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Site News
Story Formatting + Site Issues
Hey there, making this news post for two reasons. Firstly, I'm sure many of you who've posted stories or reviews have noticed that there's been some formatting issues. Since the site update recently any double spaces left aren't properly working, leading many stories to look like giant, crudely formatted blocks.

Until this issue is resolved in a more satisfactory manner, you can use the line break tag to get extra spaces when necessary. Here's a really meta example: http://i.imgur.com/kbclUL8.png

In addition, we're aware of a handful of issues the site has had since the new skin was applied. Many of these are known, but to make sure we have all the info necessary you should help us out!

Either leave a comment on this news post, or contact someone at the GiantessWorld chat about any issues you may be having. We're making a master list of them in order to pass them on up and get them resolved.

To leave a comment you'll need a GiantessWorld account. Just click the "# Comments" link at the bottom of this post and scroll to the bottom of the screen.

Sorry about all the inconvenience and the lack of updates recently, but we're hoping to get it all worked out soon.

--Emma Gear on December 28 2015 1:10 AM 34 Comments
Temporary Category Issue

Hey, all.

So you may have noticed that the categories tab isn't picking up on any tagged stories right now. Don't freak out, no one's stories have been affected and are all still easily available on the site, but they won't be accessed when searching through tags at the moment. While we wait on a fix, just use these links to reach whatever you need:

Adventure: http://giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=39

BBW: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=52

Body Exploration: http://giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=18

Breast Enlargement: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=22

Butt: http://giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=13

Couples: http://giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=9

Crush: http://giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=5

Destruction: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=55

Entrapment: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=26

Feet: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=19

Footwear: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=58

Furry: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=61

Futanari: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=54

Gentle: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=17

Giant: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=38

Growing/Shrinking Out of Clothes: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=50

Growing Woman: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=47

Humiliation: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=8

Incest: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=23

Insertion: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=20

Instant Size Change: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=42

Legwear: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=59

Lesbians: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=25

Maternal: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=49

Mouth Play: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=40

Muscle: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=21

New World Order: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=27

Odor: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=62

Scat: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=57

Sci-Fi/Fantasy: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=60

Slave: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=28

Slow Size Change: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=43

Unaware: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=15

Violent: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=24

Vore: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=16

Watersports: http://www.giantessworld.net/browse.php?type=categories&catid=56


--Jacksmith on August 17 2015 1:06 PM 6 Comments
Category Updates!

Hey there everyone, just wanted to go ahead and make note of a few changes that have been made to the categories section recently. butt

-Renamed the "Overweight Girl" category to "BBW" and gave it a brief description

-Fixed a handful of typos that were noticed on the Categories

-Locked the Toilet tag. No new stories can be added to it. Instead, it's been separated into two new categories, Watersports and Scat. Descriptions have been added to both at the Categories page.

-Also added the following new tags

Footwear: This is for use if the story contains scenes focused on the shoes, boots, or other kinds of footwear a character has. This isn't a tag, it's a category. Please don't use it unless the footwear is actually focused on.

Legwear: Much like footwear, this is a category, not a tag. This one applies to a focus on nylons, socks, stockings, tights, etc, over just bare skin or shoes.

Sci Fi / Fantasy: Despite the name, this is intended as more of a catch-all for all stories that take place in an alternate universe, or basically aren't modern times real life. It's just that Science Fiction and Fantasy make up the VAST majority of stories like this

Furry: Should be self explanatory, but any characters with anthropomorphized characters will generally be considered furry.

Destruction: This is for stories with a big focus on widespread destruction. This is most common with rampage stories, but because it can also be unaware, Destruction seemed a more apt category.

Odor: This is mainly to be used in conjunction with other tags, but it encompasses any kind of odor fetishes. Overly smelly feet, farts, etc.

This is where you, the readers come in! If you've got any stories that make use of any of these tags, please, by all means, update the tags on your own stories to help us out as we try and work on this ourselves. Like I mentioned, the Toilet tag is now locked, but myself and some others will be working through all the stories currently tagged with it, and separating them into the Watersports, Scat, or both categories.

Again, please help us out by adding any of these new tags to your own stories! If you'd like to help out with the tagging on a story that isn't yours, you can send us an e-mail by clicking the Contact Us link at the very bottom of the page. Send a link to the story, along with any tags it doesn't have, but should have, and we'll make sure to update it!

Thanks very very much to anyone and everyone that helps us out with this! Until next time, we'll be seeing ya!

--Emma Gear on August 03 2014 2:44 AM 7 Comments
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04/29/17 04:09 pm
I'm really happy with all of the love my writing has been getting as of recently. Thanks for that, guys.
04/29/17 02:35 pm
@Writer thanks man, you're the best :p
04/29/17 02:25 pm
@Shaman, I'll give you a review as soon as I finish reading it:Probably Sunday night.;`)
04/29/17 01:11 pm
Hate to be*
04/29/17 12:52 pm
I had to be a beggar, but seeing as I just uploaded the final to my story, would someone be so kind to leave a review, just so seal the deal for me and the story
04/28/17 11:31 pm
I've posted yet another story, "Farrah in Chicago." Please read it and leave a review.
04/28/17 10:50 am
The last chapter of my story 'Amanda comes Knocking' just launched! I'd love it if you could go check it out;) "Chapter 24 (Finale) To Pleasure the Giantess - Ignorance is Strength&qu
04/28/17 06:34 am
@HK- Yes. Very much looking forward to your new/refurbished stuff. Can't wait!
04/28/17 06:32 am
Don't worry! I haven't forgotten about ACL. I'm just trying to make this next chapter amazing. ;) It's going to earn a tag or two. Or three. And earn them well. Look for one this weeke
04/27/17 10:35 pm
@HaileKorhal Sounds good, I'll try to keep it in mind when you upload something
04/27/17 07:24 pm
I've posted a new story, "Yah Yah," please read it if you've got time. Thanks.
Lord Aj
04/27/17 06:21 pm
Just uploaded a new mini-story called Cut Short. It's not like my other current work, and I'm not so sure about it, but please, give it a read and tell me what you thought. :)
04/27/17 06:09 pm
I'm changing it to my current pen-name everywhere else on the interweebs, Haile Korhal.
04/27/17 05:59 pm
Lol! Now THAT was funny! Ha, I laughed so hard, I pee-ed my PANTS! What are you going to change it to?
04/27/17 05:49 pm
Well, that was not intended. Why did it triple post? D: I'm sorry, this is why I don't use these things so often, they always go horribly wrong for me! Eeeeeeeee
04/27/17 05:49 pm
So I've been unhappy with my penname for many years, I'm changing it! I'll be reposting all my old stuff [with edits and additions!] and new stuff there from now-on. Probably next week I&#
04/27/17 05:45 pm
So I've been unhappy with my penname for many years, I'm changing it! I'll be reposting all my old stuff [with edits and additions!] and new stuff there from now-on. Probably next week I&#
04/27/17 05:37 pm
So I've been unhappy with my penname for many years, I'm changing it! I'll be reposting all my old stuff [with edits and additions!] and new stuff there from now-on. Probably next week I&#
04/27/17 11:47 am
@Shaman They were extremely wordy and pretentious, totally lacking in any and all erotic value. My story too high is similar but not as bad, if you want an idea of the style.
04/27/17 10:46 am
@Juliet how come you've taken down so many stories?
04/27/17 10:39 am
@midnightwriter85 You were actually my first reviewer in 2014, I wrote a story about a man being impaled on a hairbrush. I've taken it down since then.
04/27/17 10:21 am
@Writer, thanks man, one of the best chapters I've read in a long time. I'll be sure to read the entire story now !
04/27/17 10:07 am
@writer, thanks man, gonna check it out right away! And yeah, apparently I had already read through a number of her stories
04/27/17 10:01 am
@Juliet-Wow, I thought that you were fairly new to the site:didn;t realize that you had 13 stories!
04/27/17 09:59 am
@Shaman-check out 'DaiOnna'-ch.37 I'm slightly bias, but it's all about it 'Air Tight'
04/27/17 09:44 am
Does anyone have a good (and preferably short) story that has a focus on Butts for me? Notably (non-deadly) crush and sitting Butt content, you can recommend your own work if you want! thanks :)
04/27/17 07:11 am
Thank you, but you don't have to do it as a favor or anything. But it would be appreciated :)
04/27/17 06:13 am
I will read and leave a review when I have free time.
04/27/17 06:03 am
Great advice, then, since I've got the finally of a story coming up next weekend, and I want there to be at least 3 or so reviews to give it a happy ending hehe
04/27/17 05:10 am
Also, I renamed "Enemies" to "Collection" for anyone who hasn't read and wants to
04/27/17 05:09 am
Yes, definitely. I no longer advertise for my story "Snow" in the shoutbox and it hasn't had a review since.
04/27/17 04:49 am
I always wondered if promoting in the shoutbox actually helped. To those who do: does it?
04/26/17 05:34 pm
Hi, please read my new story "Enemies," and leave a review if you can too. Thanks.
04/26/17 05:20 pm
Good news (rather typical) everyone! (those five people who care) Housesitting has a new chapter. Bethany learns to juggle plates.
04/26/17 09:28 am
That's correct
04/25/17 01:30 pm
If you select a story the overall count for that story goes up one. But if you then get out of it without selecting a chapter, no chapter count goes up.
04/25/17 01:16 pm
If you select on the table of contents instead of the story title, no count is tallied if you don't select a chapter. I just tried it. But if you select on the story title instead, a count is tall
04/25/17 11:23 am
That's true, a high chapter 1 count can mean that people simply return. But I highly doubt the counter is unique viewer based
04/25/17 11:14 am
All depends on how the view counter works, if it counts unique views only, if it has a timer, etc.
04/25/17 11:13 am
It might be worth considering that from the front page, clicking a story with a new chapter still brings you to chapter 1, so if someone has read all 4, they'll have viewed ch1 4 times more
04/25/17 11:10 am
-Sorry, 25% is actually pretty good. I meant to say 75%... hehe
04/25/17 11:08 am
...half of the people stuck around. If, say, 25% of all views come from just chapter one, you can assume people don't continue to read on very often
04/25/17 11:07 am
Because, when you click on a story, you usually end up at the first chapter. If, say, chapter 2 has half the number of views compared to chapter one, you can estimate that atleast...
04/25/17 11:06 am
What I use to measure how often people actually stick around after clicking on it, is to compare the number of views Chapter 1 has compared to the views in total
04/25/17 11:01 am
*Presumably. I don't know how often people click on a story and then don't read it, I'd hope it's not a large percentage.
04/25/17 11:00 am
It's the same for pictures, views and even likes/favorites massively outweigh the comments. The consolation is that with reading, at least you know they engaged for a little while.
04/25/17 10:56 am
What's even more mindblowing: on an average story I post, probably like most other authors here, the Review v Reading ratio is roughly 1 - 6000 >.>
The Shrunken Scholar
04/25/17 09:40 am
It's a pretty crazy thought isn't it? I never imagined that many people would ever read something I wrote. Mind blowing.
04/25/17 08:47 am
@Juliet ikr, I find it hard to imagine that thousands of people read my and other writers their stories. Think about it: Thousands! Tens of thousands of hits too.
04/24/17 09:00 pm
My story Take Care has finally hit 50k views. Thats very crazy to me, it blows my mind to think that so many people are reading/rereading my writing.
04/24/17 06:42 pm
Starting new stories probably isn't so bad about now, might even be welcomed. Readership might not drop so much in the summer (IMO). Less writers snuggling up with a laptop though.
04/24/17 04:02 pm
@Bill good thing I nearly finished my story then.. Be a bad time to start right now
04/24/17 03:38 pm
The nice weather season is here -- activity on the site slows. Expected but unwelcome.
04/24/17 10:26 am
@Scholar thanks man. This way I won't have to cut it in half
The Shrunken Scholar
04/24/17 06:51 am
@Shaman I think they'd read the whole chapter, especially if it's the finale.
04/24/17 06:31 am
Nando, thanks so much!!! You are a life saver! Been searching for a while now! You are amazing!
04/24/17 06:21 am
Would it be 'acceptable' to make the finally of my story 5.239 words long? I never do that kind of length, but do you think readers would stay for the entire chapter if it's the story'
04/23/17 10:12 pm
@newb I think the story you're looking for is Shrunken Pain, Growing Pleasure
04/22/17 07:10 pm
I updated my Voltron fanfic. Let me know what you think! I'm also working on the next chapter of A Charmed Life and it's going to have a delicious twist in it. One that will earn a tag or two.
04/22/17 03:23 pm
This site also has the benefit of being smaller, so the recent story section moves at a much slower pace, giving every story a good chance to be seen on the main page.
04/22/17 03:22 pm
And that's real lame. Here, when you add a new chapter, it shows up in the Most Recent section. I find it crazy that site dedicated to more niche nsfw content does it better than a huge fanfic sit
04/22/17 03:20 pm
When you update a story on fanfiction.net (one of the big sites) your story might not appear in the general updated section, if not enough time passed between updates.
04/22/17 03:19 pm
After dabbling in fanfiction websites recently, I've come to appreciate how much better this site does story updates and recent story sections.
04/22/17 10:12 am
Hey everyone! I'm looking for a story and can't seem to find it. It was about a man who needs to take medication or else he shrinks. He ends up shrinking and his girlfriend finds out. Thanks!
04/22/17 03:18 am
Yes, good plan. I'll end it with a clear hint that the next story will continue with that bad ending to turn it all around. Thanks mates ^.^
The Shrunken Scholar
04/21/17 10:54 pm
@Shaman I agree with what Saftkeur said. I think it's okay if it's done right. If you have it end in a " holy shit, what's gonna happen after that? " kinda way
04/21/17 06:43 pm
My 2-cents? Never kill-off your main character. And, always keep them guessing.
04/21/17 03:40 pm
Best I can offer - I think - would simply be, make sure that the darker ending has a purpose, that it fits and doesn't seem too abrupt/tactless/forced. I think it'll work if so.
04/21/17 03:34 pm
I'm probably not the right person to ask for that sort of a question, I'm very much biased towards lighter tones. ^^; I do think darker can work, if it's done right (helpful I know).
04/21/17 02:44 pm
... but rather an open ending for the next story. I'm pretty unsure about it, and feel like I may anger some people with it >.>
04/21/17 02:43 pm
Do you guys (Saftkeur, scholar and others) think it's a solid plan to end on a dark chapter? It isn't the end of the story...
04/21/17 01:28 pm
And then there's the "Old Skins" skin. (use the back button to change it back to a better one, or you might get stuck with it and need to clear cookies or something)
04/21/17 01:02 pm
All three skins have their pros and cons it seems...
04/21/17 12:08 pm
@Scholar, yeah the Desktop skin has the shoutbox, but everything else is squished too far to read it. The Mobile skin is readable but there's no shoutbox then.
The Shrunken Scholar
04/21/17 11:34 am
Me too. One of my stories is on hold right now. I'm just not happy with what I write for the next chapter. I am going to finish it one day though.
04/21/17 11:31 am
Smart move. I only upload once I actually finish it, or when I'm far ahead. The thing I hate the most is when stories are left unfinished >.>
The Shrunken Scholar
04/21/17 11:26 am
I have a few chapters written and edited, but I want to get a lot of the story finished before I publish it. My problem in the past was taking too long to update.
The Shrunken Scholar
04/21/17 11:24 am
Yes, definitely. For awhile I lost my drive to write and then things got crazy. I don't have much time to write at the moment, but I am working on a story.
04/21/17 11:18 am
BTW Scholar, do you think you'll ever get back to publishing? I remember following you even in 2013, and you haven't uploaded in like a year!
04/21/17 11:17 am
@Scholar, we're correct. Last update was in 2015. RIP
The Shrunken Scholar
04/21/17 11:10 am
Oh yeah. I remember seeing something about that. I highly doubt they are still updated.
04/21/17 10:54 am
@Scholar, I JUST realized after four years that Desktop2 includes polls! I wonder if these are still updated though. The current one is about milk...
The Shrunken Scholar
04/21/17 10:30 am
@Saftkeur I use the Desktop skin and the shoutbox isn't missing for me. I use my iPad and my phone.
04/21/17 10:16 am
Biggest hurdle for new sites is getting traction, since the community isn't massive to begin with. I'm sure if someone made a site with solid features though, it'd see some use!
04/21/17 10:14 am
DA = DeviantArt. You're not going to have much luck with explicit content there obviously, but there are macro/micro groups there. Tumblr, etc. may be worth a mention too.
04/21/17 09:29 am
What do you mean by DA? And on a sidenote, I believe we will see many more communication-branches in this community, since it's growing like wildfire these days!
04/21/17 08:52 am
You might have some luck in finding sub-groups in larger sites though. Groups on DA, Discord chatrooms, that sort of thing... at least for the community aspect.
04/21/17 08:51 am
Most other sites are either for much broader topics, or more specialized, from my experience. Not a lot of general macro/micro-themed sites out there with good community features.
04/21/17 08:11 am
BTW, while on the topic, does anyone know a good community site with active contact and communications
04/21/17 08:11 am
BTW, while on the topic, does anyone know a good community site with active contact and communications
04/21/17 08:04 am
If I'm ever on my mobile for the site I use the mobile skin. But I only use that to see if I've received new reviews while I'm in bed or outside. And yeah, sucks that the shoutbox is missi
04/21/17 06:02 am
I just got a new phone good enough to browse and read stuff finally, I'm still figuring out how to make some sites bearable in the browser though.
04/21/17 06:01 am
What skin do you folks use when you're browsing on mobile? I tried both desktop and mobile skins, the desktop one squishes the third column to almost nothing, mobile has no shoutbox?
04/20/17 09:48 am
I don't think I ever visit this site on desktop unless I'm going to post a story! That said, I like the interface- it just requires a bit of navigation.
The Shrunken Scholar
04/20/17 09:22 am
@Saftkeur I'm one of those people haha. You get used to it.
04/20/17 06:50 am
On another topic, I'm browsing the site on mobile for the first time. Mad respect for anyone who puts up with this on a regular basis. ^^;
04/20/17 05:13 am
It's not all awful of course, just probably discouraging for some women, and easier to lurk or go elsewhere. If you like to fantasize about being a giantess yourself, you're in luck.
04/20/17 04:18 am
Sucks to hear that! It upsets me that this is a problem here. I'd rather have it we are all just nice and chill with one another <:(
04/19/17 08:28 pm
Yeah, loads of females in the community, not as many visible. A good few of the female friends I've made online have drifted away from the community sites for various reasons.
04/19/17 02:46 pm
I do have to add that I understand why, of course. I probably wouldn't reveal my gender either