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Site Updates and Fixes

I'm a new admin. I have been a frequent visitor of this site for years (I'm on a new account now). I work in web and software development, and I saw the dilapidated state of the site. So I reached out to Asukafan2001 and offered to help fixed the site. He took me up on my offer. I will be making updates and fixes to the site in the near future. If anyone has any suggestions or bug reports, send them to me at rustingman@pm.me. I will be making more news posts in the future, documenting my progress with fixing the site and any changes I make to the site. Thank you!

--Rustingman on December 16 2018 9:03 PM 22 Comments
Story Formatting + Site Issues
Hey there, making this news post for two reasons. Firstly, I'm sure many of you who've posted stories or reviews have noticed that there's been some formatting issues. Since the site update recently any double spaces left aren't properly working, leading many stories to look like giant, crudely formatted blocks.

Until this issue is resolved in a more satisfactory manner, you can use the line break tag to get extra spaces when necessary. Here's a really meta example: http://i.imgur.com/kbclUL8.png

In addition, we're aware of a handful of issues the site has had since the new skin was applied. Many of these are known, but to make sure we have all the info necessary you should help us out!

Either leave a comment on this news post, or contact someone at the GiantessWorld chat about any issues you may be having. We're making a master list of them in order to pass them on up and get them resolved.

To leave a comment you'll need a GiantessWorld account. Just click the "# Comments" link at the bottom of this post and scroll to the bottom of the screen.

Sorry about all the inconvenience and the lack of updates recently, but we're hoping to get it all worked out soon.

--Emma Gear on December 28 2015 1:10 AM 40 Comments
Temporary Category Issue

Hey, all.

So you may have noticed that the categories tab isn't picking up on any tagged stories right now. Don't freak out, no one's stories have been affected and are all still easily available on the site, but they won't be accessed when searching through tags at the moment. While we wait on a fix, just use these links to reach whatever you need:

Adventure: http://giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=39

BBW: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=52

Body Exploration: http://giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=18

Breast Enlargement: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=22

Butt: http://giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=13

Couples: http://giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=9

Crush: http://giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=5

Destruction: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=55

Entrapment: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=26

Feet: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=19

Footwear: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=58

Furry: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=61

Futanari: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=54

Gentle: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=17

Giant: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=38

Growing/Shrinking Out of Clothes: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=50

Growing Woman: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=47

Humiliation: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=8

Incest: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=23

Insertion: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=20

Instant Size Change: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=42

Legwear: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=59

Lesbians: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=25

Maternal: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=49

Mouth Play: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=40

Muscle: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=21

New World Order: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=27

Odor: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=62

Scat: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=57

Sci-Fi/Fantasy: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=60

Slave: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=28

Slow Size Change: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=43

Unaware: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=15

Violent: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=24

Vore: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=16

Watersports: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=56


--Jacksmith on August 17 2015 1:06 PM 6 Comments
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Samuel Orona
02/28/20 12:29 am
Who thinks I should write a sequel to “Planet of the Titans” ?
02/26/20 07:34 pm
I ask for feedback and will look to earn the respect of my fellow enthusiasts. Keep an eye out for me, yeah? ;)
02/26/20 07:33 pm
Of production. I’m proud of what I’ve written, and will begin to drip feed my story. Chapter one underwent serious changes to accommodate the new direction. Details will be in the chapter descriptions
02/26/20 07:32 pm
Hey guys, after two years, I’m looking at adding chapter two to my story. It’s undergone heavy thematic changes. Character arcs have been fully developed and I have all chapters in varying stages
02/23/20 09:50 am
"Between her curvy thighs was that amazing tight pussy. I thought about how I explored and ventured deep between her soft plump lips. Her vagina was like a warm hammock made of warm soothing fles
Samuel Orona
02/22/20 04:14 pm
I posted a novel called "Planet of the Titans" it has 24 chapters, full of giantess vore
Samuel Orona
02/22/20 03:52 pm
If one of the adult giantess characters is 18, should I put in teenager? All the characters are adults, I don't want anyone to think there are underage characters
Sexual Nightmares
02/20/20 10:46 pm
I want to go back to college and show my classmates crush films starring my best friend's annoyed impatient mom as a witch that shrinks boys! I want to get an A+ staining her latex boots in bug gu
Sexual Nightmares
02/20/20 09:50 pm
E-mailed you Huz. Check out my nightmare inducing challenges.
02/20/20 01:06 pm
Hi. I'm looking for a proofreader/beta reader for some of my stories. Send me an email at huzshrink@protonmail.com if you're interested. Thanks!
02/17/20 08:42 am
@geeman Heard it from you right now, I had no idea! www dot patreon dot com slash posts slash vivian-has-away-34101083
02/17/20 07:40 am
Vivi should be well known to most members here. In addition to her gts comics like Commensalism series, she did some art for Katelyn's site and giantess booru.
02/17/20 07:34 am
Guys. Did you hear? Coronavirus has claimed one of our own. Vivian contacted it and passed away earlier today. Such talent taken from this community and her loved ones and friends...
02/08/20 12:53 pm
wtf? anyway, Help->"How do I contact the site administrators?" or find one of jacksmith, emma gear, rustingman
02/08/20 06:15 am
@kenny Help->"I forgot my password! What do I do now?" (not exactly best practice, but anyway...); or try contacting gman
02/06/20 04:53 pm
*repost the story - thx!
02/06/20 04:52 pm
Does anybody have the contact information for an admin/site owner? I've been writing under kenny224 and seem to have locked myself out of my account-stupid i know-i'd rather not repost the sto
02/06/20 12:10 pm
really want to post a story here but I'm intimidated by the talent here
02/05/20 03:15 pm
Nuntio vobis gaudium magnum: it seems that giantesscity is back :D
02/04/20 12:51 pm
Thanks for the shout out, Midnight!
02/03/20 06:49 pm
I know this might sound a bit amateurish to ask but how do you correctly insert italics into your story, when mentioning a product or a TV show without making the rest of the page in italics?
02/03/20 06:05 am
@Samuel Orona read my previous comment, that is a website... :D
Samuel Orona
02/02/20 04:15 pm
It’s down for me too, I thought it was just something on my end. Is Giantesscity down for anyone else?
02/02/20 10:15 am
re giantesscity, use downforeveryoneorjustme dot com - there is also giantesscity dot NET, they wanted to use it for something I've forgotten; both are down as we speak :(
02/02/20 06:17 am
Is Giantesscity down and will it be up anytime soon,any one knows? Sorry I don't know where else to ask.
Samuel Orona
02/01/20 09:24 pm
Thank you midnight writer85, he was a good reviewer. He will be missed!
02/01/20 09:18 am
Hey, Everyone, How about giving 'CAYCE' some reviews! Awesome story! C'mon you guys! Let him know!!! One of the Best writers Here!
02/01/20 09:15 am
@Sam C. CaryC said that the site was getting away from the original theme and he didn't like the direction it was going.. he left
Samuel Orona
01/28/20 11:12 pm
Is Careycomic still around?
01/20/20 06:54 pm
For those interested, Shrunken, Found, and Used just got its fourth and (probably) final chapter!
01/14/20 03:36 pm
Miscalculation has just been completed, the final, eighteenth chapter is up.
01/11/20 12:41 pm
There really needs to be a Dark Theme for the site!
Samuel Orona
01/09/20 08:33 pm
I wrote a new short story called “Always give up your seat!” Teen giantess non-fatal vore
01/09/20 03:39 pm
Finally updated my story Terra
01/05/20 09:52 am
Miscalculation chapters 7 & 8 have just been posted. Get them while they're lukewarm! : )
The Shrunken Scholar
01/03/20 07:13 pm
Part of my New Years resolution is to actually write and put something out this year. Hopefully I’ll be able to do that soon :)
01/03/20 04:50 pm
Miscalculation chapter 2 added.
12/31/19 07:38 am
Updated Jade.
12/30/19 07:00 am
Hey folks. Cat's Wail is now complete.
12/29/19 08:48 am
Cat's Wail chapter 7 is up. : )
12/29/19 06:08 am
Hey guys. Cat's Wail chapter 6 has just been added.
Samuel Orona
12/29/19 02:14 am
Can someone give me a review of “Micromage & Vector Girl” Because I’m going to make it into a graphic novel in 2020 and need a critique
Samuel Orona
12/28/19 11:55 pm
I made some editing changes to Micromage & Vector Girl, there were some mistakes and inconsistencies that I patched up.
Mr in A suit
12/22/19 01:44 pm
*There was no change in context or meaning. Hope you all enjoy :)
Mr in A suit
12/22/19 01:43 pm
Ch. 14 of Street Rat is up. I made a slight change in the last phrase of ch. 14 right after uploading. Sorry. BUT, if you have read it before the change, I guarantee its no big deal. There was
12/19/19 10:56 pm
@el_rooto no worries! It's a damn novel, and I took like a year-long break from it. There'll be lots of "other stuff" in the future, too!
Samuel Orona
12/19/19 05:59 pm
Micromage and Vector Girl is completed with 7 chapters, I started this story in 2006 and have been meaning to edit it for ages. There are 2 chapters with non-fatal vore!
12/19/19 10:15 am
@Vintovka I stopped reading it at some point, we have different tastes about (I forgot what honestly). I do read a few chapters here and there and I like your other stories in general anyway :)
12/09/19 01:35 pm
The Best Revenge is finished, concluding the story started by The Prom Incident. Go check it out and let me know what you thought of the whole thing!
12/06/19 09:16 am
So bad, I just registered an acount because I did think Vanessa did hide her stories only for registered accounts... so she really disapeared. I really liked her stories and Belly ride was a fav...
12/04/19 06:09 pm
Links in the shoutbox don't work, probably as an old measure to stop spammers and bots. If you want to link something you have to break it apart.
12/04/19 03:44 pm
Link to the Discord server: T
12/04/19 03:44 pm
@Kosmita I did make a Discord server for macro authors. It's not a website but it's a start. Lots of authors from here are on it. Here is the link: T
12/01/19 03:34 pm
Is there an alternative to this website? I'm getting tired of how neglected and outdated this site is.
12/01/19 10:24 am
Just in case you'd be interested, the chapter 4 of Gigantopia - The tallest MILF is up :)
Mr in A suit
11/30/19 06:41 pm
Chapter 13 of Street Rat is up. Hope you all like it! :)
11/30/19 11:13 am
The Best Revenge is gearing up for the conclusion, so if you've been sleeping on it now's a good time to get back in
Samuel Orona
11/28/19 08:20 pm
I wonder what or who angered her enough to leave community?
11/27/19 12:37 pm
Sad to hear....i was really enjoing her stories
Samuel Orona
11/26/19 08:44 pm
Vanessa_S deleted all her stories here and at Ekas portal, I tried emailing her but it came back mailer daemon so her email is deleted, too.
11/26/19 04:46 pm
Does anyone knows what happened to Belly Ride, by Vanessa_S? It disappeared from the site
11/22/19 04:59 pm
Ch.42 of GH-X2 added!
11/21/19 08:55 pm
My short story "Assception" now features incredible poster art by the talented artist Spitty. Give it a look.
11/17/19 05:05 pm
Woops, accidentally uploaded the wrong chapter hahaha, sorry about the confusion for those that were confused
11/17/19 08:03 am
Uploaded the latest chapter of Jade. Q
11/17/19 03:18 am
Added a new chapter to A Woman´s World :)
11/16/19 08:45 am
Ch.41 of GH-X2 added!
Samuel Orona
11/13/19 02:03 am
I turned the first chapter of Micro Invasion into a comic at Deviantart, look for me as Ace Corona there.
11/11/19 07:44 am
I mean my first story in years.
11/11/19 07:41 am
Published my first stories. Hope you all enjoy it.
Mr in A suit
11/08/19 12:59 pm
@Nostory only said the truth. You deserve the praise :D
11/07/19 06:19 am
Thanks man, it means a lot to hear you say that.
Mr in A suit
11/06/19 07:36 pm
@Nostory - I am a big fan of 'Downtrodden'!! And I am gonna start reading 'The Escape Redux' now. Your writing is really good and I loved the family-friends dynamics you portrayed.
Mr in A suit
11/06/19 07:17 pm
@el_rooto - I know its hard to believe, but I swear its true. My friends always say my vision is the worst and I need to pay more attention to details 0_0. Guess they were right. kkk = short laugh.
11/06/19 09:53 am
@Mr in A suit - you've never seen the shoutbox? stop it or you'll go blind! ;p
11/06/19 09:51 am
@Mr in A suit - "kkk"?
11/06/19 04:59 am
Yeah I'd never tell my friends or family either.
Mr in A suit
11/05/19 10:27 am
Never told about my preferences or fantasies to family or friends. I just know they wouldn't understand. And because of that, I am forever grateful to the ones who maintain this site kkk.
Mr in A suit
11/05/19 10:20 am
@Shaman asked about size preferences. I really prefer to be on the shrunken side. But I think I like both the same (man and women) when it comes to the giants side.
Mr in A suit
11/05/19 10:12 am
First time using this feature of the site. I don't believe I never saw this shoutbox till 2 weeks ago.
11/02/19 07:27 am
@Nostory no worries dude, tackle the rest when you're good and well-rested!
11/01/19 09:35 am
@Vintovka I got to be up early tomorrow so I read the first chapter and left a review.
10/30/19 09:12 pm
Now that it's Halloween on the East Coast, I've uploaded a Halloween-themed story. Check it out! It's got something for everyone.
10/30/19 01:34 pm
I don't know if my following is still active on the site since I've stopped writing for ages now, but the stats on my stories and the reviews I've gotten imply my style of writing is enjoy
10/30/19 01:33 pm
I've been seeing a lot of "veteran" authors opening themselves up to commissions and I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in hiring me? Not committing to this yet, but tryi
10/26/19 03:04 am
I'm curious too about the psychological explanation my fetishes may have, but found none up to now...
10/23/19 12:27 pm
I don't think there's a single overarching explanation for it, I just know that I've dreamt about being tiny from a young age. It plays well with me being very short, too.
10/22/19 08:42 am
And to add, I would really like to hear if any of you guys have a theory, or actually know why you like that (and not just vore, just shrinking / being used and everything)
10/22/19 08:41 am
Is anyone else curious about why, psychologically speaking, we like these things? E.G. vore for instance seems to be an interesting fetish for so many people to share
10/21/19 03:32 pm
I feel like it's no secret that I prefer the guys being the one shrunken, though only a few know about my preference for that IRL.
10/21/19 01:57 pm
@Thatgirlyouknow we've all tried posting links in she shoutbox :D
10/21/19 01:56 pm
@Shaman I'd rather be the one that's shrunken; re being open, I've never told anyone irl
10/21/19 01:47 pm
That's fine already, the problem was in my own text, the coding was wrong. Also, poster a new chapter of 'There's no escape from your fate' and posted a brand new story too. Check it o
10/21/19 09:23 am
Is anyone here with problems posting new stories? I'm trying to publish a new one for about half an hour and the site always gives me error.
10/20/19 05:52 pm
I swear I'm not a moron.... patreon.com slash thatgirlyouknow
10/20/19 05:29 pm
I swear I'm not a moron.... patreon.com slash thatgirlyouknow
10/20/19 05:28 pm
10/20/19 05:28 pm
Here's my shameless plug: I now have a Patreon with two low-cost support options and some guidelines for commission requests. hatgirlyouknow. I'll keep writing regardless!
10/20/19 03:04 pm
If anyone wouldn't mind giving my latest story, Slayers Fantastic, a read and give me some constructive feedback, that'd be much appreciated!
10/20/19 02:18 pm
Added chapter 8 to A Woman's World :)