soon after.

"Good work, slave! Now, find Octavian and Trainboy, and bring them to me! I have other business to attend to...", said Goddess Brenda as she stepped over to the School parking lot.

The school had evacuated, and the students and faculty were gathered in the parking lot, trying to sort out what was going on. They looked on in wonder as a three-hundred foot tall dominatrix gave bizarre orders to someone they couldn't see on the other side of the building. Then the Goddess noticed them, and they all began to quake with fear...and the seismic shocks of the giantess' footfall as she approached. Everyone looked up with awe at Goddess Brenda, her magnificence blotted out the sun. She pursed her lips in an arrogant smile as she surveyed the thousand or so tiny people before her.

"I don't think I can adequately express how much you all disgust me. This will have to do.", she said with dark amusement to the crowd of people, each one seeming to her to be no more than an inch tall.

She raised her foot, and brought it down with horrifying speed in the middle of the crowd. A half-dozen students exploded into red mush under the toe and chunky heel of her thigh boot. Goddess Brenda laughed with delight as she felt the bodies break underfoot, and she swung her other foot over the parking lot. She examined the panicking crowd, and noticed the teachers trying to open the gate to the chain-link fence surrounding the lot.

"I wish the gate would not open.", she said simply and turned her attentions back to those directly beneath her.

"Well, well, well, Mandy Bolton and her clique. Die.", she said as she stomped upon a knot of the school's popularity queens.

The students ran in all directions trying to escape, a few attempted to climb over the fence, only to get caught in the barbed wire at the top. Goddess Brenda slowly lowered her foot on a screaming substitute and half the chess club, their bones crunching under the awesome weight.

She suddenly bent, and scooped up a handful of her victims, almost twenty of them were trapped in a ball of humanity she held carefully. They writhed and moaned in the palm of her hand, and trapped by her long fingers. With a creak of soft leather, she began to tighten her grasp. The students screamed and cried out as she heard crunching, popping, squishing noises from their midst. Blood began to run down her glove as she thrilled to the sounds of fear and death, her own personal symphony. Her nipples hardened, and her pupils dilated. She hurled her handful of suffering back at the seething throng at her feet, and she began to step, languidly, on whoever caught her eye. She usually took out three or four bystanders as well. Her boots and gloves became stained with red as she stomped and scoped up her victims, grinding them to paste and squeezing them to jelly by the dozens, her terrible laughter echoed throughout the city...

Chapter 5
(by Mr. G)

Goddess Brenda's rampage, had not gone unnoticed outside the school. Almost every cop in the city, started to converge on the school. Once they got there they didn't know what to do. They couldn't get past the gate and the sight of goddess Brenda crushing students and teachers to death, filled everyone in blue with fear.

"Do we have the firepower to deal with her?" the mayor asked.

"Um, were not sure. Probably not. I recommend we get the national guard."

"All right but in the meantime. Fire some warning shots. I don't allow evil goddess in my city."

"But Mayor Nutman…"

"Do it."

Goddess Brenda was getting inpatient. Why hasn't Kylie returned with Octavian and Trainboy? At this rate, she might have to wish for those two troublemakers to appear before her. Then she heard the shots. She looked out beyond the school yard, and saw over a dozen police cars.

"Who dares challenge Goddess Brenda?"

Mayor Nutman, picked up a megaphone and said; "I Do."

Chapter 6
(by Octavian)

Meanwhile, high up in geosynchronous orbit a cloaked alien flying saucer that would have looked at home in any 1950's flick about alien encounters, probed the area around the two girls with various invisible beams that collected information and other things beyond the ken of mere humans. Inside this craft two humanoid aliens were gesticulating wildly and babbling in apparent gibberish. Translated they are saying...

"What went wrong?"

"The evil one has used the growth field to manifest other requests, modulating the field now to avoid further disruptions to our experiments".

The first alien then says, "Can we reverse the modifications made to the gentle one?".

"Yes", answers the second, "but we'll have to go down and make physical contact with her to correct things."

"Oh" comments the first.

Octavian and Trainboy suddenly feel woozy and fitfully thrash about for a moment in there hiding place in the broom closet. When they stop thrashing it is the eyes of a possessing alien intellect looking about themselves the personas of Octavian and Trainboy struggle unseen in the back of their own minds as the aliens successfully take control of them. The brooms and buckets clatter about to the booming footfalls of Kylie outside the building as the aliens exit the closet in some haste. Kylie's sexy, now deep voice echoes off the various walls about the complex as she calls out her quarries names, stooping from time to time and peering into the gloom of the interior of the school. The aliens freeze in the corridor as they see two huge bare feet crunch noisily into the gravel garden outside the windows, several six foot tall bushes disappear from view as the giant feet sink some distance into the ground. Then as suddenly a huge almost upside down face appears, the aliens in the guise of Trainboy and Octavian are impaled by the piercing stare of the Giantesses eyes as they widen in recognition. The face disappears from view once more and a great wrenching tearing sound fills the aliens ears. They cover their heads with their hands as huge chunks of the ceiling fall from above, suddenly they are grasped in the giant feminine hands of the gargantuan Kylie and are lifted up and out through the tattered hole in the roof.

Kylie lifted the 2 wriggling young men up to eye level and gazed at them as she held them in one hand and began picking off their clothing with the other. Soon the little men were naked and writhing in her grasp, she positioned one in each palm and then ever so slowly cupped her huge weighty breasts with her man bearing hands, the tiny men squirmed delightfully as she cupped her giant orbs ever more firmly.

"OHHHHHH YOU FEEL SO NICE AGAINST MY SKIN" the nude 60ft Giantess moaned and gasped.

As if the tiny men were bars of soap she began to rub them about her giant breasts, pausing to push them against her nipples and moaning more as she did so.

The aliens meanwhile were glad they had been disrobed and used the extra skin to skin contact to increase the energy flow through them from their craft allowing them the extra power to undo the multiple spells programming and to make her immune to the evil Giantess' spells.

As Kylie continued to massage her smooth skin with the naked men she felt suddenly strange, as if coming out of a dream whilst still awake. She realized she had her hands pressed against her breasts and that something was squirming against each of them in alarm she pulled her hands away from her round orbs to reveal two naked men pressed into her pillowy flesh, she gasped at the sight of them and grabbed each of them by a foot recognizing Trainboy and Octavian. It amused her to hold them upside down in her grasp and asked them if they knew what was going on here. After hearing the story they requested that she somehow get them in contact with Brenda's bare skin.

"MY PLEASURE!" boomed Kylie.

Kylie willed herself to grow bigger and bigger and watched the naked men apparently diminish as she continued to hold them by there feet but transferred them to the relative safety of one palm as she grew more, her bare feet spread over the ground and began to crumble the walls of the nearby school building, several people fled from the ruins in fear for their lives as the gorgeous giantess expanded and rose higher and higher above them. In the distance Brenda was unaware of the ever growing threat to her domination of the tiny insects all around her. With a shout and a great leap Kylie ran the few short steps to the now slightly shorter Brenda. Goddess Brenda tore her eyes away from the thin ribbon of blue uniforms and the mayor before her to stare open eyed at the rapidly approaching naked beauty. Kylie's giant feet tore into the earth sending tons of dirt and asphalt high into the air in her wake as her long graceful legs pumped powerfully towards the evil ex-friend before her. They collided with a huge fleshy slap as Kylie's skin impacted with Brenda's leathers costume. Down they fell right on top of the Mayor and his miniscule officers of the law, who fired their weapons uselessly at the great falling body of Brenda. SQUISH!!

The tiny officers and the Mayor were instantly crushed to a pulp as the cheeks of Brenda's huge bottom smeared them over the roadway and into it beneath the incredible combined weight of the two Titanesses.

Kylie trapped the evil Giantess between her thighs and pressed the aliens in human guise to the bare arms of Brenda. Very quickly all the the wish power was reconfigured. The result was that all of Brenda's clothes exploded from her body, shredded instantly into millions of fragments as they tried to shrink back down to normal size on her vast frame. Now she was as naked as Kylie and the wishes made by each of them could only effect their own individual selves and the tiny world about them but not each other. The girls during this struggle had both continued to grow Kylie was at 1500 feet tall and Brenda at 1200 feet in height. The tiny aliens disengaged their control over the earth men and manned their instruments in the space craft once more, eagerly waiting to see what would happen now.

Brenda fought viciously with Kylie and wriggled free from between her thighs and ran as fast as she could, straight over the tiny houses, cars and people of the suburbs. She crushed thousands of the inhabitants of this once peaceful city as she sprinted carelessly on top of them. Kylie would not follow due to the added destruction tat such a pursuit would inflict upon the ant sized people.

The tiny people on the ground didn't stand a chance as the titanic self proclaimed Goddess Brendas huge bare foot ecclipsed the sun and thundered down towards them and their homes at the speed of sound. The surroundings darkened very quickly then there was a huge blast of super compressed air which screamed like a banshee a split second before the huge barefoot connected with the earth heel first. The huge rounded heel crushed the homes and people beneath it as if they were nothing and proceeded to drive through the hard Summer hardened ground, crashing through the underground infrastructure of a modern western community like it was so much straw. Water mains, sewerage, power and other underground structures were pressed further underground along with the mow wafer thin remains of the homes, cars and people that had been unfortunate enough to be in the way. To the tiny people it seemed as if a mountain was falling impossibly fast on to them as the rest of the foot pivoted down from the heel which had crushed a few homes already. The pressure wave of concentrated air from the huge heels impact never reached most of them as the sexy huge girls foot savagely ended their puny lives, as carelessly and with as much concern as you or I would tread on some ants.

The city quaked and shook as Brenda's cruel crushing bare feet pounded into the houses far below again and again, soon Brenda had clambered over a distant mountain and made good her escape. In her wake the deep impressions of her huge feet could be clearly seen imprinted into the cityscape, tiny trails of smoke and billowing dust rising from them. Kylie realized that she hadn't retrieved the two little men and that after a brief search around the ground at her 200 ft long bare feet decided that they must be either smooshed on Brenda's body or stuck to her still alive!

Chapter 7
(by Rotwang)

"See the evil one flee, T'Gootnar!", chortled the first alien.

"Yes, Oovlewobble. Our experiment continues as planned...wait. There is a fluctuation...the probability field's control has reverted to the earth women! We can't contain it to mere growth!"

"What is causing this, T'Gootnar? Has our equipment malfunctioned?", asked a panicked Ooovlewomble as his tentacles flipped against knobs and switches.

" seems to be coming from outside our ship...look! A Twangellian battlecraft has just decloaked! It is the source of the fluctuation!", said the alien as his eye-tennas quivered with fear. The Twangellas were notorious pirates...known for pillaging undeveloped worlds, or at least having a bit of sport with the pre-interstallar natives.

"They are using our energy signature! We will get the blame for anything they affect down there!", cried T'Gootnar, one of the peaceful college student aliens.

"Look! A fighter has decloaked! Its going to..."

BOOM! An explosion rocked the ship, and all of the atmosphere was sucked from the tiny craft, rendering the aliens to lifeless floating globs of green goop.

"Captain Rorckva, the meddling student ship has been obliterated.", said the pulsating ball of slime that was the Twangellian first officer.

"Did they get off a distress signal?", asked the captain.

"No...but there -was- a fluctuation in their probability field..."

"No matter", glurbled the captain, "Our generator is taking over. We'll see which one of them conquers the other. Then we'll sell her as a weapon or a beast to fight in the pits of the Coliseum World."

Meanwhile, on the world below, Brenda stopped, and shrank herself to her normal size. She had been wishing for weapons, clothes, and various indignities to be heaped on her former friend and current rival for the past fifteen minutes, to no avail.

"Oh, I wish my wishing worked again.", she sighed, "I also wish I could get a burger. I'm starved.", and to her startled eyes, a burger re-appeared.

A sinister look came over her face. "All right!"

Meanwhile, Kylie sat in the middle of the city park, sobbing quietly. She had been wishing for Octavian and Trainboy to be all right, but they had yet to appear. She was so caught up in her worry, she failed to notice she was diminishing in size...gradually, so it wouldn't attract her attention.

A shadow loomed behind her, and she lifted her head. To her amazement, she was smaller than the trees! Before, they hadn't so much as reached her ankle. She felt a sudden tingle, and she discovered she was in a French-maid outfit!

"What...what's going on?", she asked, knowing with dread certainty what was going on. She leapt to her feet, wobbling on her stiletto heels.

"Well, well, well. You had me surprised last time. I figured I would return the favor.", said a deep and sultry voice behind her. Kylie turned slowly, and came face to face with a column of gleaming black leather. She tilted her head back, and followed it up to a crotch covered in scant leather panties. Back further, and she could see the swell of large, round breasts, barely restrained by a black leather bra. And over the breasts, she saw the wicked face of Brenda.

"That looks stupid on you", said Brenda as she leered at her rival's outfit. "And thirty-feet tall is too tiny for what I need you for. Lets take care of both problems at once, shall we? Oh, yes, I wish you would obey my every command. Don't wish for anything that will make me angry or subvert my power.", she said with a sneer, "Now...grow until I tell you to stop. Slowly."

Kylie began to grow, the tight silk dress becoming tighter, restricting her breasts uncomfortably. Her panties began to work their way into her vulva, and her shoes started to pinch her toes. With a rip, her stockings split along the seams, and with a long tear, her dress came apart at the sides. Her breasts spilled over the lacy bra, and then pushed it apart with a snap. Her panties dug painfully into her clit before flinging themselves away in tatters. Her shoes burst apart, the spike heels disappearing into the earth under her weight. Soon, her frilly outfit was tatters and rags, falling haphazardly off her body. She was now a third as tall as Brenda, who was 30 stories tall.

"Now, then. slave. Go find Trainboy and Octavian and bring them to me. If you attack me again, I will squash you. Do you understand?", asked the giant dominatrix.

"Yes..." sobbed Kylie.

"Yes what?" demanded Brenda.

"Yes, mistress."

"Make that goddess."

"Yes, goddess."

Kylie begins walking back toward the ruin of the school, sniffling, trying not to step on anyone. Meanwhile, Brenda has turned her attention to the crowd of people who had gathered to watch the giantesses. She lifts her booth, the skin-tight leather creaking softly, high in the air, and stomps on a small crowd of them. With a scream, they begin to scatter. Quickly and deftly, she pins a fat man under the point of her heel, and presses down, squashing him. Laughing gaily, she swoops down, and lifts a few tiny people, two women and three men. She laughed at the frightened little things, no larger than an inch tall to her, and examined them. One guy was cursing at her in a language she didn't understand, while the other four had paired off and were clinging to each other...obviously couples. She flicked the lone man off her palm, and one of the girls shrieked. She separated her from her boyfriend, and took him between thumb and forefinger.

"Do you love him, squirt?", sneered Goddess Brenda.

"Y...yes! I do! Don't hurt him!", cried the tiny woman.

"Worship me." demanded Goddess Brenda.

"What?", asked the tiny girl in astonishment.

"Worship me. I am your goddess...I alone decide if he lives or dies. Now worship me.", Goddess Brenda began to pinch the tiny man, and her nipples hardened as she listened to him cry out.

"G...goddess...I pray to are so powerful please let my boyfriend go...please! Stop it! You are the", sobbed the girl as Brenda slowly pressed her fingers together, feeling the tiny man flailing at the leather of her tight glove. Her nipples hardened and swelled as she slowly killed him, and listened to herself being worshipped as a goddess.

"I have heard your prayer. I find you lacking. He dies." she sneered as she squashed the tiny man to paste, rubbing the gore into the leather between her fingers. She then separated the next couple roughly, picking up the second girl.

"Here's your chance, runt. You know the drill.", said Goddess Brenda as she began applying pressure to the squirming woman between her blood soaked fingers.

"Goddess! You are the most beautiful, and the most powerful! There is none higher than you! All are in awe of your glory! I beseech you...spare my girlfriend. I'll do anything...", he cried out.

"Strip." commanded Brenda. The man hastened to comply. She ogled his strong, fit body as he shed his clothes.

"Oh, you are a handsome one. Say goodbye to your old love. I'm the only woman in your life, now.", with that, she slowly squeezed the life out of the screaming woman. She then put the man inside her bra, just above her nipple. She thrilled to his squirming and struggling.

"Don't think I've forgotten you.", she said to the distraught woman on her palm, and lowered her to her new home inside the bra over her other nipple. With that, Goddess Brenda began to destroy all in her path as she made her way to the center of town.

Meanwhile, Octavian and Trainboy found their wills suppressed once more.

"What happened, T'Gootnar?", asked Octavian.

"Our ship was destroyed, and our bodies along with it! I transfigured us to the earthling bodies once again to save us!", replied Trainboy.

"What now? We have no probability generator, the Twangellians are hovering long until we can expect a rescue?", demanded Octavian.

"Well, Ooovlewobble, who's idea was it to go off to an uncharted system without telling anyone?", demanded T'Gootnar.

"We didn't want anyone stealing our project! Well, at least you sent off a distress beacon. Rescue should be along in a few of the local weeks.", said Ooovlewomble.

"Well...I, uh, forgot to," replied Trainboy. "Just great.", snarled Octavian.

"Hey! I was busy saving our bacon! Hey...uh-oh. She's wearing an article of clothing. I think the earthlings call it a dog collar. That means..." said Trainboy as they spotted a hundred-foot Kylie approaching them

"The evil one has gained the upper hand.", finished Octavian. "What can we do? We have no more control over the probability field!"

"We'll just have to talk reason to the evil one. I'm sure she's not really evil...just disoriented from the changes she underwent."

Meanwhile, Goddess Brenda took time out of her stroll to kick in a church...taking time to slowly crush the fleeing monks and nuns underfoot, her laughter booming over the city as her boots made short work of the holy men and women....

Chapter 8
(by Kristen)

Octavian and Trainboy, having assumed human forms, and with another two weeks ahead of them before their rescue, were under enormous stress. The fact that they would have to confront the rampaging Brenda personally made matters even worse. The overwhelming stress began to fracture their tight bond of friendship as they temporarily sought shelter inside the rubble of the school building.

"I can't believe you forgot to send a signal beacon!" exclaimed Octavian, "I should have known better than to pick a co-pilot who copied all my homework at the Navigation Academy!"

"Hey! I may have copied the homework, but this does not solve our current problem." replied Trainboy. "Besides, I passed all the exams at the Navigation Academy. In fact, I got a higher grade than you."

"That's because the Star Commander was your father!"

"Calm down. We must contact the evil one, but we will need courage. I have heard of something called 'liquid courage'. Apparently, fluids containing a chemical earthlings call 'alcohol' can impart a certain amount of courage to the consumer. They call one such popular fluid 'beer'. I propose we drink enough of this 'beer' so that our bravery is sufficient to deal with the evil one."

Just as Trainboy finished speaking, he noticed a bright light entering through the air holes in their rubble fortress. The bright light caused him to squint as he peered out the window to see a massive expanse of silver-colored toenail.

"The good one, the so-called Kylie, is right outside," whispered Trainboy, "we must remain silent, for she will seize and present us to the evil one before we can attain maximum courage."

Kylie paused and surveyed the rubble, searching for the wonder duo. She scrunched down for a closer look, and saw people hiding in the rubble, but no one in which she had any particular interest. She moved toward the far end of the school, her feet sinking an appreciable distance into the ground with each step. A noise in the rubble caught her attention, and she turned back to the area she had just investigated. Octavian and Trainboy nervously held their breath as she bent down and lifted up a nearby piece of broken roof slab.

Kylie reached into the debris about 10 feet away from where Octavian and Trainboy hid, and wrapped her log-sized fingers around one of the students hiding in the rubble. They recognized the student as their buddy Warthog, watching in silence as the 100 foot tall Kylie lifted him up to eye level.

"Look at you, you certainly are a tiny one aren't you? You must be afraid of a big girl like me. Oh, don't be scared, I won't hurt you. I think I could have some real fun with you… is that okay with you? Of course it is; after all, did I mention I'm 100 feet tall? I think I'm still growing… there's no telling how big I'll get." Kylie laughed, holding him in one hand and pointing her giant silver colored fingernail at him. She began walking toward the athletic field; the footfall from her luxury-car sized feet echoing in the distance.

"Did you notice anything peculiar?" asked Trainboy.

"Yes, that display of behavior is uncharacteristic of the good one. Perhaps there was a fluctuation in the time-space continuum. We must partake in this 'beer' immediately, for we will need maximum courage to deal with the situation." replied Octavian.

"Gansevoort's Guide to the Galaxy indicates that 'beer' is in ample supply at university campuses," responded Trainboy, "and my pocket navigational system indicates there is one 2 tolsecometers south of here."

Meanwhile, Brenda was having her own fun with her parade of destruction as she made her way toward the central business district of the suburban community. She walked the streets, intentionally causing as much damage as possible. The vibration of the earth preceded her presence, while broken pavement, smashed cars, caved in buildings, and even trails of red blood were left behind as her laughter echoed throughout the streets.

Brenda paused briefly at an intersection, and evilly smiled upon the people scurrying in panic below. She lifted her tractor-trailer sized leather boot and planted it authoritatively on a police vehicle making its way through the intersection. The impact of her boot crushing the car created a 60-foot by 20-foot crater in the street and set off a violent shock wave that caved in a nearby building. Screams echoed from the street below as the leather clad Brenda towered above them, massaging her breasts with her leather-gloved hands. As she massaged, she crushed the couple that she had placed inside her leather top earlier, with caused Brenda to smile with delight.

"Pathetic ants! You all disgust me!" rumbled Brenda, as she planted her foot on top of a platoon of fleeing citizens, reducing them to a bloody stain on the pavement. "Worship me, I am your goddess, weak fools! You shall obey my every whim and command!" Brenda emphasized her point by pounding on the roof of a historic office building, sending it and its occupants crashing to the street below.

Mr. G, on vacation from Nova Scotia was admiring the exhibits inside the Museum of Belly Button Lint, Dust Bunnies, and Fuzzy Wuzzies when the building began to rumble. Thinking that a train had passed by, Mr. G turned his attention back to the captivating exhibits, when his concentration was once again broken by a violent shock wave, that sent some of the lighting fixtures to the ground. The museum curator, affectionately known as Gator, rushed to the front doors of the museum to see what was going on.

"Holy..." Gaiter's sentence was cut off by the tremendous noise and rumbling of Brenda taking another step forward, taking out a few pedestrians and vehicles in the process. Mr. G rushed to the door and was astonished by what he saw, a giant black leather boot pinning a helpless woman to the pavement. What was even more astonishing was that above the boot was a giant column of leather, which gave way to the angry face of a woman.

"Worship me, insect!" Brenda commanded the woman. The woman struggled to free herself, but her efforts were of no avail as Brenda ever so slightly increased the pressure on the woman, who was crying in excruciating pain.

With an evil grin on her face, Brenda proclaimed, "I've tired of you." and proceeded to wipe the poor woman against the pavement. Mr. G and Gator, standing in the museum doorway, turned to each other with horrified expressions on their faces. Gator took one more look at Brenda and said, "Wow. Imagine all the belly button lint..."

"I think we should get out of here," said Mr. G.

"Yes," replied Gator, "but first we must save the dust bunnies and fuzzy wuzzies."

The Museum of Belly Button Lint, Dust Bunnies and Fuzzy Wuzzies wasn't the only place feeling the effects of Brenda's wrath. Ursaminor Industries, a private research institute with facilities in town, had just received a huge government grant to see if electrons can talk. Theopolius Bolt was conducting the sensitive research when the first shock wave struck, causing a high-energy laser to misfire and burn a hole right through the wall of the CEO's office. Ursaminor, the CEO, who had been downloading naughty pictures from the internet, emerged from his office.

"Hey, what's going on out here? I am taking care of important business!"

Before Theopolius Bolt could offer an explanation, Brenda took yet another step which cause part of the building to deflect, causing the laser to fire off target again. This time around the laser hit some long forgotten contraption, a prototype device that never quite worked, but looked really cool. The device deflected the laser 90 degrees toward the ceiling, bursting it wide open. The laser shot high into the sky until a bright flash appeared, accompanied by a huge explosion heard by all.

"That can't be good," said Ursaminor, staring up through the hole in the roof.

Brenda held a well-dressed businessman in one hand. She brought him closer to her face. "Your goddess commands you to take your clothing off," she ordered. A bright flash of light followed by an explosion in the sky above caught her attention. Temporarily blinded, Brenda clapped her hands together, turning the businessman into something of the consistency of tomato paste.

Despite all the commotion that was going on downtown, it was another calm spring day at Sherwood University, 10 miles outside town. The students were in the last week of classes before finals. Excitement was building over the upcoming Spring Weekend concert featuring Mr. Goth and the Rhythm Slaves, the biggest band to play at the university in years.

Kristen and her boyfriend Lothar scouted out the perfect spot on the campus green, not too far from the lake, to catch a few rays on this warm, late spring day. Walking across the green, the pair attracted quite a bit of attention from the students already out there. Kristen, with her auburn hair, certainly attracted the most attention, standing 6 feet, 4 inches tall she was the star of the volleyball team, and the best looking student at the entire university. She was the envy of girls everywhere, and the dream date of all the guys on campus.

While Lothar spread the blanket out on the ground, Kristen slipped out of her sandals, and took off her T-shirt and shorts to reveal a small little bikini. Kristen lay down on the blanket, which was barely long enough for her body. She stretched in the warm sun as Lothar rubbed sunblock on her soft skin.

Suddenly, a flash of light appeared in the sky, followed by an explosion. Lothar instinctively threw his body on top of Kristen's as green particles bell from the sky upon them.

Chapter 9
(by Sydney)

Octavian and Trainboy had managed to climb out of the rubble and were heading south towards Sherwood University when the sky lit up above them.

"You see that?" Trainboy asked.

Before Octavian could answer, the sound of the explosion coming from the flash had sent both aliens to the ground. They stared at each other with mystified looks as green particles began falling around them.

"Does this happen all the time on this planet?" asked Octavian.

"I don't think so," Trainboy replied. "Take a look at the stuff falling down here."

Both Trainboy and Octavian looked at the green particles lying on the pavement. It didn't take long for them to recognize what they where.

"This is Twangellian metal," Trainboy noted. "That must have been the battlecraft that exploded. I didn't think the earthlings had that kind of technology."

"I betcha the Twangellians didn't either."

"Does this mean their probability generator has been cut off?"

"I would think so," replied Octavian.

"Then the evil one should have lost her power over the gentle one."

"And there's going to be hell to pay," Octavian concluded. "C'mon, we better go find some of that "beer" now, 'cause we're gonna need it!"

Over at the university, Lothar had rolled off of Kristen and now sat next to her. The green particles were still falling from the sky, and some were landing on the sunblock that had just been applied to Kristen's body.

"Are you okay?" Lothar asked.

"I think so, I just feel a little dizzy, that's all," Kristen replied. "What do you think that was?"

"I don't know, I've never seen anything like..."

"Like what?"



"The green things, on your body, they're, they're, they're being absorbed into your body."

"They're what!?"

Kristen immediately shot up to her feet, and just as quickly the straps of her bikini top had ripped apart. She immediately dropped back down to the ground and reached for her t-shirt. It was a struggle to put it back on, but she thought it was because she doing it while still lying on the ground. Lothar laughed as he watched her struggle with the shirt, which didn't make things any easier for her. After wiggling her upper body into the shirt, Kristen finally had the courage to stand back up. She wobbled momentarily as she arose, and had to grab a hold of Lother's shoulder to establish her balance.

"Are you alright?" Lothar asked.

"I don't know. I feel really dizzy," Kristen replied.

"Could it be those green things causing it?"

"I don't know."

Kristen then looked down with a puzzled look on her face, and noticed that the bottom of her t-shirt was above her belly button. She tried to pull the shirt down but it wasn't moving. If anything, it looked like it was riding further up her stomach. "This shirt wasn't this small before," she said. Then she noticed that her bikini bottoms were starting to tighten up. She looked at Lothar and was surprised to see that instead of the eyes she was used to staring into, she saw the top of his head instead.

"My God," Kristen said, "what is happening to me?"

After being momentarily distracted by the explosion in the sky, Goddess Brenda had resumed her parade of destruction through the central business district. The helpless people below had fallen into a state of shock. First, a 300-foot tall woman comes crashing through the city, crushing everything and everyone in her path and demanding she be worshiped as a goddess. Then there's a huge explosion in the sky, shattering every window that Brenda had not yet destroyed. It was enough to cause everyone to question their sanity. Everyone, that is, except for Brenda and the 100 foot tall redhead coming up behind her.

Brenda was trying to rip a skyscraper off the ground when she saw Kylie coming towards her, holding what appeared to be some guy in her hand.

"Good, my slave, have you brought me Octavian and Trainboy?" asked Brenda.

"Hell, no," replied Kylie defiantly, "I'm not your slave anymore. You can take this dog collar and shove it up your ass!"

"Oh really? I told you I would squash you if you attacked me again."

"I'd like to see you try, especially after I wish to become twice as tall as you!"

Kylie immediately began growing in front of Brenda, reaching her height in a matter of seconds.

"Wait, you can't do this!" Brenda claimed, "you must obey my every command. I command you to stop growing!"

Kylie had a brief look of panic on her face, thinking that maybe Brenda still controlled her. But that look quickly went away once she realized she was still growing. The look of panic transferred to Brenda's face as she stared straight into Kylie's belly button. Kylie then reached down and picked Brenda up as if she were but a small child.

"Well, it looks like I'm the goddess now!" said the 600 foot tall Kylie, who then threw Brenda down on the ground and in the process smashed an entire city block. Kylie then pounced on top of her and began beating her to a bloody pulp. "This is for making me wear the dog collar," she said before one punch, "and this is for making me kill Hank," accompanied another. What was left of the downtown population had gathered to watch the spectacle, only to be distracted by the crashing sounds coming from the university. The sounds also attracted the attention of the warring giantesses.

"Who the hell is she?" Brenda asked.

Part 10
(by Octavian)

Kristen's dizziness only got worse as she continued to grow. At first, she tried to both preserve her modesty and her balance as her bikini bottom stretched tighter until it fell between her long shapely legs to the ground. The Tshirt valiantly kept her proud bust covered for mere moments longer until it too gave way to Kristen's now 20 foot tall frame. The taut fabric seemed to almost dissolve against her revealing even more of her ivory smooth skin. Lothar all the while was backing away from his gigantic girlfriend, fighting the urge to simply run.

With fragments of fabric adhering to Kristen's lotion moist skin and now standing at 40 feet in height, Kristen leaned on a tree for support and in the process revealing her gorgeous nude body to the world as her hands found other duties helping her stay upright. Kristen's Goddess like body quickly expanded, her sexy bare feet crept over the ground as they grew and slowly sank deeper into the soft earth. The tree was no longer tall enough to aid her in staying upright and she cast her self off towards one of the stands of the nearby athletics stadium. The first ponderous step of her now 30 foot long bare feet just barely missed Lothar as he dived out of the way, the huge ped impacted with the ground and the tortured earth beneath it could be heard compressing beneath Kristen's huge weight. Lothar, lying on his back, gulped and stared at giant foot of his girlfriend sinking into the soil at the very spot he had been but moments before. With horror Lothar realised that he was directly under the flightpath of Kristen's other massive foot, before he could scurry out of the way it swung unsteadily over him seeming to pause for a second directly overhead as her huge smooth sole blotted out the sky. However it continued on it's way and landed right on an unoccupied car some hundred feet away noisily pressing it through the tarmac and hiding it completely from view.

Kristen had a secret desire to be a giantess and was convinced that she must be dreaming all of this. She wanted this dream to pan out and was certain that the dizziness might mean that she was about to fall out of bed. So was desperate to maintain her balance, as she thought it was all unreal she wasn't to careful where she stood and was amazed at how detailed the sensations of the cars in the carpark crushing beneath her feet felt. She hoped there wasn't any dream people in the cars just the same. With each vertigo-inducing step that she took her body became increasing gigantic. By the time that she made it to the stadium which was only a few steps it was now to small to offer support coming up no higher than her knees. Hundreds of students who had taken shelter in the stadium from the rampaging Brenda couldn't believe their eyes as first the head of Kristen became visible to them inside. Quickly followed by her shoulders and then her bare breasts but still more of her was revealed as her stomach came into view. Then a collective gasp rose from the tiny people inside as Kristen's pubic region ended up towering over them, 500 feet above the ground nestled between the toned thighs of the desirable living Goddess. Despite themselves many a young man was turned on almost instantly at the sight of the sexy Titaness casting her long shadow over them all. Then she lost her balance.

Kristen was so disappointed to find the stadium so small compared to her that she let her concentration slip. Down below inside the structure she could see what at first she had thought were ants but of course they were people and they were so tiny. Aware that she was nude, Kristen was starting to enjoy the idea of flaunting her beauty on such a grand scale, the thought of hundreds of tiny men lusting after her simultaneously was a real turn on. What a shame that this is only a dream she thought but man what a realistic dream! "LIKE WHAT YOU SEE, YOU CUTE LITTLE INSECTS?" Just as she said this her balance completely gave out and she began to unstoppably fall straight onto the stadium. Kristen cartwheeled her arms in an attempt to keep upright but it was no use. Hundreds of tiny frantic screams rose up from the ant sized people as Kristen's long sexy body toppled straight down on top of them, her knees impacted with the outside wall of the stand nearest her first and it crushed beneath her weight like it was made of papermache instead of reinforced concrete. Kristen's knees and legs crushed fifty or sixty people as they tore down through the building all the way to the ground. The sound of all this destruction was quite impressive and in the distance two very large female heads turned to the source of the sound and could see the giant Kristen falling. Meanwhile her upper body canted forward and she put her hands out before her to break her fall; they landed in the carpark outside the stadium on the far side. "My God, this feels so real, I've never had a Giantess dream this good before!" Looking back beneath herself she had to raise her breasts off of the stand nearest her in order to see back into the stadium and as she did so could see dozens of tiny red splotches on the generous curves of her giant orbs, "just as well this is only a dream..." she thought "...and seeing as it is...". Down on the playing field directly beneath her a couple of hundred people ran about every which way and that. About 50 of them, probably young men were motionless and she would bet anything that they were enjoying the view. She decided to give them a better view and lowered her hips down onto the crowd, slowing just as she felt some of the tiny people squirming against her skin. Devilishly Kristen pressed down a little harder and groaned as she felt that little cluster of men stimulate her most sensitive body region, then with a start, she realised that some of those antsized men were actually climbing inside of her. Losing control thrust her hips hard against the field and ground her self against the throng of mini people trapped under her. Needless to say, most of them squished almost instantly their fearful little cries being suddenly cut off as they became one with the mighty Goddess Kristen atop of them. Of the 50 or so tiny male admirers just over half of them were crushed to a pulp by her mighty mons the remainder were squeezed alive and kicking up inside of her gigantic pussy. This drove Kristen wild as she could feel the tiny things wriggling and squirming about between her lips and beyond. In the back of Kristen's mind alarm bells warned her that NO dream can feel this good or be so real. The giddy feeling was passing but in its place was intense lustful euphoria washing over her in great waves as her minuscule lovers drove her into a frenzy of passion. This frenzy served to very quickly demolish the rest of the stadium as Kristen's long sexy limbs and body writhed and thrashed all about. All this time Kristen had continued to grow, crossing the 2000-ft mark just as the last contractions had passed from her orgasm. A couple of her tiny lovers had survived and were stuck wetly to her inner lips whilst the rest of the little sperm men had either been utterly squished or sucked into Kristen's vast womb, entombing them without her even knowing it. Nothing of the stadium stood the whole thing had been pressed deeply into the ground by her amazing body, nothing but depressions from Kristen's body remained, even all the crushed people were less than smears now. Lothar had witnessed it all from a safe distance as had thousands of others it had been a strangely exciting experience for most of them. To watch the totally nude gorgeous Titaness have her way with all those fellow citizens, her awesome moans filling the air and the very ground heaving and bucking beneath their feet, not to mention the scent of her stirred some sort of primeval feelings in them. Like lemmings they began to converge on the now relaxing Giantess, some of the ant sized people almost running to be near the huge beauty before them. Her beautiful bare feet would occasionally slide about on the ground or the huge toes would slowly tap, knocking any tiny men passing nearby off of their feet some would fall into the huge depressions made by her feet and be smeared as the huge sexy thing would slide back into it. They were so small she could barely feel them under her feet. In just a few minutes even despite the dangers, thousands of little people were all about her as she lightly dozed on the ground. Then the earth began to quake again.

Part 11
(by Kristen)

Temporarily knocked unconscious from her beating at the hands of her former friend turned rival, Brenda was jolted back to reality by loud crashing noises off in the distance. Lying with her tremendous body sprawling across a section of downtown, Brenda's eyes focused in on the giant Kylie looming 600 feet above her. Brenda panned to her left and surveyed the crowd that had gathered around the goddesses witnessing the once mighty Brenda's embarrassing defeat.

"What the hell was that?" asked Brenda, inquiring about the noises in the distance.

Kylie looked down at Brenda and replied "I don't know…"

Brenda braced her hands against the ground and tried to push her body up from her rubble bed, the pressure from her hands causing them to sink into the pavement. Kylie prohibitively placed her 100-foot long foot against Brenda's chest, flexing her silver-polished nails in Brenda's face. Brenda struggled vainly against the force of the mighty foot on her chest.

"Hey, what's the big idea?" protested Brenda, resigned to her new position of inferiority.

Kylie looked down at Brenda with a cold, piercing stare.

"I'll tell you what the big idea is," she interrupted, "I'm tired of your shit."

Kylie paused briefly and plucked Wonder Warthog, who she had temporarily tucked away, from her cascading red locks. Holding him between her forefinger and thumb, she slid him into her slippery insides. She slowly worked her giant fingers in and out, letting out a muffled moan, as muffled as a 600-foot goddess was capable.

She looked back down at Brenda as she continued to pleasure herself with her right hand.

"I'm tired of you fucking around with me, Brenda. Things are going to change…"

A look of horror crept across Brenda's face, sensing danger in Kylie's sudden change in disposition. The crowd also looked on in stunned silence hanging on Kylie's every word, oblivious to what was going on at Sherwood University across town.

"I'm going to be doing the fucking around here," sternly continued Kylie, "I am going to grow so fucking big, I'm gonna use you as my own personal dildo!"

Kylie then moved her compact car sized toe to Brenda's mouth.

"Suck on this!" she commanded her new rival as he vigorously worked her lower reaches.

Kylie's toe slowly began to fill Brenda's mouth, while her other foot, planted firmly on the ground, began to expand in length, plowing rubble and pavement ahead of it. Kylie was indeed growing, while the merciless Brenda was pinned beneath her feet. Brenda's immobility provided a window of opportunity for the crowd to escape, some of them fleeing in foot, others by car.

Kylie looked down on the fleeing crowd and smiled devilishly, turning her attention back to her mid section as she concentrated on the waves of pleasure overcoming her. She vigorously worked her increasingly massive fingers into the gulf between her legs, pushing Wonder Warthog deeper and deeper inside of her. Warthog had completely lost his bearings inside the ever-growing Kylie. It was too dark to see, surrounded by her scent and enveloped in her juices, while occasionally buffeted about by her massive, fleshy fingers.

Gator and Mr. G stood on the steps of the Museum of Dust Bunnies, Fuzzy Wuzzies and Belly Button Lint watching the whole scene unfold.

"I think we really need to get out of here," said a rational-thinking Mr. G.

Gator continued to watch, not hearing or perhaps oblivious to Mr. G.

"I think we should get out of here," repeated Mr. G.

"No, before me, I behold the mother lode of bellybutton lint," proudly replied the museum curator, "this is a find of epic proportions."

"Dude, your on your own!" said Mr. G as he made his way to the museum parking lot. Turning the corner, he saw that the goddesses had been here before him. An enormous footprint lay where he had parked his car. He climbed inside the depression and saw the twisted remains of his car in the wasteland of rubble. Next to the broken car was a meter maid, who was writing out a parking ticket.

Just as Mr. G. opened his mouth in protest, the meter maid smiled at him, handing him the ticket. She moved on to the next demolished car. The frustrated Mr. G. threw the ticket down, and dejectedly sat on the rubble-covered ground, hands covering his face.

Meanwhile, Kylie's moans echoed louder and louder throughout the city. Becoming increasingly paralyzed by the intense waves of pleasure overcoming her now 1800 foot body, she lifted the giant Brenda in her free hand and sat on the ground, her rear end crushing the remaining buildings below.

"Hmmm, you're a little bit too big to fit inside me now," purred Kylie, "don't worry, I'll take care of that. I'm a growing girl!"

She increased her grip on the futilely struggling Brenda, and lowered her hand to her crotch, rhythmically bouncing up and down with each stroke.

The constant vibration of the ground caught Theopolious Bolt and Ursaminor's attention as they stared up through the hole in the roof at company headquarters trying to figure out what went wrong in the laboratory.

"What the heck?" inquired Ursaminor.

"This is highly unusual. Perhaps we should evacuate," stated Theopolious Bolt coolly.

"You've got that right!" replied Ursaminor.

Ursaminor and Theopolious Bolt made their way down the stairs to the lobby, struggling to keep their balance as the building bounced in rhythm with Kylie's motions. At times, the vibrations produced jolts violent enough to cause them to fall a few steps and grab on to the handrail for dear life. When the pair gingerly made it to the lobby, the scene before their eyes shocked them.

Heaps of rubble lay where tall buildings once stood. Scanning to the left, they saw the enormous Kylie sitting on the ground, her impossibly long legs extended in front of her, feet pointing upward, pleasuring herself as her moans grew louder and louder.

Suddenly, Kylie swung her legs wide open, sending her thirty story high feet directly in the direction of Ursaminor and Theopolious Bolt. Before the two could reflexively dive for cover, her massive feet slammed into the side of the building with a tremendous crash, sending chunks of concrete and steel raining down on the two.

Kylie looked down at Brenda, who pushed against the grip of Kylie's mighty fist to no avail.

"Well, well, well, you're a giant and you're power doesn't even compare to mine," boomed Kylie with a smile on her face, "Look how big I am!"

Kylie then pushed Brenda deep inside of her, and began to use her as a 300-foot dildo, constantly ramming her former friend deeper and deeper inside of her. Brenda struggled, but she could not fight her once weaker rival, she felt frustrated and angry at her current situation, and despite wishing as hard as she could, she did not grow a single inch. Kylie's muscles clenched and squeezed Brenda as she neared climax, her body bouncing up off the ground with such force that she was slowly working a giant crater into the ground. After thirty minutes of giving the ground and Brenda a severe punishing, the final wave of pleasure came over the goddess Kylie. Reflexively, she kicked her massive legs forward, taking down yet another row of buildings while her final moan shattered glass for miles.

Kylie, slick with sweat and fully pleasured amongst a landscape of rubble, cocked her head back and took a deep breath. Brenda flowed out onto the ground with the ebb of Kylie's juices. Kylie looked around, completely amazed at her new size and the destruction she was capable of without even trying. Everything was so insignificant to her now.

Well, almost everything. A rumble in the distance caught Kylie's attention. She stood up to her full 2,500- foot height and scanned the horizon. She towered over the suburban landscape, the tallest buildings only coming up to her ankles, which enabled her a commanding view for miles in all directions. Her eyes caught a glimpse of a giantess in the distance, who at first she thought was Brenda. She quickly looked down to the ground and saw the comparatively miniature Brenda, soaked in juices, wandering about the rubble looking for people to bully. Kylie moved her stadium-sized foot toward Brenda, knocking her on the ground with the slightest tap. Kylie then set off to meet the new giantess in town.

Mr. G, still lamenting his current situation, noticed that his surroundings were getting darker and darker. He looked up to see Kylie's mighty foot pass hundreds of feet overhead, temporarily eclipsing the sun. His eyes followed the mighty goddess' stride into the distance, watching her firmly plant her foot on a residential subdivision, with an authoritative boom, depressing the ground around the point of impact.

Mr. G's concentration was broken by the sound of a honking horn.

"Come on!" Gator shouted out the window of the running car, motioning Mr. G to join him.

Part 12
(by Sydney)

With each step Kylie took towards the university, the less she cared about the people she was stepping on. Not only did she quickly surmise that she couldn't avoid crushing things when she had feet the size of a city block, but the fight with Brenda and her growth into a mega giantess had an effect on her attitude. No longer was she a slave to others, no longer did she have to watch her step, now she had the freedom to do whatever she wanted. Now everybody else had to watch her step. She began to mull over the possibilities. With just a thought she had grown to immense proportions, how much further could she grow? How powerful could she become? With Brenda out of the picture there was nobody standing in her way, except for maybe the other mega giantess lying in what was left of the university football stadium.

Kristen was still in the daze as she lay half-asleep on the floor of the stadium. Her growth coupled with her orgasmic experience had taken a lot out of her, and she still felt lightheaded. She could hear the murmur of the crowd gathered around her, but could not make out what they were saying. It was as if she was in other world, in that strange realm where the conscious and the sub-conscious mix together. Thus, Kristen paid little notice of the screams in the crowd once they saw Kylie approach.

"Hi there," said Kylie. "Are you awake?"

Kristen slowly turned and opened her eyes to see a towering redhead standing over her.


"I was just wondering if you were awake."

"I'm not sure," replied Kristen, "Who are you?"

"My name's Kylie. What's yours?"


"So tell me, Kristen, how did you get to be so big?"

"I'm not sure."

"Boy, you're not sure about much, are you?"

"Everything just seems so unreal," replied Kristen. "One minute I was sunbathing with my boyfriend, then there was this flash of light, and things got really weird after that. Do you know, is this all dream?"

"I don't think so," answered Kylie. "Here," she said as she extended her hand, "let me help you up."

Kylie helped Kristen up to her feet and what remained of the crowd of on-lookers scattered for cover. Kristen looked around and could not believe that she saw the entire city lay out before her. She looked down and noticed the few university buildings still standing barely made it above her toes.

"Breathtaking, isn't it?" Kylie asked.

"I still can't believe it," replied Kristen.

Suddenly, the serenity of the moment was broken up by the sound of jet fighters piercing through the sky. Both women turned to see a squadron of F-16 fighters fly right in front of their faces. Off in the distance, they could see something large headed in their direction.

Even from their lower vantage point, Gator and Mr. G had a better view of what was coming than the giantesses did. That was because they were stuck in the middle of it.

"What the hell is all this?" asked Gator.

"It's the National Guard," replied Mr. G. "It looks like they are moving towards the giant women."

"Really! Hey, if they can take those women down maybe I can get my hands on some of that belly-button lint!"

"Are they crazy? They're gonna get crushed! And so will we if we don't get outta here!"

"No way man," replied Gator, "This is just too good to pass up!"

Gator jumped out of the car and followed the National Guard troops. Mr. G debated for a second whether or not to try and save Gator from certain death, until he realized that someone who collects belly button lint for a living was too far gone to be saved. So Mr. G slid over into the driver's seat of Gator's Cordoba and drove away as fast as he could.

Meanwhile, back in the central business district, the former goddess Brenda was in pretty bad shape. It had only been an hour or two since she was the master of her domain, crushing everyone and everything in her path. But in that time she had been used as a dildo by her former friend and lost her ability to wish for anything, including the ability to grow. In fact, she had shrunk back down to her original 5'-8" height. At least no one was taking advantage of this opportunity to get back at her for the destruction she caused. Everyone was too busy running either towards or away from Kylie and Kristen to even notice Brenda, even though she was exposing her entirely nude body to the world. Of course, it didn't help that since she still reeked from the smell of Kylie's juices. She sat on the curb with her face in her hands when two familiar gentlemen approached her.

"Hi Brenda," announced Octavian.

Brenda looked up and saw Octavian and Trainboy, and immediately lunged at them.

"Why you bastards!" she cried as she tried to choke Trainboy. Octavian grabbed a hold of her from behind, trying to peel her away from his friend. "Stay off of me!" she yelled at Octavian. Suddenly, Octavian fell back away from Brenda, as if some invisible force pushed him. He tried to grab a hold of Brenda again, but something was preventing him from touching her. Brenda looked back and noticed that Octavian had behaved her command. She suddenly realized that her wish ability had returned.

After throwing Trainboy down on the pavement, Brenda stood before him in a defiant stance and announced, "I wish to grow again." But nothing happened. "I want to grow," she repeated, but again nothing. "What the hell is wrong?" she cried in frustration. Then she looked at Trainboy. "You!" she shouted, "You have something to do with this? Don't you?"

Trainboy looked back with a confused look, trying to hide the truth from her. "What are you talking about?" he asked.

Brenda bent over and picked Trainboy up by his shirt collar. "I want you to make me grow!" she said.

Suddenly a tingling sensation filled Brenda's body. She was starting to grow. Trainboy's look went from confusion to fear as he could feel his feet leaving the ground, rising along with Brenda.

"What are you doing?" asked Octavian.

"Nothing!" shouted Trainboy in response, which could barely be heard over Brenda's maniacal laugh.

"He's making me grow, little boy," said Brenda towards Octavian, "I knew he had something to do with this!"

After she passed 15 feet in height she heaved Trainboy away from her, and into the nearby building. But almost immediately after she did that, her growth stopped, and then reversed itself.

"What, what are you doing?" Brenda asked. "I want you to make me grow! I command you to make me grow." But still she continued to shrink back down to her original size. "I don't understand this!" cried Brenda, "Why does my wish power keep cutting in and out?" She ran over to Trainboy and again lifted him up to her face. "C'mon, tell me Trainboy! Why can't I keep my wish power?"

"I, I don't know," replied Trainboy. Both looked at Octavian, who just shrugged his shoulders.

"Listen, if you don't tell me what's going on here," Brenda threatened, "I'm going to beat you to a bloody pulp!"

Bruises suddenly began appearing all over Trainboy's body, as intense pain shot through his entire body. He felt as if someone had just beaten him up.

"Wait a minute," said Brenda when she saw the bruises appear. "It's back again. But how did it...uh...oh, I think I've just figured it out. Okay Trainboy, let's see if I can do you a favor. I wish that your bruises heal." Sure enough, the bruises disappeared just as quickly as they appeared, and judging by the look of relief on Trainboy's face the pain was gone too. "Now it's time for you to do me a favor," said Brenda. "I want you to make me grow again. I want to be as big as Kylie!"

Brenda began growing again, this time at a faster rate than before. But this time, instead of tossing Trainboy away, she held him close to her body. He had a confused look on his face, he didn't understand what was going on and had no idea what he was doing to make Brenda grow. He thought that maybe she was reading his mind, so he was trying his best to fill his thoughts with pictures of Brenda shrinking instead of growing. It wasn't working. In no time at all Brenda had grown taller than the nearby buildings and was rising fast. She transferred Trainboy over to her right hand, and gripped him tightly as she continued to grow. Octavian slowly backed away from Brenda as she surpassed her previous height of 600 feet. Brenda let out a broad smile when she saw Kylie off in the distance, along with some other woman she didn't recognize. "I'm gonna teach her a lesson," Brenda thought, "I'm gonna make her pay for what she did to me."

Kylie and Kristen were looking off in the distance at the approaching guard troops when they heard crashing noises coming from the central business district. Both girls turned to see Brenda rising up above the buildings.

"Oh shit!" said Kylie.

"Who's that?" asked Kristen.

"That's my old friend Brenda, and it looks like she figured out how to make herself grow again. This can't be good."

When Brenda reached 2,500 feet in height her growth stopped. "Now that's better," she said as she tucked Trainboy into the space between her breasts. "And I have you to thank for it, little man. Now you get to watch me kick some giantess butt!"