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Site News
Story Formatting + Site Issues
Hey there, making this news post for two reasons. Firstly, I'm sure many of you who've posted stories or reviews have noticed that there's been some formatting issues. Since the site update recently any double spaces left aren't properly working, leading many stories to look like giant, crudely formatted blocks.

Until this issue is resolved in a more satisfactory manner, you can use the line break tag to get extra spaces when necessary. Here's a really meta example: http://i.imgur.com/kbclUL8.png

In addition, we're aware of a handful of issues the site has had since the new skin was applied. Many of these are known, but to make sure we have all the info necessary you should help us out!

Either leave a comment on this news post, or contact someone at the GiantessWorld chat about any issues you may be having. We're making a master list of them in order to pass them on up and get them resolved.

To leave a comment you'll need a GiantessWorld account. Just click the "# Comments" link at the bottom of this post and scroll to the bottom of the screen.

Sorry about all the inconvenience and the lack of updates recently, but we're hoping to get it all worked out soon.

--Emma Gear on December 28 2015 1:10 AM 37 Comments
Temporary Category Issue

Hey, all.

So you may have noticed that the categories tab isn't picking up on any tagged stories right now. Don't freak out, no one's stories have been affected and are all still easily available on the site, but they won't be accessed when searching through tags at the moment. While we wait on a fix, just use these links to reach whatever you need:

Adventure: http://giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=39

BBW: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=52

Body Exploration: http://giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=18

Breast Enlargement: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=22

Butt: http://giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=13

Couples: http://giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=9

Crush: http://giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=5

Destruction: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=55

Entrapment: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=26

Feet: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=19

Footwear: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=58

Furry: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=61

Futanari: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=54

Gentle: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=17

Giant: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=38

Growing/Shrinking Out of Clothes: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=50

Growing Woman: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=47

Humiliation: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=8

Incest: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=23

Insertion: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=20

Instant Size Change: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=42

Legwear: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=59

Lesbians: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=25

Maternal: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=49

Mouth Play: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=40

Muscle: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=21

New World Order: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=27

Odor: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=62

Scat: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=57

Sci-Fi/Fantasy: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=60

Slave: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=28

Slow Size Change: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=43

Unaware: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=15

Violent: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=24

Vore: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=16

Watersports: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=56


--Jacksmith on August 17 2015 1:06 PM 6 Comments
Category Updates!

Hey there everyone, just wanted to go ahead and make note of a few changes that have been made to the categories section recently. butt

-Renamed the "Overweight Girl" category to "BBW" and gave it a brief description

-Fixed a handful of typos that were noticed on the Categories

-Locked the Toilet tag. No new stories can be added to it. Instead, it's been separated into two new categories, Watersports and Scat. Descriptions have been added to both at the Categories page.

-Also added the following new tags

Footwear: This is for use if the story contains scenes focused on the shoes, boots, or other kinds of footwear a character has. This isn't a tag, it's a category. Please don't use it unless the footwear is actually focused on.

Legwear: Much like footwear, this is a category, not a tag. This one applies to a focus on nylons, socks, stockings, tights, etc, over just bare skin or shoes.

Sci Fi / Fantasy: Despite the name, this is intended as more of a catch-all for all stories that take place in an alternate universe, or basically aren't modern times real life. It's just that Science Fiction and Fantasy make up the VAST majority of stories like this

Furry: Should be self explanatory, but any characters with anthropomorphized characters will generally be considered furry.

Destruction: This is for stories with a big focus on widespread destruction. This is most common with rampage stories, but because it can also be unaware, Destruction seemed a more apt category.

Odor: This is mainly to be used in conjunction with other tags, but it encompasses any kind of odor fetishes. Overly smelly feet, farts, etc.

This is where you, the readers come in! If you've got any stories that make use of any of these tags, please, by all means, update the tags on your own stories to help us out as we try and work on this ourselves. Like I mentioned, the Toilet tag is now locked, but myself and some others will be working through all the stories currently tagged with it, and separating them into the Watersports, Scat, or both categories.

Again, please help us out by adding any of these new tags to your own stories! If you'd like to help out with the tagging on a story that isn't yours, you can send us an e-mail by clicking the Contact Us link at the very bottom of the page. Send a link to the story, along with any tags it doesn't have, but should have, and we'll make sure to update it!

Thanks very very much to anyone and everyone that helps us out with this! Until next time, we'll be seeing ya!

--Emma Gear on August 03 2014 2:44 AM 7 Comments
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07/17/18 01:45 pm
So, does anybody know the requirements for earning a ribbon for their story?
07/16/18 09:22 pm
Another chapter of I Dream of Gina, hot off the presses, sends off one character and reintroduces another. Read it over and give a review!
07/15/18 07:51 pm
New short story, Ransom, is up, give it a read and leave a review!
07/15/18 01:47 pm
Hey I added a new Goddess Lesbian story, I hope people read and enjoy!
07/14/18 10:17 pm
Just a Memory is complete, give it a read in full and let me know how you liked it!
07/14/18 01:27 am
The next section of Just a Memory is up! Looking to have it finished tomorrow if my laptop doesn't die.
07/13/18 01:24 am
Discover the power of suggestion with my latest miniseries, Just a Memory, and let me know how you like it!
07/12/18 12:18 am
I'm also starting a new series of vignettes called Freshman Fifteen, so check that out too!
07/11/18 10:18 pm
Can't find it on wayback without the title :(
07/11/18 10:18 pm
Looking for a deleted story. The title was something like Spirit of Wretchedness or being of wretchedness. Only had 2 chapters. One was where guy was shrunk and his girlfriend reagan lost her hearing
07/11/18 09:28 pm
Take a trip to the bottom of a stocking with the latest update for I Dream of Gina and let me know how you like it!
07/11/18 02:15 pm
I would definitely agree that some brain problems play a part in this decision. That and boredom.
07/11/18 03:28 am
why messages send TWICE 30 minutes apart???????
07/11/18 03:28 am
holy heck vintovka ,, you must be absolutely nuts!
07/11/18 03:07 am
holy heck vintovka ,, you must be absolutely nuts!
07/11/18 12:20 am
At this point I might as well bite the bullet and add something every day this week.
07/11/18 12:19 am
Get some unaware and in-shoe action with my new story, Escape Attempt!
07/09/18 09:31 pm
Another story for lovers of gigantic Converse, Breaking Point, is up! Give it a read and leave a review.
07/08/18 01:04 pm
Chapter 12 of A Mistress in Blue, Chapter 31 in the Cougars Get Hotter as the Boys Get Smaller anthology of RTS, is posted
07/08/18 01:04 pm
Chapter 12 of A Mistress in Blue, Chapter 31 in the Cougars Get Hotter as the Boys Get Smaller anthology of RTS, is posted
07/08/18 10:41 am
omg... A shrunken dilemma* not adventure. Excuse the spam I feel very dumb right now.
07/08/18 10:40 am
nvm then, can't seem to post urls in this area. Just type "A Shrunken Adventure textadventures" in google and you'll find it. The creator will be named OmegaMan94
07/08/18 10:39 am
07/08/18 10:38 am
<-- the link
07/08/18 10:37 am
Hello, it's been awhile. Just wanted to let you guys know I'm working on a text based game based off my story Nick VS Highschool. The link for the game will be above. Any questions just lemme
07/08/18 12:41 am
Giant women and Converse shoes go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Get a big bite of chocolate with my new story, Converse, and let me know what you think!
07/07/18 06:47 pm
My new short story, Heist, has a lot of mouth play and a quick vore ending. Give it a read and leave a review!
07/07/18 06:46 pm
I used to write stories in a journal during down times on shift. Luckily my handwriting is too bad for anyone to ever discern what they were.
07/07/18 05:14 pm
@squashed123 I would die of humiliation if my boss caught me writing giantess stories.
07/07/18 12:13 pm
Nah, it was rather uneventful. I don't think it even computes with them. I get my work done quick and in good quality so they have no reason to complain either way.
07/07/18 11:16 am
how did that go, @squashed123? did you have to explain anything?
07/07/18 09:14 am
@squashed123,that sounds awkward...
07/06/18 11:53 pm
That moment when your boss discovers you at your work station writing giantess stories instead of what you are supposed to write...
07/02/18 10:50 pm
This latest chapter of I Dream of Gina is a must-read for anyone into hand action. Give it a read and leave a review!
06/27/18 08:22 pm
So, in case no one read that far, I am up for doing short trades. If anyone's interested, drop me an email and tell me who you are on here!
06/26/18 10:59 pm
Everyone should go check out my new story, Assassin, and let me know what you think!
06/26/18 02:12 am
pppppppplpppptttpppppp (that is sounds you make with your mouth that sounds like a fart lol)
06/20/18 07:44 pm
The latest chapter of a Mistress in Blue, part of the Cougars Get Hotter anthology in the Rebalancing of Sexes series, is up.
06/18/18 10:58 pm
Go check out my new novella, New Girl, and let me know what you think!
06/07/18 06:57 pm
Check out a new story over at giantesscity called Pardigm Model. It was a request of mine for a giantess photoshoot. Please leave a comment if you enjoy it
06/07/18 08:57 am
Updated PUF 3 ch 1. doubled the length of the chapter. Poor little girl, hehe!
06/05/18 03:52 pm
Anyone have the white smite stories saved? Looks like it was deleted.
06/04/18 10:07 pm
With this update, I Dream of Gina enters its final arc! Give it a read and leave a review to let me know what you think.
06/02/18 08:37 pm
Does anyone know of any stories where a tall girl meets an even taller girl? Or a story where a tall girl is either shrunk or outgrown.
06/02/18 07:50 am
I tried posting a link here, but it's not working. Sorry for spamming the shout box! :(
06/02/18 07:49 am
I'd like to publish my mature stories as emails instead of posting them publicly. If you're interested, please fill out this form: 3ikANCGeh91n2
06/02/18 07:46 am
Hi everyone!I'd like to publish my mature stories as emails instead of posting them publicly. If you're interested in receiving them, please fill out this form: 3ikANCGeh91n2
05/28/18 10:15 pm
I've finished and posted a fantasy-themed stand alone, Your Thighness. Go read it and let me know what you think!
05/28/18 03:14 pm
Another chapter of I Dream of Gina is up, give it a read and leave a review!
05/27/18 09:14 pm
Also looking for A day in her shoes, The world between her toes, SQUISH! 1, 2, &3 If anyone archived those stories, from 2006,let me know!
05/27/18 09:12 pm
Calling all oldschool (2006 or before)members: I had some stories on the old site in '06 I'd like to repost, but I've lost the files for. If anyone has Queen for a day or any stuff by me,
05/22/18 10:59 pm
Hey guys i'm really having a lot of fun writing my new story "Accidental Voyage" Check it out! Feedback is very appreciated
05/22/18 08:29 pm
What’s the number next to the “Shout” button?
05/14/18 10:00 pm
Since it's my account anniversary I decided to post a second story today, and it's my first story with an actual giant woman instead of a shrinking man! Give "Unyielding Pursuit" a
05/14/18 02:13 pm
A new stand-alone story starring Gina, "Welcome Wagon," has been posted. Give it a read and leave a review!
giantess jessica
05/12/18 09:59 am
I would like to thank everyone for this grammy award. LOL.
05/10/18 07:37 pm
Would love to see people do more challenges. Especially mine.
05/10/18 05:56 am
Please, review my story, Titan Airlines. It starts slow, but will get better.
05/09/18 09:34 am
A one-off I've been meaning to write for a while, Snack Time with Li, is up! If you're a fan of mouthplay, vore, teasing, or my writing in general, check it out and let me know what you think
05/07/18 09:30 pm
Another update for I Dream of Gina, read it and let me know what you think in the reviews!
05/06/18 06:39 am
I wrote my first story, "Supernatural Perspective." It's a simple short story I typed on a whim. I like stories that get to the point. If you like that, please review my story. Thanks.
05/04/18 01:47 pm
Hi everyone. Omega-Infinity Goddess Roberta searches for a bride is finally up! Be sure to check it out on my page. Thank you again!
04/30/18 11:29 pm
I Dream of Gina updated again! Read it and let me know which girl you want to see more of!
04/28/18 01:44 am
Hi all, a new chapter of The Film Industry is up. Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think!
04/28/18 01:36 am
Hi all, a new chapter of The Film Industry is up. Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think!
04/25/18 06:31 am
Okay I have released my story, Tales of Omega-Infinity Roberta and the Tiny Lover. Please be sure to check it out and give me a review. Thank you for your support.
04/24/18 12:21 pm
Housesitting with Bethany updated: We explored the bewildering and delightful cakes of the world.
04/24/18 12:04 am
Another chapter of I Dream of Gina is up, give it a read and let me know what you think!
04/23/18 06:46 pm
Just wanted to say thank you to all the authors here for writing their stories. I enjoy quite a few of them. :)
04/19/18 09:43 pm
Been a lurker for a bit, I will be posting some stories soon. Hopefully some more people will develop unaware stuff ^-^
04/19/18 04:46 pm
it's ok! school first
04/19/18 08:50 am
Hey guys. Been busy with school. updates for Puberty will come soon, i promise. A date though, I cant
04/17/18 11:38 pm
thanks for the shout out, @el_rooto! I've posted another update for I Dream of Gina, so go read it and let me know what you think!
04/13/18 06:14 pm
I've updated 'Chronicles of Lovely Mari' with a new chapter (in eight parts, sorry). Had a lot of fun researching women pirates.
04/11/18 03:53 pm
After lurking for many, many years I finally registered and published my first story. Feels good!!
04/10/18 08:57 am
@lancealot501 look at vintovka's prom accident
03/27/18 04:48 am
03/25/18 10:43 am
Hey guys! Been a while since I've been busy but Puberty has been updated with chapter 19!
03/24/18 11:11 am
I just uploaded a few stories on the site. Go on and take a look. and do not forget to give me a review. Thank you again.
03/23/18 09:40 am
Anyone know of any stories where a tall or exceedingly tall girl is either outgrown, meets someone taller, or is shrunken down?
03/22/18 02:25 am
Hello everybody :) Has anyone ever had a review deleted ? I don't know how it can be, except that the author has deleted it himself, is that possible ? How could I contact him, I remember his nam
03/21/18 10:28 pm
I sometimes chat with him on Steam. He's busy with work and life.
03/21/18 07:12 pm
Anyone heard from versusterminus lately. The guy was an amazing author.
03/15/18 09:47 pm
It takes a WHILE to delete stories for me
Fertility goddess loli lilith
03/15/18 09:26 pm
What would a therapist say if I told them my fantasy is to be crushed by a lolicon dominatrix giantess in high heels and latex, crushing thousands of people into pulp?
03/13/18 02:03 pm
@fetilitygoddess. Yes, however it's very rare and hard to find.
03/12/18 09:19 pm
At last, another chapter of I Dream of Gina! Give it a read and let me know what you think.
Fertility goddess loli lilith
03/12/18 04:57 pm
Is there any poetry here?
03/12/18 03:07 pm
@pizzatime hold shift and click all of the choices you want.
03/12/18 02:56 am
How do you add multiple gender size roll tags? I can't seem to.
03/11/18 04:38 pm
@Fertility goddess I've posted a poll before and no one said anything negative... so I would assume that it's alright :) still has to meet the minimum 500 word requirement though.
03/11/18 04:37 pm
@Pizzatime2300 Use google drive/docs. Auto saves instantly and it'll save your life multiple times when writing. I wrote 6000 words once and the power went out... thank god for google drive!
Fertility goddess loli lilith
03/11/18 01:34 pm
Can I post a story that's just a poll for which of my ideas to do first? I've seen challenges like that presenting multiple ideas but not stories.
Fertility goddess loli lilith
03/11/18 01:32 pm
Are there any giantess poems here? The 500 word limit for chapters seems to limit shorter works, though a sword and sorcery epic about a giantess that rhymes the entire way through would be cool.
03/10/18 11:47 pm
I just was about to finish my second chapter of a story and my PC mysteriously shut down. Saved Nothing. Fuck my life, I'm doomed to fail lol.
03/10/18 11:31 pm
Mmmmm I love crappy art.
03/10/18 09:56 pm
How's it going friends? Ummm. I uploaded another chapter of MAJOR/minor! With crappy art!.....please read it.
03/10/18 08:18 pm
Yeah, so I just read the first chapter of The Film Industry. Absolutely phenomenal, and I highly recommend others to give the story a chance! As lolarexx's first post on the site, I'm impresse
03/10/18 07:46 pm
For anyone interested, The Film Industry has a new chapter up! Hope you all enjoy.
03/09/18 07:23 pm
Puberty Updated with Chapter 18 guys! Read and drop those reviews! ~ Hope you all enjoy it!