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Story Formatting + Site Issues
Hey there, making this news post for two reasons. Firstly, I'm sure many of you who've posted stories or reviews have noticed that there's been some formatting issues. Since the site update recently any double spaces left aren't properly working, leading many stories to look like giant, crudely formatted blocks.

Until this issue is resolved in a more satisfactory manner, you can use the line break tag to get extra spaces when necessary. Here's a really meta example: http://i.imgur.com/kbclUL8.png

In addition, we're aware of a handful of issues the site has had since the new skin was applied. Many of these are known, but to make sure we have all the info necessary you should help us out!

Either leave a comment on this news post, or contact someone at the GiantessWorld chat about any issues you may be having. We're making a master list of them in order to pass them on up and get them resolved.

To leave a comment you'll need a GiantessWorld account. Just click the "# Comments" link at the bottom of this post and scroll to the bottom of the screen.

Sorry about all the inconvenience and the lack of updates recently, but we're hoping to get it all worked out soon.

--Emma Gear on December 28 2015 1:10 AM 26 Comments
Temporary Category Issue

Hey, all.

So you may have noticed that the categories tab isn't picking up on any tagged stories right now. Don't freak out, no one's stories have been affected and are all still easily available on the site, but they won't be accessed when searching through tags at the moment. While we wait on a fix, just use these links to reach whatever you need:

Adventure: http://giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=39

BBW: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=52

Body Exploration: http://giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=18

Breast Enlargement: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=22

Butt: http://giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=13

Couples: http://giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=9

Crush: http://giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=5

Destruction: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=55

Entrapment: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=26

Feet: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=19

Footwear: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=58

Furry: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=61

Futanari: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=54

Gentle: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=17

Giant: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=38

Growing/Shrinking Out of Clothes: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=50

Growing Woman: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=47

Humiliation: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=8

Incest: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=23

Insertion: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=20

Instant Size Change: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=42

Legwear: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=59

Lesbians: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=25

Maternal: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=49

Mouth Play: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=40

Muscle: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=21

New World Order: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=27

Odor: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=62

Scat: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=57

Sci-Fi/Fantasy: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=60

Slave: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=28

Slow Size Change: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=43

Unaware: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=15

Violent: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=24

Vore: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=16

Watersports: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=56


--Jacksmith on August 17 2015 1:06 PM 6 Comments
Category Updates!

Hey there everyone, just wanted to go ahead and make note of a few changes that have been made to the categories section recently. butt

-Renamed the "Overweight Girl" category to "BBW" and gave it a brief description

-Fixed a handful of typos that were noticed on the Categories

-Locked the Toilet tag. No new stories can be added to it. Instead, it's been separated into two new categories, Watersports and Scat. Descriptions have been added to both at the Categories page.

-Also added the following new tags

Footwear: This is for use if the story contains scenes focused on the shoes, boots, or other kinds of footwear a character has. This isn't a tag, it's a category. Please don't use it unless the footwear is actually focused on.

Legwear: Much like footwear, this is a category, not a tag. This one applies to a focus on nylons, socks, stockings, tights, etc, over just bare skin or shoes.

Sci Fi / Fantasy: Despite the name, this is intended as more of a catch-all for all stories that take place in an alternate universe, or basically aren't modern times real life. It's just that Science Fiction and Fantasy make up the VAST majority of stories like this

Furry: Should be self explanatory, but any characters with anthropomorphized characters will generally be considered furry.

Destruction: This is for stories with a big focus on widespread destruction. This is most common with rampage stories, but because it can also be unaware, Destruction seemed a more apt category.

Odor: This is mainly to be used in conjunction with other tags, but it encompasses any kind of odor fetishes. Overly smelly feet, farts, etc.

This is where you, the readers come in! If you've got any stories that make use of any of these tags, please, by all means, update the tags on your own stories to help us out as we try and work on this ourselves. Like I mentioned, the Toilet tag is now locked, but myself and some others will be working through all the stories currently tagged with it, and separating them into the Watersports, Scat, or both categories.

Again, please help us out by adding any of these new tags to your own stories! If you'd like to help out with the tagging on a story that isn't yours, you can send us an e-mail by clicking the Contact Us link at the very bottom of the page. Send a link to the story, along with any tags it doesn't have, but should have, and we'll make sure to update it!

Thanks very very much to anyone and everyone that helps us out with this! Until next time, we'll be seeing ya!

--Emma Gear on August 03 2014 2:44 AM 7 Comments
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The Shrunken Scholar
07/27/16 02:30 pm
The Shrunken Scholar
07/27/16 02:29 pm
Si senőr
07/26/16 11:25 pm
Que bromantica somos gueeeeeeyyy
07/26/16 02:56 am
I'm confused as to whether or not you two are joking or not...
The Shrunken Scholar
07/25/16 11:19 pm
Sounds like a plan. Be there shortly.
07/25/16 10:20 pm
sure. then pizza after.
The Shrunken Scholar
07/25/16 08:32 pm
Sweet. Will you do the same for me?
07/25/16 03:48 pm
The latest of Stuffing Tinies is up! I appreciate everyone who has read and commented, both here and on the reviews section. I welcome feedback good and bad!
07/25/16 12:04 pm
Also you get to listen to me pathetically mewl for hours on end
07/25/16 12:04 pm
@shrunkenscholar cabs on its way
The Shrunken Scholar
07/25/16 11:07 am
@vts7 SOLD!
07/25/16 07:56 am
No pay, but pizza is provided
07/25/16 07:56 am
Guys, writing is haaaaaarrrrdddd uuuugh. I'm really trying to find the gusto to write after finishing RUHN. Can I pay one of you to come over and beat me everytime i start to write but dont?
07/25/16 07:12 am
@DCDC420, better late than never right :)
07/25/16 07:04 am
Same thing for me, really.
07/25/16 05:41 am
DC, thanks. I recognize some of the content has limited appeal to some readers. I don't take offense to anyone who objects to some of the stuff I write about.
07/25/16 01:54 am
Tiny Traveler, I read it - I liked some of it, but I was a bit put off by some of the subject matter and story...so you can ignore my critique pretty safely.
07/24/16 01:29 pm
I just posted the last chapter of Take Care, "The Ride".
07/24/16 03:49 am
Okay, I will.
07/23/16 10:49 pm
@Tiny_Traveler I just went back and rewrote a large part of the chapter and added a huge amount of detail, bringing the chapter from 1800 words to 2300. Go reread it.
07/23/16 04:35 pm
@ Juliet: I read it. It's great. I am really looking forward to the finish! And, hello, Autumn! Welcome!
07/23/16 04:21 pm
The penultimate chapter of Take Care, "Wolves", has been uploaded. Please read it thanks. Also hi @Autumn.
The Shrunken Scholar
07/23/16 10:40 am
@Autumn Welcome to the site!
07/23/16 08:41 am
Oh. Hey Nostory. I responded to your review of my story by saying the next chapter would be in a week, but it's been almost a year. Still out now :D
07/23/16 05:58 am
@Autumn, hello there.
07/23/16 05:23 am
Thanks. And I yours!
07/23/16 05:20 am
Cool, DC. I will read yours later today.
07/23/16 05:17 am
Looks like we both had stories with characters named Julie in them.
07/23/16 04:57 am
Hey, all, I updated Stuffing Tinies and have reached the part of the story I am most excited about. I hope you all like reading it! Let me know!
07/23/16 04:43 am
Hi Autumn. Also, just updated my story :D
07/23/16 12:38 am
Just wanted to take a second to say hello and make myself known
07/22/16 10:47 pm
Oh, the word filter ate it. ht tp://paste bin. com/jKjY H1xZ remove the spaces
07/22/16 10:47 pm
1xZ Here you go.
07/22/16 10:02 pm
@dcdc420blazeit Sure man, I'll read it
07/22/16 08:00 pm
It's been way too long, but I'm gonna release the final part of my Erika goes on a date story today. Anyone want to read a ...1912 word preview?
07/22/16 10:05 am
Updated Uptown Girl, do give it a read!
07/21/16 03:01 pm
versusterminus7, hard to say: I have read so many stories. There are several I think. There hasn't been much, if anything that has kept my attention so far this year though; that much I will say,
07/20/16 11:25 pm
@Nostory yeah I did thank you so much
07/20/16 08:09 pm
Okay, there is a new chapter of Take Care titled "DONT CUM 2 HOUSTON". I guess I will ask for people to please read again. :~)
07/18/16 10:49 pm
I don't like begging in the shoutbox, but could anyone read and review my story Take Care? It's recieved a lot of attention already but I haven't gotten a lot of feedback to help me improv
07/18/16 09:12 pm
@Runner18, did you get the email? @TomSpeedy, I didn't realise it but I doubt the site was down. It tends to be down for more than a few hours if it does happen.
07/18/16 07:34 pm
Was the site down a few hours ago? It wouldn't load for me but other websites did.
07/17/16 09:29 pm
Hey everyone, the last chapter/epilogue of Right Under Her Nose is up. Thanks to all who read and supported it. :)
07/17/16 07:13 pm
@Runner18, its been sent.
07/17/16 06:30 pm
@Nostory yeah sorry for any confusion but it's not gmail or anything like that. The email domain's mail.com
07/17/16 05:30 pm
I just put up the latest on Stuffing Tinies. It's dirty, so read with caution!
The Shrunken Scholar
07/17/16 04:23 pm
For me it's Boss's Daughter by footguy123 or Friends With Benefits by UHF. Not surprising because they're two of my favorite stories haha.
07/17/16 03:46 pm
Question for all: what fetish-related story can you read again and again and not get sick of? For me, though it is incomplete, it is Kindred Spirits by SilverFlame.
07/17/16 03:42 pm
@Nostory the domain's just mail.com
07/17/16 11:58 am
For me: Self-fulfillment > genuine feedback/praise > stars
The Shrunken Scholar
07/17/16 11:14 am
I love knowing someone really enjoyed reading one of my stories and hearing their thoughts on it. Stars aren't a huge deal to me either.
The Shrunken Scholar
07/17/16 11:11 am
@Tiny_Traveler Okay. I just wanted to make that distinction first. For me, it's a mixture of good reviews and my own happiness with the story.
07/17/16 10:26 am
@ Juliet, I actually started with Window and put my review up already. I'll work my way through the others in the coming days.
07/17/16 09:22 am
@Tiny_Traveler I just added a new chapter to my story Take Care titled "Miami Ultras". You and everyone who reads this should check it out, especially if you like odor related things.
07/17/16 07:50 am
@ Juliet, now I'm curious, and will make it a point to seek out your writing! Give me you'd like for me to start on and I will give my honest thoughts on it!
07/17/16 07:27 am
I do care about what they think my writing is trying to say. That is what I like the most, someone who understands or even finds my writing erotic. That is the best thing.
07/17/16 07:26 am
So I suppose that I feel my most successful when someone leaves a review where they seem to be in understanding of what I am saying or doing with my writing. I do not care about the rating, but...
07/17/16 07:25 am
and despite my efforts to write as well as I can, this means writing outside of my native language, I most often recieve hate messages that I have to delete. I don't understand what I have did wro
07/17/16 07:24 am
I wanted to be responded to your claim about reviews too. I think that I have never felt like such a failure until I began to write here. It usually appears that nobody enjoys my writing...
07/17/16 07:23 am
a woman taxidermying a small man and recieved no actual feedback. People I show it to usually respond that they do not know what to say. It really just involves a lot of trying to write weird stuff...
07/17/16 07:22 am
stories that seem strange or unpalatable to you. It takes a lot of effort to write something genuinely strange or oddball. That is when you see that people do not leave reviews. I wrote a story about.
07/17/16 07:21 am
@Tiny_Traveler In the grand scheme of things what you consider "out there" isn't really all of that out there in this community. That is why you will see yourself getting a lot of review
07/17/16 05:31 am
...the stuff I fantasize/write about is "out there." It's one of the reasons I like this site so much. There are people with similar thoughts who aren't afraid to put them out there
07/17/16 05:30 am
@versusterminus7, thank you for your thoughts. Like you, I do feel some validation when someone likes my writing. It always feels good when someone gives you a thumbs up. Especially since...
07/17/16 05:05 am
But I generally write for my own satisfaction. I don't have any other way to "live" my fantasies, so writing is my way of doing it. I was just curious what others thought. Sorry to blas
07/17/16 05:04 am
So if a reader were to say great things but fail to leave a star rating, I would be fine with that.
07/17/16 05:01 am
...there really isn't a way to normalize that across all readers. Even if the site summarized criteria for what qualifies as a 8, 9 10, etc, different readers would apply that differently.
07/17/16 05:00 am
@ Shrunken Scholar: by "good review" I mean generally favorable and enthusiastic comments. The stars are irrelevant to me because one person's 10 is another person's 6 and...
07/16/16 10:39 pm
(part 4) tl;dr - yes comments are/praise is awesome, but warm gross huggy touchy feely feelings about my writing is better for me
07/16/16 10:37 pm
(part 3) because they commented on the type/quality of writing. When i set out to write Right Under Her Nose, i did so to cultivate/improve my writing, and I feel like I accomplished that.
07/16/16 10:36 pm
(part 2) I thought, 'dude. someone cared enough to comment/praise on a story that I put a whole lot of thought and effort and love into. Not because it was smutty or whatever, but because...
07/16/16 10:35 pm
@TinyTraveler- ive been thinking a lot of about this lately. I think the very 'basic bitch' part of me loves reviews and attention and shit, but then I reread one of Saftkeur's comments an
07/16/16 09:23 pm
@Runner18, gmail or hotmail?
The Shrunken Scholar
07/16/16 05:07 pm
When you say good reviews do you mean five stars or people who enjoyed the story?
07/16/16 03:53 pm
Question for the group: What do you consider a successful story? Is it good reviews? A high read count? Or does it have more to do with your own satisfaction in the way it turned out?
07/16/16 09:32 am
@Nostory ok will do
07/16/16 08:11 am
I'll delete the review after that.
07/16/16 08:11 am
@Runner18, it is. I used the same one. I think there may be something up with the site. Could you leave your email in a review on one of my stories? I'll contact you directly.
07/16/16 07:21 am
@Nostory it's your email linked to your account right? Because I'm not getting anything
07/16/16 12:33 am
@Runner18, okay I'm still not getting it. Let me contact you instead. What you're doing is correct. Check your inbox or junk mail side.
07/15/16 10:54 pm
@Nostory ok I resent it. Just to make sure I'm doing it correctly, you go to the intended recipient's profile and press contact right?
07/15/16 08:50 pm
@versustermir My deviantart id is lancealot501 Just google my penname and it should pop up
07/15/16 07:58 pm
@lancelot, the link was lost in the shoutbox. whats your deviant id? ill look you up. mine is redditkse.
07/15/16 06:54 pm
@Runner18, I did not. Could you resend it? :)
07/15/16 05:44 pm
@versustermir Its here ntart.com/ Search through the gallery to find the picture of Icarus and Terra by them selves. The one of them together should be on the front page
07/15/16 05:26 pm
Hey Lancelot, I couldn't find your deviantart acct. could you direct me sir?
07/15/16 03:08 pm
For the fans of my story 'Rachel's SSurprise' DangerousDave has made some renders of the story over at giantesscity. Look for tunnels under the 3d render section.
07/15/16 11:50 am
Will be posting the next chapter within three days or so. Haven't had much feedback yet so leave me a review as I'm still quite nervous about the last two chapters lol >.<
07/15/16 10:45 am
@Nostory, did you get my message?
07/15/16 09:34 am
Thanks, @Nostory! :) :) :)
07/15/16 07:40 am
If you haven't , do read the latest chapters of Right Under Her Nose and Uptown Girl!
07/15/16 03:09 am
Saturn Seven updated. Check it out.
07/14/16 11:56 pm
@lancealot, going through that story now-gonna go check out the art! Thanks for posting!
07/14/16 10:36 pm
@Nostory I contacted you
07/14/16 05:51 pm
For those interested I have pictures of Terra, Icarus, and one of them together on my deviantart. A friend of mine drew them for me.
07/14/16 10:29 am
Hey everyone! Expect an update to Right Under Her Nose on Friday evening (US time). It's gonna be a big one! :)
07/14/16 09:28 am
Updated Uptown Girl!
07/14/16 07:53 am
I think this box is meant to screw up any links posted here.
07/13/16 11:21 pm
goddammit why does it do that
07/13/16 11:20 pm
atch?v=XJe0BvEspUU satans pretty cool